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Updated on July 27, 2023

HomeLife Home Warranty Reviews: 2023

HomeLife Warranty Protection has served Arizona and Nevada homeowners for over 12 years. Their comprehensive protection plans and warranty policy are available to new homeowners and real estate professionals.

The Southwest company covers a variety of systems and appliances at an affordable rate of $23 per month. It makes the company’s plans accessible to a broad range of customers. 

The following review of HomeLife Warranty Protection results from thorough research conducted by our editorial team and valuable feedback from our users. We aim to assist potential homeowners by providing the following:

Company At A Glance

Years In Business 17
Plan Costs $25-$33
Coverage Limits $150 - $1500
Option To Pick Your Own Contractor No

User Sentiments

positive_review_icon Positive:
neutral_review_icon Neutral:
negative_review_icon Negative:

Why HomeLife Home Warranty?

  • HomeLife’s contractor network makes it convenient for customers to find a pro
  • The coverages start at just $23 per month
  • In addition to two primary plans, HLWP provides three additional service plans
  • The customer service of HomeLife Warranty Protection is available 24/7

latest HomeLife Home Warranty reviews

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    Carmen Castro , AZ, Gilbert

    This company is the BOMB.COM! They\'ve went above and beyond for me with my air conditioning repair this weekend. Fast service, great follow through, and friendly courteous staff.

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    Maggie Wright , AZ, Mesa

    I\'ve just had a wonderful experience using Homelife. As a new policy holder I wasn\'t sure exactly what to expect when submitting my first claim. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. I found the staff very helpful and knowledgeable. The repairs needed were covered under my policy and the turn around for repairs were quick and professional.

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    HLWP Manager , AZ, Mesa

    We at HLWP feel terrible about the Cashell Southwick family inheriting a poorly installed system in their casita. We would like to partner with them to go after the company that did this horrible job. I am sure when you buy a home you have expectations that the systems may break due to normal wear and tear. So to protect yourself you buy a home warranty thinking you are totally protected from all of your potential mechanical breakdowns. As Cashell Southwick purchased her home on Feb 2014, we would love to reference the home inspection report, and would be happy to help you go through it. We will not be doing any derogatory statements during this process. Since this is so public, let's make this an educational post about the Home Warranty Industry. We at HLWP STRONGLY encourage anyone reading these posts that have a home warranty service contract with any company to read your service contract. Yes, that is correct. It is YOUR service contract, not just the warranty company’s. This is because the agencies that regulate home warranty companies hold not only the home warranty company to the service contract, they hold YOU accountable to it, making the service contract as much the homeowner’s contract obligation as the company providing it. When you read other leading industry home warranty reviews you start to get the impression that there exists a huge gap between homeowner EXPECTATIONS and what homeowners will take RESPONSIBILITY for. We believe there exists an opportunity to help people navigate thru the frustration extremely high expectations can bring which can backfire on homeowners. We encourage you to read all the reviews for home warranty companies to see if you agree. As we and the industry have failed in the past, all of us are left with a HUGE and IMPORTANT opportunity to recalibrate the expectations of an industry that brings the consumer and the home warranty provider together with home solutions instead of continuing to drive them apart. For the most part home service contracts all have similar exclusions that have to do with age of equipment, timely and routine maintenance and pre-existing conditions. Generally, it all comes down to a proper understanding of expected vs unexpected breakdowns. For example, if an HVAC unit was installed incorrectly, improperly and with the wrong size & capacity of equipment, then we would certainly EXPECT a breakdown to occur. We call this an expected break down. Conversely, if the HVAC unit was properly installed, routine maintenance was performed by a licensed professional, and it is within its useful life, and a covered component failed on the system, then it would be considered an UNEXPECTED breakdown. Unexpected breakdowns occur frequently and is exactly why a home warranty service contract provides supplemental protection for those costly repairs with specified dollar limits. A home service contract is never intended to provide protection from expected breakdowns. Often times, expected breakdowns aren’t the fault of the homeowner. This happens most often in real estate transactions when the proper inspections and due diligence were not performed or have been performed poorly. That’s why you need an amazing realtor that will navigate and guide you to know the truth and potential pitfalls of what you are buying, while providing you a comprehensive and responsible solution when purchasing your home. Once all the due diligence is completed by the homeowner, then the protection a home service contract can provide for the unexpected covered breakdowns is a valuable supplement to your home solution strategy. Education is absolutely essential in bridging the expectation gap. We have been in business for 13 years and do have complaints. Not all, but most of these complaints are based on home owners not really understanding their responsibility to the home service contract and assuming its all liability is with the home warranty company. We can do better. We need to do a better job of educating our homeowners thru constructive consultation to turn perceived loop holes into real home solutions for our members. Southwick family pays extra to cover their casita. In the last 1.5 years of our relationship we have dispatched 3 calls for this same AC. We repaired 2 of them. 1) At 9PM at night Expert Mechanical replaced a covered condenser fan motor ($450 estimated value). The technician did not examine the general condition of the system due to the priority to get them running before bedtime and was working in the dark. 2) During business hours Expert Mechanical diagnosed Compressor Run Capacitor (Homeowner refused to pay Expert Mechanical the required trade item fee reduced trip/diagnostic fee from $65 (per HLWP agreement) to $45. We at HLWP have paid for this on their behalf. We denied this claim due to the lack of maintenance on the system. Manufacturer requires maintenance yearly as do we. Depending on what company Southwick's used that company should have seen the ductwork as a challenge for efficiency by doing a "superheat" test with manufacturer specifications. The age of the system is estimated at 15 years old. The Coleman nomenclature is bleached out so we do not know for sure. We took pictures to try to figure this out. It is pre 2004 according to the manufacturer. The manufacturer expected life of a system is 12 years when installed correctly. The most important day of a system's life is the day it was installed. Other than age, the system was not installed correctly. The problem with the system not keeping up in high temperatures is the ductwork is restricting airflow. As new homeowners and last year not being as hot the Southwick's are surprised by the system not keeping up and the compressor shutting down from overheating. You see, technically the cool refrigerant coming back to the compressor is what prevents the over heating. Since the airflow is restricted the original contractor under charged the systems refrigerant to compensate for the airflow. In the high temps this will over heat the compressor shortening the life of the system. Currently the system is running as good as it can for the conditions. The right repair choices Expert Mechanical suggested were: 1) Install a mini-split ($) 2) Replace the ductwork ($) Neither of these are covered under the service contract since these are pre-existing conditions, improper installation, wrong sized equipment, and required routine maintenance. With these conditions the unit is expected to fail, and expected failures do not fall into the scope and coverage terms of a home service contract. A home service contract provides supplemental protection on unexpected breakdowns. The solution we propose is to get a Coleman Manufacturer Representative to verify Expert Mechanical's evaluation. Look up the permit filed for the casita and the original company that installed it. Hopefully they are still in business to contact them to make this right. Hopefully we can regain your confidence in HLWP to know we really do live by the golden rule. Unfortunately, the Southwick's think that public and private harassment on social media is a good way to get something fixed for free? We understand their anger. We would like the opportunity to get this relationship back on track. If we can provide further understanding on what a home warranty is and what it is NOT please contact us directly at 888-820-8088. Thank you for your inquiry and we appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.

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    Betty , AZ, Phoenix

    I am very pleased with this company. I've been reading the reviews here and I don't understand what these people are talking about. I have had an entirely pleasant experience with Homelife. I did notice that there are some repeats on here, so it seems like the same people just keep posting bad reviews over and over again.

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    MIKE , AZ, Phoenix

    My kitchen refrigerator went out two weeks after buying my home. Filing my claim on or around 10/4/12, I was told by Homelife to buy coolers and ice for my food because it takes time to fix. Spent 55 dollars after two weeks(after one tech company decided they didn't service my area of PHX, and the 2nd company took a week to come) later for the guy to tell me it was my compressor. Compressor is covered. I thought, "great. This will be fixed now" Homelife called me back to state the total cost was going to be OVER $800 to fix it even though the part cost 269(and this came directly from the technician). Homelife wouldn't cover the cost nor buy a new fridge. Stated they would buy me out and cut me a check for the $269. By this point I had to buy a new fridge as I hadn't had a working one for weeks. WEll multiple calls later(and no check in my mailbox) and is now NOVEMBER. THey told me I should have a check before the new year and I had slipped through the cracks getting the check cut. Now on 1/9/13 I called again to find out where the money was to be told that "Your claim was denied because it was your secondary fridge on your carport" It was never a secondary fridge. I have no electric on my carport. I had to re-explain that it had been my only fridge at the time of claim and had to move it outside since now I would have been going on 3 months with no fridge in my kitchen and have since needed to buy a new one. 1/10/13 I was told that accounting is taking care of the denial. I still have no check and if it were up to them I would be going on 3 months of having no refrigerator. I still have no money in my mailbox. Still waiting to see if they will make it right. They also NEVER call you back when they say they will.

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    Erik Christensen , NV, Henderson

    AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! They use the worst contractors who will not fix your problem and will not communicate with you. #1 My AC was out for four weeks during Vegas summer, when they finally found the root cause...it wasn't covered (the type of fix required wasn't covered - fine print), so I paid out of pocket for $2200 fix. Also, the contractor flooded the attic and will NOT fix the giant water stain I now have on my living room ceiling. #2 Garage door broke, they don't cover it due to they type of break (fine print). #3 Washing Machine broke, they tried to pay us $195 to buy new one and quoted the fine print which states they can refuse repair for any claim...what!?! Finally my wife got them to agree to fix the damn thing. It's been five weeks and still my nice GE front loader is in 20 pieces in my garage, contractor won't return calls and Homelife says the same thing every time: "We will get this taken care of and will call you right back" It's been a week since the said "we'll call you right back". Today is Dec 28th, no washer since Thanksgiving and we leave for vacation tomorrow. I'm done with all home warrenties, but stay away from this one at all costs. We have a laywer looking into lawsuit options for this scam company. To date we paid $350, plus $55 each contractor visit...they haven't fixed one thing.


2.2/5 (56)


2/5 (48)


4.9/5 (16)

Pros & cons of HomeLife Home Warranty


  • Emergency service available
  • Online chat availability
  • Offers two service calls to choose


  • Higher Cancellation charges
  • Provides services in only two states

HomeLife Home Warranty Covered States

HomeLife Home Warranty offers services in 2 states, excluding Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming.

HomeLife Warranty Protection Plans and Coverage

The Homelife Warranty Protection provides two main plans: the Basic plan and the Prestige plan. Apart from this, Homelife offers three service plans: Green Leaf, Green Leaf Pool, and Green Leaf 2

These service plans include a bundle of services such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator, sprinkler drip and timer, pool equipment, and others, depending on your chosen plan.




Plumbing System 
Central Vaccum
Electrical System
Trash Compactor 
Garage Door Opener 
Heating AC System

Optional Coverage 

  • Kitchen Refrigerator 
  • Washer/Dryer & Hose Bib
  • Elite Product Coverage
  • Swimming Pool/ Spa Equipment
  • Salt Water Cell & Circuit Board
  • Ornamental Fountain Motor/Pump Coverage
  • Sprinkler, Drip, & Timer System
  • Well Pump
  • Septic System/Sewage Ejector Pump
  • Water Softener/Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
  • Amplified Main Panel Coverage


HomeLife Warranty Protection Cost 

The Basic Coverage starts at $295, while the Prestige Product Coverage is $395. It’s important to note that the cost may vary if you opt for any of the additional service packages.



Basic Coverage 


Prestige Product Coverage


The company offers homeowners two service call fee options: $65 and $150.

HomeLife Warranty Protection Exclusions

Every warranty service provider has a set of exclusions that will apply to the plan one purchase. HomeLife’s contract does not cover services required as a result of;

  • Accidents; water damage; failure due to power surge or overload; secondary damage; structural damage or defect
  • Lightning; mud; earthquake; fire; flood; freezing; soil movement; storms; acts of nature; acts of God.

Beyond these exclusions, companies also have coverage limits on the appliances and systems included in the plans. Here is an overview of some of the Home Service contract’s limits. 


Coverage Limit 

Electrical System


Ceiling Fan


Water Heater




Concrete-Encased Pipe Leaks Or Breaks For Water Or Gas 




Evaporative Coil


Heating System  


Trustworthiness & Customer Service Of Select Home Warranty

The Southwest Company covers the most common systems and appliances and has two warranty plans. The plans also include a variety of optional supplemental coverage add-ons. 

Despite its limited availability in two states, the company takes proactive steps to ensure it remains visible to its audience. They indicate they can address customer concerns by actively engaging on social media and consumer platforms. With an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 from 37 users, the company has earned an above-average level of customer satisfaction.

HomeLife Warranty Protection has built a positive reputation among homeowners, surpassing the industry average with a higher rating. While some clients have raised concerns about unexpected costs and high service fees, it’s worth noting that HomeLife is BBB accredited with an A+ rating, reflecting its reliability and credibility.

HomeLife Warranty Protection Claim Filing Procedure

You have the option to submit service requests either by sending an email to requestservice@hlwp.com or by calling 888-820-8088. HomeLife Warranty Protection gladly accepts service requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Once you submit a service request, they will promptly notify an independent contractor who will directly contact you to schedule a convenient appointment during regular business hours.

How To Buy A Home Warranty From HomeLife Warranty Protection?

Purchasing a home warranty from Homelife Warranty Protection is easier. You need to fill out the form on their website and get the quote for your property. 

Choosing the right home warranty plan can be daunting, mainly if you are a first-time buyer. Fortunately, our comprehensive guide to how to buy a home warranty can help make the process less challenging.



At HomeWarrantyReviews.com, we are dedicated to providing in-depth home warranty reviews so you can choose the best home warranty company & make the most out of it. We examine, compare, and analyze the companies on the following factors:

  • Pricing: We compare the costs of home warranty plans and determine if those are cost-effective. The pricing includes monthly/annual premiums, deductibles, and customer discounts.
  • Coverage: We compare the plans offered by different home warranty companies. The coverage includes systems, appliances, and additional offerings.
  • Claims: We look at customer reviews and determine their satisfaction with the claims filing procedure, settlement, and response times.
  • Transparency: We verify if the home warranty company is licensed within the appropriate industry and offer details on the CEOs, contractors, and several settled claims.
  • Uniqueness: We examine whether the company offers additional services, advantages, or coverage alternatives that set it apart.
  • Customer Engagement: We assess the determination of home warranty companies responding to consumer problems in our Complaint Resolution Program.

Editorial Note On HomeLife Warranty Protection

HomeLife allows homeowners to choose and customize their plans based on their specific requirements, offering both basic plans and three additional packages. It is worth noting that the service call fee of $150 is slightly above the industry average. However, it remains an optional choice for homeowners.

Overall, suppose you’re looking for a trustworthy regional company that offers convenient services at an affordable price in Arizona and Nevada. In that case, HomeLife Warranty Protection can be a suitable option for you. With plans that begin at just $23/month, you can count on this company to protect your investment. 


During your interactions with the company, inquire about their claim settlement rate. Additionally, it is crucial to thoroughly read and comprehend the entire contract, paying attention to the finer details. This will clarify and ensure you know the terms and conditions well.


Quick Details About The Company

Look at the following table to learn some basic details about HomeLife Warranty Protection:

Year Of Establishment



Dennis Roehl


Gilbert, AZ 85299-0141

Type Of Company

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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  • We are America's first independent Home Warranty Research and Review platform and have been in existence for 14+ years
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Is Home Warranty Worth It?


Home warranty plans are worth it for many reasons. They save you from unexpected expenses and keep your appliances covered under their plans so you do not have to break out your savings to repair them.


What Are A Few Dependable Home Warranty Companies?


Liberty Home Guard, Choice Home Warranty, and Landmark Home Warranty are dependable home warranty companies. However, other companies also have a good reputation in the market for the services they provide. Check out the best home warranty companies for 2023.


Does The Home Warranty Cover The Faucet Replacement Cost?


Home warranty covers faucets, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures. You can find more information on what is covered under the plumbing services in your service agreement. 


Is American Home Shield A Good Choice?


American Home Shield is a reputable choice for a home warranty plan With over 50 years of industry experience and a BBB rating of B. Their multiple service fee options, free cancellation period, nationwide availability, and long-standing presence in the industry provide confidence in their services. Learn more about the company in our American Home Shield review 

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We Follow These Rules To Keep It Clean

We allow reviews only from genuine customers of home warranty companies, past or present. Your review should be genuine and not provided in the expectation of monetary rewards from any company.

Reviews from employees of home warranty companies or named competitors are not encouraged. We will also not allow reviews that are too short or abusive. We may withhold reviews that in our discretion do not meet the above criteria.

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