Turn the negatives into positives with our complaint center.

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The Complaint Resolution Program (CRP) allows home warranty companies to address consumer complaints posted on and gives them 30 days resolve them before they are published. The CRP allows companies to sort out consumer issues and helps them improve their online reputation, while it helps consumers get their problem resolved. And the best part is that CRP is totally free of charge!

How it Works

Step 1. An upset guy writes a bad review (three stars or below) about your company on our site.

Step 2. Our website asks if the reviewer would like his complaint to be addressed by the service provider. If the answer is Yes, the review does not become public and the company gets 30 days to resolve the issue. However, a reviewer cannot be forced to participate in CRP. Reviews by customers who opted out of CRP will be published immediately.

Step 3. Company representative will communicate with the customer using the CRP. Once the problem is resolved, customer will be able to close the complaint.

Even if the customer does not want to participate in the CRP process, companies who participate in CRP will be able to a post a public rebuttal to the review, explaining their side of the story.

See? It's just the right program to turn an upset customer into a happy one. And if you can't make a customer happy, you can at least explain your side of the story to the others!

Benefits of CRP

  • It improves customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Helps you get more customers when you have lots of good reviews to show!
  • Good reviews along with resolved complaints go a long way and improve your brand presence online.

Excited? Contact us for a free CRP account and start making your customers happy!

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