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Home Warranty Awards for 2012

Home Warranty Awards 2012

About the Home Warranty Award

An award conveys an appreciation for the recipient’s hard work and fosters a sense of healthy competition as well. As an independent review website, we take pride in encouraging home warranty companies by appreciating their efforts to provide the best possible service for the customers.

We are proud to present the first-ever Awards this year. Our mission is to discover, recognize and promote the accomplishments of home warranty companies that provide the best service in the field. The idea is to appreciate and support companies which deliver exemplary service in the industry.

The Home Warranty Award icon links the winning organization’s site to a unique and marketable award page on the
Congratulations to the winners of 2012!

Home Warranty award for Top Rated company
Home Warranty Best regional company
Blue Ribbon
Home Warranty - best in service
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  1. About the Home Warranty Award
  2. Award Categories
  3. Selection Criteria
  4. Selection Process
  5. Press Release
  6. Terms and Conditions
  7. Disclaimer

Award Categories

  • Top Rated : This is awarded to companies in the top positions for the best all round performance.
  • Best in Service : Award based solely on company’s ability to offer best customer service and repair service.
  • Best Regional Company : There are some small and medium sized companies that have done extremely well in keeping their customers happy. The service coverage area is limited , but they are best in business in the area.

Selection Criteria

The companies must meet these criteria to be considered for the award:

1. Must cover at least 75% of the states in the United States to be considered as a company with a nationwide footprint.

2. Must be in business for over 5 years. We believe in experience gained through hard work and sincere efforts over a course of time. These established companies are an inspiration to the ones which are in the first steps of growth.

3. Must have a client base of at least 1000.

Selection Process

While there is some sort of editorial guidance involved, the awards are mostly based on consumer ratings collected on The nominees are listed and the topper is honored with an award. The nominees for the year 2012 are –

Top rated:

  • Complete Appliance Protection
  • Home Warranty of America
  • Sensible Home Warranty

Best in Service:

  • Home Warranty of America
  • Complete Appliance Protection
  • Sensible Home Warranty


  • Blue Ribbon Home Warranty
  • Landmark Home Warranty

We calculate the number of positive ratings based on user reviews at only. We use weighted average sorting method to determine the number of positive ratings for a company. The weighted average sorting uses an advanced Bayesian weighting formula to sort the companies based not only on individual star ratings but also on number of customers who have rated the company. This means, companies with just a few positive ratings won’t outrank those with many high ratings and a few negatives.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting the award, all awardees agree to our terms of fair use. When you re-publish our press release or when you use the award seal, you should keep the reference link (URL) to our awards page intact. We reserve the right to withdraw the award if the company is found to be violating our terms or engaged in fraudulent activities.

For Consumers: These awards are provided based on consumer reviews with limited editorial process. We neither take money, nor sponsors from the industry. We have granted these awards as a token of appreciation for the efforts and service and this should not misguide the customers to blindly believe in them. If you are considering one of the awarded companies, we suggest you do some amount of background check and pay attention to fine prints in the documents. We are not responsible for any errors and omissions.


We do not guarantee any accuracy in reviews and reputation of the company. The private web sites, and the information linked to both on and from this site, are opinion and information only. While we have made every effort to link accurate and complete information, we cannot guarantee it is correct. Any information on this site is not legal advice and is for guidance only.
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