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Updated on September 25, 2023

Home Warranty Inc Reviews 2023

Headquartered in Iowa, Home Warranty Inc., or the Home Warranty of the Midwest, Inc., has been in the industry for 24 years. Some company highlights include 14-month standard plans and coverage for undetectable pre-existing conditions.

Home Warranty Inc. offers three plans to homeowners in 44 U.S. states: Home Protection Plan, Appliance Protection Plan, and Supplemental Home Protection Plan. The first plan includes significant systems and appliances, the second is an à la carte appliance plan, and Supplemental Home Protection Plan offers coverage for 14 systems and appliances. 

This Home Warranty Inc. review offers details after thoroughly reading the reviews from the current users and detailed research by our editorial team. Here are the included coverages in this article:

Company At A Glance

Years In Business 24
Plan Costs $30 - $49
Waiting Period Immediate
Coverage Limits $5k / item
Service Fee $0 - $100
Option To Pick Your Own Contractor No

User Sentiments

positive_review_icon Positive:
neutral_review_icon Neutral:
negative_review_icon Negative:

Why Home Warranty Inc?

  • Home Warranty Inc. offers 14-month standard coverage to the homeowners
  • Home Warranty Inc. doesn’t charge deductible on Appliance Plan
  • Home Warranty Inc. offers the freedom to select a local contractor
  • Home Warranty Inc. has over 24 years of experience in the industry

latest Home Warranty Inc reviews

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    Nasir Malkana , TX, Katy

    I had an AC claim. They asked to get an AC repair man inspect the unit. The repair man diagnosed the leak, they asked him to recharge the gas although it had a leak, well it\'s their process, so we did that and it leaked again. They spoke to the repair man and he gave them the price and warranty co paid in full.

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    Jeremy Storment , MO, Branson

    All of my experiences with Home Warranty have been great! They were quick to respond and repair damaged item on each of our claims. I believe we have had 5 or 6 claims over the last couple years and I have been completely satisfied with each one!

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    Chris , NV, Las Vegas

    Fue una de las mejores decisiones que pude tomar , rápido fácil buena comunicación sin muchos problemas.

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    Home Warranty, Inc. , IA, Rock Rapids

    This is in response to Jeff Squiers. Home Warranty, Inc. did end up paying for the service work to be done on the refrigerator mentioned after the real estate agent confirmed which appliances conveyed with the property. This site does not allow for a company to indicate which reviews are by verified purchasers of the products nor does it allow a company to respond to an individual review.

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    Phil R , IL, Batavia

    Renewing for a 3rd year. Is expensive because I have to pay extra for dual water heaters, furnace, air, etc., but I feel worth it. Have used service quite often. They don't like to replace items but always repair and if they don't have a contractor will let you find your own. No the ice maker wasn't covered but that's clearly stated in the contract terms. Once had air go out twice in same month and since covered part was different I had to pay deductible twice.If you decide to replace or upgrade an item they reimburse you quickly.


1.9/5 (82)


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3.6/5 (11)


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Consumer Affairs

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Pros & cons of Home Warranty Inc


  • Provides 14 months of coverage on the Home Protection Plan
  • Does not charge deductible on Appliance Plan


  • Plans are a bit expensive as per industry level

Home Warranty Inc Covered States

Home Warranty Inc offers services in 47 states, excluding Arizona, California, New York, Oregon and Washington.

 Home Warranty Inc. Service Plans & Coverage 

Home Warranty Inc. provides three plans to homeowners: Home Protection Plan, Appliance Protection Plan, and Supplemental Home Protection Plan. Apart from these plans, you can even get coverage for optional items at an extra cost. Let’s take a closer look at the offered home warranty plans!

  • Home Protection Plan: This is a 14-month coverage plan including 20 systems and appliances
  • Appliance Protection Plan: This is an à la carte appliance plan
  • Supplemental Home Protection Plan: This plan covers 14 systems and appliances.


Home Protection Plan

Appliance Protection Plan

Supplemental Home Protection Plan 

Heating Units 
Cooling Units 
Air Exchanger 
Water Heater (Including Tankless)
Interior Plumbing 
Plumbing Stoppages 
Interior Electrical Wiring 
Sump Pump 
Garbage Disposal 
Central Vacuum 
Garage Door Opener
Trash Compactor 
Built-In Or Over-The-Range Microwave 
Kitchen Refrigerator And Ice Maker 
Range/Oven/Cooktop Stove 
Clothes Washer 
Clothes Dryer 
Furnace Or Air-To-Air Heat Pump 
Air Conditioner 
Annual Furnace Inspection 
Water Softener 
Wall Oven 
Refrigerator/Stand Alone Freezer 
Primary Heating Unit 
Primary Cooling Unit 

Optional Coverage 

The items listed in the table below are optional add-ons you can purchase in return for a few dollars. Take a look:

  • Jetted Bathtub
  • Pool Or Spa
  • Water Softener 
  • Well Pump 
  • Septic System Plumbing/Septic Tank Pump 
  • Ice Maker 
  • Enhanced HVAC Plus 
  • 360 Home Connect Utility & Moving Service (Free)
  • Limited Roof Leak 
  • Limited Slab Leak 
  • Surgeshield & Surgeshield Plus Protection*

*(The products covered under SurgeShield Plus Protection are Televisions, tablets & netbooks, gaming systems, laptop, computers, video surveillance, alarm monitoring systems, home theater sound systems, printers, digital cameras, and led light bulbs. However, SurgeShield will cover the damage caused by power surges to all the covered systems and appliances.) 


Home Warranty Inc. Exclusions

According to the service contract, Home Warranty Inc. will not cover the following:

  • Damages caused by customer’s negligence, Acts Of God, pests, and pets.
  • Systems and appliances used for commercial purposes.
  • Manufacturer’s defects, cosmetic repairs, and routine maintenance.
  • Service performed on systems with toxic materials.
  • Removal or demanufacturing of a system or an appliance or any associated costs.
  • Repair or replacement of items whose damage is caused by moisture, mold, rot, fungus, rust, and corrosion.
  • Reconstruction of damage to walls, floors, tile, and ceilings. The company will also not pay any cost for the same.

Apart from that, home warranty companies have some coverage limitations regarding how much liability they have for repairing and replacing covered items. Home Warranty Inc. mentions in its contracts that its liability will not exceed $5,000 per covered item or $15,000 aggregate during the agreement period.

NOTE: Your plan may have other exclusions, so we recommend reading your contract thoroughly before making any commitments.

 Home Warranty Inc. Cost   

The plans offered by Home Warranty Inc. vary in price. As per the available information, the cost of their plans is as follows:



Premiums (Monthly)

Premiums (Yearly)

Home Protection Plan




Appliance Protection Plan

No Deductible 

Depending on the items you choose.*

Depending on the items you choose.*

Supplemental Home Protection Plan




However, you must consider that the total price depends on your selected plan, your area of residence, and the optional items you may have chosen.

* Monthly pricing of the appliances 

  • Furnace: $7/Mo
  • Air-To-Air Heat Pump: $14/Mo
  • Annual Furnace Inspection: $5/Mo
  • Air Conditioner: $7/Mo
  • Water Heater: $5/Mo
  • Trash Compactor: $5/Mo
  • Over-The-Range Microwave: $5/Mo
  • Refrigerator: $5/Mo
  • Stand Alone Freezer: $5/Mo
  • Dishwasher: $5/Mo
  • Range/Stove: $5/Mo
  • Cooktop Stove: $5/Mo
  • Wall Oven: $5/Mo
  • Washer: $5/Mo
  • Dryer: $5/Mo
  • Water Softener: $5/Mo

NOTE: The company offers one month of free coverage on the Home Protection Plan when you select to pay via some ACH payment mode. 

Trustworthiness & Customer Service Of Home Warranty Inc.

Home Warranty Inc. has received mixed ratings from homeowners. On BBB, the company has received a rating of 3.07/5 after approximately 70+ reviews. Most positive reviews show that the homeowners are happy with the comprehensive coverage, while negative ones show many cases of denied claims. 

On our platform, the company has received a rating of 1.5/5 which depicts customers’ dissatisfaction with the company. The complaints usually revolve around customer service and denied claims. 

However, the recent reviews highlight the company is working on taking the complaints seriously. Home Warranty Inc. is working hard to provide tough competition in the market and offer satisfactory services to its customers.

Home Warranty Inc. Claims Filing Procedure  

The coverage begins on the date you sign up for the plan, but there is a waiting period of 30 days for the optional coverage. So, you must wait 30 days before filing a claim on optional items. To file a claim, you will need to:

  • Give a call on the toll-free number (877) 977-4949. As per the company, this line is 24/7 to the customers, who can speak to live customer service representatives.
  • Explain the problem to the representative, and they will arrange for a technician to visit your home. 
  • However, the company also allows you to call the technician of your choice. If you wish to do so, please clarify it with the representative.
  • You can also file the claim via an online form on its website.
  • You must pay a service fee or deductible every time a technician visits to address a claim. This amount will be mentioned in your service contract; carefully read it.

How To Buy A Home Warranty From Home Warranty Inc.?

Purchasing a home warranty from Home Warranty Inc. is easy. You can visit the company’s website. You can even call Home Warranty Inc.’s phone number for any questions. 

Going for the best home warranty plan gets tricky, especially if you buy it for the first time. You can review our in-depth article to prepare for a home warranty purchase.



At HomeWarrantyReviews.com, we are dedicated to offering our customers in-depth home warranty reviews to help you select the best home warranty company. To ensure that our reviews maintain high standards of credibility, we consider the following points to help us publish content that is as accurate and reliable as possible.

  • Plans: We look at companies’ various plans and evaluate them based on their cost and the inclusion of major appliances and systems.
  • Coverage: We consider coverage an essential factor based on a company’s extent of protection. Larger coverage caps offer more protection, and thus it would mean the scores highly in our reviews.
  • Contract terms: We give importance to how companies present their terms and conditions in the contract. If a company’s contract intends to unnecessarily confuse customers by using vague or complicated terms, the same will reflect in our overall review of the company.
  • Customer reviews: User reviews about service carry a lot of importance as it is a primary source of information highlighting the service quality of companies. More positive reviews will help companies attain higher rankings or vice versa. 
  • Trust: We ask companies to share documents to prove their credentials and monitor their standing with BBB and Yelp.

Editorial Note on Home Warranty Inc. 

As per our editorial assessment, Home Warranty Inc. is suitable for homeowners seeking comprehensive coverage. The company even offers an al-a-carte appliance plan, making it easier to have customized coverage as per your requirements. 

Home Warranty Inc. is for homeowners looking for affordable plans for their homes. Also, we recommend people go through the company’s website to check their terms and conditions to know about the coverage and coverage limits. 

Final Words 

We advise people to read the terms and conditions of Home Warranty Inc. in detail before investing in the home warranty policy. While the company offers comprehensive plans, customer reviews advise homeowners to proceed with extra caution while signing up for the company’s plans.


Quick Details About The Company

Year Of Establishment



PO Box 1

Rock Rapids, IA 51246, US

Type Of Company


Why Should You Trust HomeWarrantyReviews.com?

  • We are America's first independent Home Warranty Research and Review platform and have been in existence for 14+ years,
  • We have listed more than 80+ companies are listed with us,
  • We have nearly 100,000 genuine & verified customer reviews,
  • We use a two-step verification process to maintain the authenticities of reviews, and
  • We allow users to connect directly with the company's representatives to resolve issues through our Complaint Resolution Program.

Home Warranty INC FAQs


What Is The Best Home Warranty Company To Go With?


There are many home warranty companies in the market, but some market leaders, such as American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, and ServicePlus, are some options you can consider. You can also read our article about the best home warranty companies


Do Home Warranties Cover Anything?


Typically, a home warranty covers the repair and replacement costs of major home systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear. Most major appliances and systems, such as HVAC, refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, pools, plumbing, electricals, etc., are usually covered by most home warranty companies.


What Are The Cons Of A Home Warranty?


A typical disadvantage of a home warranty is that it may not cover everything in your home. Every home warranty plan comes with exclusions. For instance, your plan may not necessarily cover plumbing or electrical adjustments. Make sure you clarify such details before making any purchase.

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We allow reviews only from genuine customers of home warranty companies, past or present. Your review should be genuine and not provided in the expectation of monetary rewards from any company.

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