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Home Warranty Awards for 2014

We are proud to announce the winners of 2014 awards. This award is an initiative that recognizes best companies in the industry and also helps consumers choose the best appliance warranty companies across various categories. Congratulations to the winners!

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About the Awards

The Home Warranty Award is an annual accolade given to the best home warranty companies. Every year, we honor companies that serve their customers with dedication and passion.

As an independent review website, our goal is to assist our readers in choosing the best service providers and plans. The awards program will be an extension of our mission and it will help consumers choose the best company that serves their area. We are proud to present 2014 annual awards to three of the best companies in the industry.

Award Categories and Nominees

Top rated

This award is given to a company for its overall performance in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. The nominees in this category are –

Best in Service

Awarded to the company that has displayed the ability to offer exceptional customer support and repair services. Nominees are –

Best Regional Company

Awarded to the best company that offers impeccable service within a specific region. A company that has a smaller customer base, yet unfailingly pleased it’s customers. Contenders for the award –


Drum rolls please!!

The 2014 awards were bestowed to the following three companies for their outstanding performance in their respective categories:

Selection Process

Companies must satisfy the following criteria in order to be nominated:

  • Tenure in the industry – companies that have been in business for over 5 years are considered for this award.
  • Size of customer base – must be over 5000 in order to be nominated.
  • Breadth of coverage – should cover at least 75% of states in USA, for all awards except the Best Regional Company nominees.

While the customer reviews form the basis for choosing the winner, we also used the following additional criteria to the extent of availability. We asked companies to provide the data voluntarily and those that provided data stood a better chance of winning.

1. Claims approval rates
2. Customer retention rates
3. Overall credibility of the company
4. Effective use of technology to address customer needs
5. Use of social media to to resolve consumer complaints and educate them.

The companies were scrutinised under the criteria mentioned above and three winners were chosen. We also eliminated the companies that had only a few reviews posted in the current year.

Guidelines to Awardees

Attention awardees! By accepting the award, you also agree to our terms of fair use.

Wherever you use our awards seal or derive marketing benefits from the award, you are required to keep a reference link (URL) to If a company is found to be violating our terms and conditions, tampering with the link, altering the images, the award will be withdrawn. We hold complete right to withdraw the award at any point of time.

Advice to Consumers

The awards are presented based on consumer reviews, ratings and company’s standing in the industry, with limited editorial process. We have neither accepted money nor entertained sponsors from the industry. While we make every attempt to thoroughly research the company, there could be errors and omissions. For the same reason, this should never be considered as an advice for selecting a home warranty company.

We suggest that you practice utmost caution and research the background and features of a winning company before you make a move. We cannot provide information about the company policies and contracts, hence you are urged to go through them thoroughly. We shall not be held responsible for any errors or misguided decisions.

Disclaimer does not guarantee any accuracy in reviews and ratings of a company. The information present on this site as well as linked to this site are solely of an informative nature or are opinions.

We cannot guarantee that the information is one hundred percent accurate, however we do assure you on best possible efforts being made to provide you with complete and accurate information. Information present on this site is exclusively for guidance and cannot be deemed as legal advice.

Please note that from 2015, we are going to change the the award year to its current year. The award previously announced as 2013 is corrected as 2014.

The previous award information can be found at 2012/2013 awards page.
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