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Home Warranty is a service contract that covers expenses related to repairs and replacements of your household systems and appliances. Increasingly, more homeowners are using such service contracts to reduce their repair efforts and replacement expenses.

On our website, we have over 16,000 consumer reviews on Home Warranty companies and their plans. We have organized companies by their service performance, so you can quickly find the best-in-business companies, review their pricing and coverage options and then request a quote.

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Home Warranty Consumer Report
If you want to read consumer reports on U.S. home warranty companies, then you may find it hard to find reliable sources. This is partly due to the small size of the U.S. home appliance warranty industry relative to others such as automobile insurance or health insurance. However, our website provides all the information you will find in a consumer report.

On our website, you will find opinions and experiences of people who actually purchased home warranties. This proves to be very helpful when you want decide which company to go with.

Yet another feature that we have is a tool that helps you research the best companies in the industry. We have company history, plan details, and pricing information all in one place. You can also compare different appliance warranty plans on our site. We also have home warranty companies that cover your local area.

Home Warranty Awards also has an annual home warranty awards program that aims towards identifying the best companies in the home appliance warranty industry. Each year, we choose three companies that have exhibited exceptional performance in three different categories. Customer reviews and feedback form the primary basis of evaluation.

About Home Warranty Plans

Technically a “home warranty” in the U.S. is a strictly defined legal document. It is typically given to a buyer of a new home by the builder, though there are other situations where the builder isn’t the one giving the warranty. So when we use the term “home warranty” here we are really referring to a home service contract, often casually referred to by marketers and consumers as a home warranty. A home service contract doesn’t cover the builder’s work or materials. Instead it covers the normal wear and tear on any number of items within or outside a home.

Suppose one of the major appliances you depend on each day suddenly stops working. Without a home warranty you might spend hours choosing a reputable technician and you would pay the full cost out of your own pocket.

On the other hand, if you have a home warranty, you would only need to call the warranty provider. The warranty company would ask some questions about the problem and then check for technicians in their network servicing in your area. They will arrange a qualified and experienced technician to come to your home to carry out the diagnosis and perform the repairs.

You may be required to pay a service call fee (typically around $50). That’s marginal when compared to the expenses incurred during a repair. If your device is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired, then imagine having to shell out money to buy a brand new appliance. At that point assuming you had chosen a good company, you would feel great about having that home warranty.

Coverage and Pricing

Common questions that arise while considering a home warranty are the coverage, costs, advantages, and drawbacks. Don’t worry! We can give you all the information you need on this site.

The contract paperwork describes the list of appliances that are included in the warranty. Thankfully, there are many companies offering home warranties to U.S. homeowners and so you do have choices. And you can always opt to purchase additional coverage including covering expensive appliances not included in standard coverage.

The article “What does a home warranty cover?” will give you a detailed description about the coverage of standard plans.

Home warranty plans are usually affordable unless you want a coverage that is extensive. Normally, the annual premium is somewhere between $250 to $600.

Claims and Denials

In addition to all that we discussed until now, there’s a lot of other information that you should know. It’s about how claims are denied and how to choose a good company and most importantly how to solve disputes with the company you choose.


Claims denials can happen due to various reasons. Here are some common reasons:

  • Insufficient maintenance issues are usually excluded from coverage, although you can find a handful of companies covering such damages.
  • Damages due to a pre-existing conditions (before the contract came to force) are not usually covered, though again there are exceptions to this.
  • Not all types of damages are covered under warranty plan. Natural calamities, improper usage etc. are typically excluded.

Many times claim denial incidents reported are based on a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about the plan details.

If a company denies your claim even though you believe that the damage is supposed to be covered, you can do the following.

  • Check the contract and make sure that the damage is indeed covered.
  • Call your company and inform them that you have gone through the policy documents and that the damage is indeed covered.
  • Make sure that you maintain a log of your correspondence with them.
  • Let them know that you will report this problem to online review sites, BBB, small claims court and to the social media.

Chances are high that the company will give in to your repeated calls and requests and get the damage fixed for you assuming there is legitimate cause for doubting their original decision.

If however, that does not happen, you may want to file a lawsuit against them. Remember that these companies usually have their positions well covered legally, so do not proceed with the lawsuit idea unless you are absolutely sure that you have a fair point.

The industry has often been subject to severe criticism from a lot of people. Yet many fail to understand that these negative experiences are often reported due to a lack of understanding between the homeowner and home warranty provider. Hope you enjoyed the article. Cheers!


Recent Comments
David M
I've AHS shield for almost 20 years but like all the stories I've read, their service and focus on the customer is no longer a priority. I live in Phoenix and my AC went out during an especially hot week, 110-116F. I turned in service request and when I didn't hear anything back in prescribed time, I called the contractor who basically couldn't get to it for at least a week and didn't seem to care. I called AHS several times, once being lied to as to we are working on it and then got another rep who basically did try and help but said there were no contracted AC techs available but offered to allow me to go out and find one on my own. The catch, the tech would have to call the AHS for permission to fix the problem. I didn't mention that each time I had called AHS, I was on hold for at least 45 minutes. The tech did fix my problem but as for calling AHS, we tried and you guessed it, on hold. He was patient but had other calls to make and couldn't stay on hold. I sent the bill to AHS for reimbursement only to be told the tech didn't get permission to do the work and they wouldn't refund my money. Bottom line I did their job for them and I'm out $500 for my trouble. The biggest thing I don't understand is when you look up the ratings for these companies AHS is in the top 10. Maybe it's time to put their contract payment in the bank and save it for any future repairs since I'm paying anyway.
Stephanie C
Select Home warranty do not honor their contract. They deny all but 2 claims. Got 3 accounts with them.
Stephanie Carrie
I have 3 accounts with Select Home Warranty. They deny every claim I call on. They want to know how long you have the tenant and say read contract when you asked the sales representative when you set the account up. Then finally get someone to come out and they only will spend 100.00 stating just on the claim. By the way they do not covered the commode wax oring which thought was part of commode. Dispute and stated going to give you a $150.00 credit because I paid someone else to come out and still never put on account. Keep transferring me around the world.
Carolyn Townsend
Do not under an circumstances get a contract with Choice Home Warranty. As previously stated, they take your money and 99% of the time deny your claims.
Rick Eyler
I think all of the plans are bad. They seem to exist for one reason, to take your money. I was "happy" with them when I was paying in and thinking I had coverage. But when I went to use them I saw them in action. Horrible, horrible "customer service". They don't care. I even fought my way supposedly up to someone whose title says she works directly in the President's office. The reality is they only work with the bottom rung service techs, the ones who don't get jobs otherwise and then they try to deny coverage for everything. I'd have been much ahead of the game if I'd saved what I paid them and just hired my own contractor. Been trying to get my AC fixed since April last year and now its Feb and looks like I'll end up paying for most all.
Joseph Britain
I completely agree with all of the postings about American Home Shield. I've had coverage from them for almost 16 years - and until recently have been very satisfied. But when my air conditioner went out this past summer and they left us stranded for almost two weeks in temps over 98 while they nickle and dimed one Band-Aid solution after another, using technicians that could only be described as inept - I vowed that when time came to renew - we would make a change. And we now have! Don't waste your money or time on American Home Shield - they USED to be good - but not any more! Signed The Voice Of Experience JBritain
Daniel Moczan
i currently have 3 homes covered by AHS. I have had them for about 5 years. Until recently I thought they were pretty good. Now I have a dispute with them about an appliance. It seems they will go out of there way to charge as much as possible before they will replace anything. I have wasted over 2 hours on the phone listening to recording of how important I am to them waiting for a representative. I am giving serious thought to switching to another company. I can be reached @ 917-603-3721 if you want to heard by story of WOE!
Bonnie Hammond
I agree with all the reviews on AHS. I've been with them for years but they are not responsive anymore and the people they send are not qualified. I fought with them about a leaking toilet and finally got a refund on my service call after we fixed it ourselves. They guy said there was no evidence of a leak even though I had a stained wood floor and stained ceiling. He offered to tear open the ceiling! Then when my stove element went out, we called both Home Shield and the vendor and asked that they bring out the part. We waited over a week for a service call (not the 48 hours they promise)and then he didn't bring it. We could not go forever without an oven so fixed it ourselves. I'm fighting with them now about that call. I could go on ad nauseum but there's no point. Don't go with them!
Violet Shirley
American Home Shield is a fraudulent company. I have reported them to the State Attorney General. I had a service request for a washing machine that broke in mid-stream of washing a load. The serviceman came approximately two days later and determined the washing machine needed a new motor. AHS ordered the motor...this wait was approx three weeks. Serviceman replaced motor and within a several hours I started a load of laundry. The washing machine began making an awful loud noise. Immediately called the serviceman to listen then I called AHS..YES! EVERY phone call to them is a 30 to 45 minute hold time. I requested a service recall. The same serviceman determined the motor supplied and ordered by AHS was a faulty motor. He stated in his report that the washing machine was working but the motor was noisy. The original service call was placed at or around May 17, 2015. After waiting again for a motor to be ordered and repaired I was told on July 29, 2015 the service request was denied because since the washing machine is working "THEY DO NOT COVER NOISE"! I did not have an washing machine that made noise and should be make whole. I filed a claim with my state's Attorney General and with AHS State Attorney General and Consumers Affairs. I would recommend each person to do this to stop this robbery. I also place a phone call to the President, Mark Barry at Corporate Headquarters. I have yet to receive a return call although I understand it to be true that placing a phone call to the President only reroutes one to another call center rep.
joe v
Had American Home Shield for 20+ years. Their service has been historically good but it seems they are now cutting corners trying to make an extra buck. For example, one of their contractors recently doubled billed me resulting my getting an invoice for $75 from AHS. In trying to resolve the issue I had to wait for over 30 minutes listening to a recording about how valuable I was to them. When I finally got through, I talked to someone speaking broken English who had no idea what I was trying to explain. After this aggravating experience it occurred to me that it would have been easier to give them the $75 and avoid the hassle. I would switch to other companies but it seems they all have problems.
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