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Appliances That Will Soon Become Obsolete

PUBLISHED: September 21, 2018 6 MINS READ

You must be relying on your trusty home appliances that have served you for a long time. But with the advancement of technology, almost all appliances become outdated. Not to worry, that does not mean that your HVAC, Washing machine or dryer has been phased out. There are appliances that people do not use anymore, or their features have been integrated into other appliances. Here are a few appliances that will become obsolete in near future or be integrated into another appliance.

appliances that will become obsolete

Appliances That Will Become Obsolete In Near Future

Light Bulbs


This is a very basic appliance in your home but they too are being phased out. Regular light bulbs take a significant amount of electricity. LED bulbs are cheaper as well as takes up much lesser electricity compared to regular incandescent light bulbs. You may not think of it as much, but if you consider all the light bulbs in your home, you would be saving a lot of money on energy expenses if you switch to LED bulbs.

Most retail stores will sell LED bulbs at higher quantities in comparison to regular light bulbs. This change has been going on because of the Energy Independence and Security Act in 2007, which decreed that light bulbs need to consume 25% less energy. Every since, light bulb manufacturers have been constantly innovating and making sure LED bulbs be more energy efficient.

Deep Fryers

deep fryers

Deep fried food has been a major factor in the rising epidemic of obesity in the United States. It is for this reason that the technology behind deep fryers have evolved to using minimal amounts of oil and are run by air fryers. While you can still readily find deep dish fryers at your regular retailer, as the years go by, you might see it all overhauled by variants of electric air fryers.

Electric air fryers help in a twofold basis. Firstly, they reduce the amount of oil used to cook food, leading to less oil expenses and healthier hearts. Secondly, an electric fryer would help you reduce your gas consumption and costs. In general, the air fryer is one appliance that will greatly help in the saving of resources and is a healthier option for Americans. You need to also review the obsolete companies before you buy into one.

Single Function Appliances

Your home may have many appliances that serve only one single purpose and takes up space in your home. Thanks to advancing technology, you now have appliances that can fulfill multiple roles, hence reducing expenditure and increasing space in your home.

Take for example, your laptop has now replaced your alarm clock, television, mailbox, radio, music player etc. Those are a lot of appliances all wrapped into one slim notebook. These universal appliances are more common in the kitchen area of your household. Take for example, you no longer will have to invest separately for an oven, a grill, a microwave etc. All three features can be found inside an Microwave oven grill. This is is a welcome change as, you would not have to spend money on three different appliances when you can do them all in one.

A similar kitchen appliance that has the features of two single use appliances is your slow cooker. A slow cooker can serve its purpose as well as moonlight as a steamer as well. Pretty handy right?

Outdated Alarm Systems

outdated alarm systems

While old alarm systems can still do the job, they can eventually bypassed, leaving your home vulnerable. That has all changed, thanks to the multiple features which have been installed in the modern house alarm systems.

While old house alarm systems run through just a keypad , modern house alarm systems have integrated smart technology to make life more secure. Today’s house alarm systems have incorporated features such as touchscreen controls, wireless keypads, text and email alerts being sent in real time, alongside many other features. House alarm systems have advanced so much that you the homeowner can now look through your security system/cameras through your smartphone.

Don’t be surprised to see more homes incorporate these new innovative home security systems as an upgrade from traditional systems. Who knows in the distant future, these house security systems will even replace the traditional lock and key on your door. Imagine a future where you can enter your home via a fingerprint scanner or a retinal scanner, maybe even facial recognition. Such a future isn’t too far away thanks to the rapid rate that technology is evolving.



While freezers themselves may never truly become obsolete, appliances dedicated solely for freezing have begun to die down. While restaurants and supermarkets will have their blast freezer for storing meat, you obviously would not require such a large freezer. You must have already noticed that dedicated freezers are quite rare on the market, because freezers have now been integrated to your refrigerator.

Imagine having a freezer and a refrigerator running at the same time? Takes a lot of space and energy doesn’t it? But if you’re a niche homeowner who wants a dedicated space for storing your beverages, ice creams, ice blocks and beer, then you can still find some ice boxes for sale.

Protecting your Appliances from Obsoletion

While the appliances listed above might be on the verge of extinction or being integrated into another appliance, you still might be using them currently. With the extinction of appliances, come rising repair and replacement costs. So when your freezer or deep fryer isn’t working as well, calling in a private repairman may be a costly affair seeing as finding spare parts might be harder.

So how do you make sure your appliances are running even after a long time?

Just like any device, your home appliances will succumb to wear and tear. When this happens, they tend to malfunction or break down. Repairs for older appliances are quite expensive, it’s for this reason that you need to invest in a home warranty to keep all your appliances healthy.

A home warranty is a service that can help you maintain and repair your home appliances for a year, albeit for a relatively small amount of money. But before you decide upon purchasing a home warranty, take a glimpse of how much you would be spending on maintenance and repair of all your appliances for a given year, on your own. You must keep in mind that individual repairs for appliances can be quite expensive. To see how much you would be spending on maintenance for a year, check out this Home Maintenance Calculator.

Saving on Repair Costs

Now paying for individual repairs/ maintenance is a difficult and expensive ordeal. So why not have someone take care of your appliances for you? Investing in a home warranty will make sure you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to keep your appliances running.

The way a home warranty works is, you the homeowner pays the home warranty company the price needed for the service. The home warranty company then provides protection, maintenance and repair services for most of your home appliances from that given year. So every time one of your appliances stops working, you can contact the home warranty service and they will send in a contractor to inspect and then fix your broken appliance. Keep in mind though, every home warranty company have their own policies and deductibles. Each home warranty company will cover only a certain type and number of appliances.

Determine the Best Home Warranty Services

Now how do you find the best home warranty service for you? Researching home warranty companies can take a long time. In order to make your hunt easier, why not head on

Our database has over 80+ top home warranty companies in the United States. American Home Shield offers its customers some great coverage plans.  Each home warranty company listed has its rating timeline. This timeline depicts how the home warranty company has been faring in the eyes of the public for the past five years. Furthermore, you can read reviews ranging from positive to negative of all home warranty companies, all provided actual users, to give you utmost clarity.

Once you’ve compared and decided, weighed the pros and cons, you can choose the home warranty company of your choice, and then ask for a quote. Asking for a quote will then lead you into negotiations with the home warranty company, and a step closer to protection for all your home appliances.

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