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How Do Our Home Warranty Reviews Work For Consumers And Companies?

PUBLISHED: October 9, 2020 5 MINS READ

Reviews are essential for the sense of trust they generate in potential customers. 97% of customers state that reviews and ratings play a huge role in their decision making. When looking at reviews, most people tend to search for comparisons to other services or products, differences between the services of a company, resolution of problems, etc. 

The quality of products and services, how a company resolves complaints, whether the product and service live up to the standards they project, etc. are generally written about in reviews and are rated accordingly on home warranty review platforms. 


How Do Home Warranty Reviews And Ratings Work For Consumers? 

Word-of-mouth has always been an important criterion when it comes to a home warranty company’s reliability. However, with the widespread accessibility and use of the internet nowadays, online reviews and ratings are now seen as credible sources of recommendations as a personal one from a friend or family member. 

An online review detailing a home warranty service’s pros and cons can garner more trust in a consumer. Another plus of a review listing disadvantages is that they are considered genuine and trustworthy. An authentic and high-quality review attracts more consumers, while a review that looks paid for or irrelevant can turn customers away.

Another statistic states that 92% of customers hesitate to purchase a service or a product from a company that doesn’t have any reviews. Home Warranty websites that display reviews build trust and confidence in their potential customers about the services they offer.  

Bad reviews tend to have an adverse effect on a home warranty company as customers wouldn’t like to retain the services of a negatively reviewed company. However, a complete lack of negative reviews can also be misconstrued as misleading and untrustworthy. A few negative reviews can turn to be a testament to a home warranty company’s customer service experience. If the situation is resolved in a quick manner, it can lead to more favorable reviews.

Simply put, online ratings and reviews have become an essential part of a customer’s decision-making process. Reviews help forge a sense of trust between a home warranty company and its customers. 

How Do Home Warranty Reviews And Ratings Work For Companies?

Online home warranty reviews and ratings have opened a new field in marketing. Collecting reviews about the quality of service a company offers can be valuable feedback. 

Reading reviews by customers can direct a company’s attention to areas that need improvement. Consumer reviews can also point out specific features that they feel are missing from your services. Keeping these reviews in mind can help a company resolve its issues in an efficient and fast manner. A company that works on improving their services can create a positive user experience for their customers.

The rapid rise of the internet, especially social media, has changed our social scene. Just posting on social media about the features and benefits of their services is not enough anymore. The presence of reviews on social media sites and review sites provides a company with credibility and social standing. 

Positive reviews and ratings of a company can help even new companies compete with more established companies. Reviews can offer a positive appeal to customers about the services of a company. 

Customers who take the time to review are very likely to feel some loyalty towards a company and may keep coming back. Leaving reviews can make customers feel that they have a relationship with the company and that their input or feedback can improve the services of a company. 

Another huge advantage of online reviews is that consumers are basically providing free marketing for a company. A marketing campaign simply can’t manage to do the same. Customer reviews act like micro-marketing campaigns that continue to work long after it is posted. This ensures a consistently positive reputation and creates brand awareness among potential customers about home warranty policies. 

A company that already has a repository of reviews continually generates more reviews. The presence of several reviews incentivizes customers and gives them the confidence to submit their own reviews on the services and products of a company.  

Reviews and ratings submitted online by customers are emerging as a trend that is here to stay for the long run. Customer reviews are a great way to grab the attention of a wide variety of customers and increase the sales of your service or product. 

Sometimes home warranty companies lack the ability to be objective or just focus on the marketability of their services. This is where consumer reviews are important as they have details that are of more concern to buyers. Information about services that are relevant to buyers is usually found in reviews left by existing customers. 

The presence of reviews on company websites secure higher visibility in search rankings. As more companies indulge in encouraging customer reviews, it is vital to start securing the reviews of customers to stay relevant in the market. 

A company can take various steps to increase consumer reviews about its services. Some of these steps include contacting reviewers who left positive or negative responses, rewarding customers who review, running a contest, following up with buyers, etc.

Closing Thoughts 

The unbiased customer reviews encourage potential customers to purchase home warranty policies. HomeWarrantyReviews.com is one such online platform where customers share their positive experiences or problems with a home warranty company. You can read customer reviews, articles informing about the technicalities of a home warranty plan, and other details relevant to home warranty companies.

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