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Updated on June 8, 2023

ServicePlus Home Warranty Reviews 2023

Previously known as Total Home Protection, ServicePlus Home Warranty offers adequate coverage options in the form of 2 plans and a choice of add-ons. The plans start from $42 per month, placing it among the most affordable companies in the market. 

ServicePlus offers 24/7 customer service and an extensive contractor network, which have given the company a competitive edge.

To present a comprehensive review of ServicePlus Home Warranty, our editorial team conducted extensive research and analyzed 851 customer reviews. This detailed review will offer details on:

Company At A Glance

Years In Business 7
Plan Costs $60-$67
Waiting Period 30 Days
Coverage Limits $3k/item
Service Fee $75
Option To Pick Your Own Contractor No

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Why ServicePlus Home Warranty?

  • ServicePlus Home Warranty (SPHW) plans are affordable, costing as low as $2/day
  • SPHW works with qualified local technicians
  • The company has a claims hotline that helps customers 24/7/365
  • ServicePlus provides plans that are flexible and extensive

latest ServicePlus Home Warranty reviews

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    Tomesia , MO, Columbia

    Lu** was a humble sales person- and his knowledge and experience made me more confident with going with your company.

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    Jose E Hernandez , FL, Cocoa

    To* Hark*** is the best. He is very professional in all he does. Thank you To*!

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    Robert Poynter , IL, Woodstock

    Ga** did an excellent job explaining the warranty plan. It was a pleasure talking with him. Great sales rep.

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    Gary S Cadigan , TX, Harlingen

    S** was a very friendly and helpful in my efforts provide this coverage, I know because of him I signed up with Home Warranty. Regards Gary S Cadigan

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    Denice Thompson , CO, Windsor

    Signing up for the home warranty was easy and the rep was very helpful in explaining things. He worked hard to find me the best deal.

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    Ed*** was excellent. He explained the contract that I am receiving and answered all my questions. He answered some questions that I had not thought of yet. Being a VET, I was happy that I was offered a discount off of the total.

Home Warranty Reviews

4.2/5 (862)

Google Reviews

3.5/5 (2,657)

Consumers Affair

3.3/5 (1,818)

Yelp Rating

1/5 (315)


4.4/5 (428)

Pros & cons of ServicePlus Home Warranty


  • Provides discounts on annual plans
  • Offers a service guarantee of 90-days


  • Not available in many states
  • Does not provide system-or-appliance-only plans

ServicePlus Home Warranty Covered States

ServicePlus Home Warranty offers services in 46 states, excluding California, Nevada, New York, and Washington. Look at the state map below for detailed information:

ServicePlus Home Warranty Plans & Coverage

ServicePlus Home Warranty offers two plans to homeowners: Gold Plan and Platinum Plan. Along with the major appliances and systems coverage, the company offers some optional items at an additional fee.The Gold Plan contains major home systems and appliances and can be ideal for homeowners looking for varied coverage at nominal rates. On the other hand, Platinum Plan is a bit more comprehensive, covering everything from the Gold plan with some extra appliances. 

The below-mentioned table shows the items included in the Gold and Platinum plans, along with the optional coverage. Take a look:

Items Included

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

Plumbing System
Plumbing Stoppage
Whirlpool Bathtub
Water Heater
Electrical System
Sump Pump
Built-in Microwave
Garbage Disposal
Trash Compactor
Ceiling And Exhaust Fans
Garage Door Opener
Air Conditioning System   
Heating System  
Clothes Dryer  
Clothes Washer  

Optional Coverage

You can choose the following appliance and systems for an additional fee.

  • Pool / Spa
  • Limited Roof Leak
  • Central Vacuum
  • Sump Pump
  • Well Pump
  • Septic Systems
  • Additional Spa
  • Additional Oven/Range/Stove
  • Additional Garage Door Opener
  • Additional Water Heater
  • Additional Heating System
  • Additional A/C System
  • Septic Plumbing
  • Second Refrigerator
  • Stand Alone Freezer
  • Water Softeners
  • Refrigerator Ice Maker
  • Free Standing Ice Maker

ServicePlus Home Warranty Exclusions

Similar to most other home warranty companies, ServicePlus Home Warranty also has exclusions and does not cover the following things:

  • Known/Unkown pre-existing conditions
  • Cosmetic defects, lack of maintenance, rust or corrosion, misuse, collapsed ducting, and sedimentary build-up
  • Lightning strikes, missing components, and animal or bug damage
  • Any sort of damage caused by Acts of Gods and natural calamities
  • Bacterium, virus, fungus, mold, and mildew related malfunctions
  • Systems and appliances declared defective by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the manufacturers

Apart from these, ServicePlus will protect your home items upto a limit of $3k per contract term.

Note: There may be other exclusions to your service agreement; we recommend thoroughly reading the terms and conditions.

ServicePlus Home Warranty Cost

Cost of ServicePlus Home Warranty plans starts from $43.25 to $49.92 monthly and $619 to $699 annually for single-family homes, condos, and townhomes. The cost of 2, 3, and 4-family homes starts from $62.42 monthly and $649 annually. 

Compared to the companies in the market, the cost of ServicePlus plans is affordable, offering a lot of value for money, especially considering the scope of coverage of these plans.  

Apart from the plan charges, ServicePlus’s service fee of $75 is also among the lowest in the market. The cost of optional coverage of a home appliance and system ranges from $2.92- $12.50 monthly. 




Single Family/Condo/Townhouse





Mobile Home




















Service Fee : $75

ServicePlus Home Warranty plans are comparable to the industry average and with frequent discounts and offers, they are more economical. However, it’s important to note that the price of a ServicePlus plan depends on different factors, such as your home’s size, the area you live in, your add-on plan options, and more.

ServicePlus Home Warranty Discounts

ServicePlus Home Warranty provides $200 off on annual plans and free two-month coverage on a single purchase. Note that this offer may not be available in all the states and for those opting for monthly plans.

Trustworthiness & Customer Service Of ServicePlus Home Warranty

ServicePlus Home Warranty has established a good reputation for offering comprehensive protection at affordable prices. Most customer reviews, including those on our website, refer to happy customers who were satisfied with their services.

Plans from ServicePlus start at about $40 a month, plus regular discounts that give homeowners free coverage for an extended duration.

Additionally, ServicePlus schedules appointments with the technicians within 2 (during normal circumstances) to 4 days (during weekends and holidays). The company charges an additional cost for emergency services. Its repair time and service have received mixed reviews, with some customers praising the work and others lodging complaints.

Overall, Serviceplus can be a good choice, but it needs to improve the quality of the assigned technicians.

ServicePlus Home Warranty Claim Filing Procedure

Filing a claim with ServicePlus is straightforward. You can file the claim online or connect with the company’s representative by dialing the ServicePlus home warranty phone number (1-800-545-0402) to begin the process.

  • Once you file a claim, ServicePlus will assign a technician within 2-4 working days. 
  • The technician will inspect the item that requires repair and check if it’s covered under warranty. 
  • If the item is found under coverage, the technician will repair or replace it. 
  • During the service visit, you must pay the technician the designated service fee.

Note: As per the contract, ServicePlus has the absolute right to choose a service technician to perform repair or replacement services. The company will not reimburse you if you commit to any service without prior approval.

How To Buy A Home Warranty From ServicePlus Home Warranty?

Buying a home warranty from ServicePlus is now easy, as you can get a free quote from our platform by contacting a representative at ServicePlus. Or, you may call the provided phone number and get a plan according to your preference.

Settling down on a well-suited home warranty plan can get tricky, especially if you buy it for the first time. You can check our in-depth guide to preparing for a home warranty purchase.


At, we are dedicated to providing in-depth home warranty reviews so you can choose the best home warranty company & make the most out of it. We examine, compare, and analyze the companies on the following factors:

  • Pricing: We compare the costs of home warranty plans and determine if those are cost-effective. The pricing includes monthly/annual premiums, deductibles, and customer discounts. 
  • Coverage: We compare the plans offered by different home warranty companies. The coverage consists of systems, appliances, and additional offerings.
  • Claims: We look at customer reviews and determine their satisfaction with the claims filing procedure, settlement, and response times.
  • Transparency: We verify if the home warranty company is licensed within the appropriate industry and offer details on the CEOs, contractors, and several settled claims.
  • Uniqueness: We examine whether the company offers additional services, advantages, or coverage alternatives that set them apart.
  • Customer Engagement: We assess home warranty companies’ determination to respond to consumer problems in our Complaint Resolution Program.

Editorial Note On ServicePlus Home Warranty

According to our editorial evaluation, ServicePlus’s cost of plans and deductible gives it a distinctive edge in the market. In addition, the company‘s many positive reviews from satisfied customers indicate that they are worth consideration. 

It is especially suitable for customers seeking extensive coverage at a nominal rate. However, customers looking for basic coverage, individually for systems or appliances, will have to look elsewhere as there are no options for basic coverage.  


The services offered by ServicePlus Home Warranty are comparable to the industry standards. However, we encourage you to read customer reviews and the fine print before making any commitments.

Quick Details About The Company

The following table details some basic details about ServicePlus Home Warranty. Take a look:


David Seruya, CEO

Year Of Establishment



James Mostofi


518 Old Post Rd Suite 7 #315, Edison, NJ 08837, United States

Type Of Company


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is ServicePlus Home Warranty Still In Business?


Yes, it is still in business. The company rebranded itself from Total Home Protection to ServicePlus Home Warranty.


Is There A Waiting Period With Serviceplus?


Yes, there is a 30-day waiting period. However, Service Plus Home Warranty may waive it if you can prove there is no lapse in your coverage.


Do I Need A ServicePlus Home Warranty If I Have Homeowners Insurance?


Homeowners’ insurance and home warranties are different concepts that serve you under differing circumstances. Homeowners insurance comes into play when your property gets damaged due to a natural disaster, calamity, or unforeseen circumstances.

A home warranty covers your appliances and systems and works only when the reason for failure is regular wear and tear. Most homeowners undertake and use the services of both contracts to remain protected.


Is There A Limit On The Number Of Claims I Can Make?


There is no limit to the number of claims you can make per se. However, a dollar limit applies to your Service Plus home warranty contract. If the required repair or replacement exceeds the cap, you have to pay out of your pocket.


Do Customers Need To Pay A Fee If They Want To Transfer Their Policy To Someone Else?


No. You don’t have to pay a fee to transfer your contract to someone else.


How Are The Company’s Contractors Rated And Monitored?


ServicePlus home warranty contractors are rated and valued based on their promptness, efficiency, and proficiency. While the monitoring aspect eludes us, our research shows that contractors are screened against various guidelines to qualify and join the ServicePlus contractor network.

They stipulate and look for licensed contractors to practice their trade, are insured, and are ready to be available for scheduled visits within a specific time frame.


Is Serviceplus Home Warranty Legit?


ServicePlus Home Warranty has been operating for six years and has won many awards for its service and contribution to the home warranty industry. All its stated information is verifiable, and there seems to be no question about the company’s legitimacy.

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We Follow These Rules To Keep It Clean

We allow reviews only from genuine customers of home warranty companies, past or present. Your review should be genuine and not provided in the expectation of monetary rewards from any company.

Reviews from employees of home warranty companies or named competitors are not encouraged. We will also not allow reviews that are too short or abusive. We may withhold reviews that in our discretion do not meet the above criteria.

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