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Is Offering A Home Warranty To A Buyer Worth It?


Offering a home warranty to a buyer is worth it, but its worthiness depends on other external factors as well. Factors like the extent of coverage, the premium charged, deductibles, exclusions, third-party contractors, and payouts determine whether a home warranty is useful to a homebuyer or not. 

There are many situations where a home warranty is of no use to the buyer. But this is a result of bad decision-making, lack of information, and ignorance in choosing the right warranty for a home. Most often, if done smartly, a home warranty can be very advantageous to a buyer. So, read on to know how beneficial a home warranty is when buying a house.

How Does It Help a Seller?

Sellers Who Were First buyers Also Benefit From A Home Warranty

A buyer’s agent first buys a home from an owner. If it happens to be a house with a home warranty, it is an added advantage to him. The property will be sold much faster than the one without a home warranty protection. 

This is because new home buyers will be more confident in buying a home warranty-protected house than a non-protected one. Moreover, the former might command a higher price. In this way, a home warranty is worth it to a buyer.  

Free Listing Coverage For Sellers

A buyer’s agent, when purchasing a home with a warranty, will be provided with free listing coverage by the home warranty company. This ensures that he and the homebuyer will be protected if an appliance or system failure occurs when the house is on the market. 

How Does It Help a Buyer?

A Home Buyer’s Warranty Is Much Cheaper 

A home buyer’s warranty is less expensive because the appliances and systems of a pre-used home would have already been repaired or replaced before it is sold or the buyer would have bargained with the seller for a lesser price and gotten the appliances repaired after the sale.  

Homebuyers Can Skip The Search For A Contractor

Sometimes a contractor might not be available in a homebuyer’s locality. Instead of spending endless hours trying to get connected with the right contractor, he simply has to get in touch with a warranty provider who will then assign their in-house contractors to get the job done. 

Also, a home buyer will not have to make a home seller obligated to pay for damages in case the appliances and systems fail immediately after purchasing the home. He can get in touch with the home warranty company to get things resolved.

Homes Can Function Smoothly 

It takes time for a new homebuyer to get adjusted to new the home environment, hence a breakdown in any of the home appliances and systems would lead to a disruption in the continuation of his daily routine. For example, if the washer malfunctions, there would be a week’s load of laundry pending. He would find it very difficult to wear fresh clothes every day, and hence the regular routine will be disrupted. 

But with a home warranty that covers a washer, the homebuyer can just simply notify the warranty company about the damage and get a technician to fix the problem in a day’s time. In this way, offering a home warranty to a buyer is worth it as it takes care of all the unexpected hassles that crop up just days after moving in. 

It Saves New Home Buyers Who Are Out Of Cash

It is a very tight situation for homebuyers who have bought a home recently. They would spend a ton to make their big purchase, leaving their wallet exhausted for any future repairs or replacement. With a home warranty in hand, they can get repairs done easily at a minimal cost if any major failure occurs just after the purchase. This lets them heave a sigh of relief. 

The pros of having a home warranty outweigh the cons, and so offering a home warranty to a buyer is worth it. It provides a customer the much-needed peace of mind and lessened financial burden, ensuring a hassle-free living for homeowners. There are many good home warranty companies out in the market, providing extensive coverage, a lower deductible, higher payouts, 24/7 customer support, and excellent service. Some of them are:

Now that you have been enlightened about the many advantages of a home warranty, do buy a home warranty online right away!  

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