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Extended Auto Warranty – Scam or Useful?

A new car does not simply cover the cost of the car. By simply going ahead with the purchase and not reading the fine line, a new customer is often left clueless. Since there are several auto warranties, he could simply end up agreed upon one. A common scenario where this arises is when it… Read More »

Common Auto Warranty Scams to Look Out For

While owning a car is a dream come true for many, there are an equal amount of people for whom buying, and owning a car can become a nightmarish experience. Dealers and insurance agents cash in on a buyer’s vulnerability and desperation to make a quick extra buck by luring the buyer to pay for… Read More »

Keeping Your Car Maintained to Avoid Expensive Repairs

It is quite a common practice among most drivers to put off routine car checkups until they face a breakdown. It’s quite often that vehicle repair charges leave a gaping hole in one’s wallet. However, the easiest solution to this situation isn’t really a solution, but foresight and caution. Regularly servicing your car, and maintaining… Read More »

Difference Between Extended Auto Warranty and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

For many, buying a car is not less than investing in a home, making it an investment that you hope will not require too much overhead besides gas for at least a few years to come. This need for security and peace of mind which a customer or car owner hopes for is very often… Read More »