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Home Maintenance Basics – Flush Water Heater

Do you clean your water heater at least once a year?

Did you know that water heater could be your only source of drinking water in emergency?

To keep the water clean, you should drain the water heater to remove all the sediments accumulated at the bottom of the tank. This is an excellent video that shows how how to drain your water heater. I hope you do this exercise in spite of your busy schedule.

Note: Mr. Graeme Kinsey, a fellow homeowner offered an easy to follow method that doesn’t require using wrenches. Check out the instructions below the video.

1. Turn heater to pilot (if gas) or OFF (if electric); this avoids issue of relighting pilot.

2. Turn off supply valve

3. Let cool if desired (I never do)

4. Attach garden hose, place open end in suitable drain location

5. Open kitchen hot water faucet

6. Open drain fitting at hose

7. Drain until clear

8. Shut off drain fitting

9. Turn on supply valve

10. Let air pockets exhaust through kitchen sink, then turn off that faucet

11. Turn heater back on

12. Voila! No wrenches, broken pipes, leaks. (Thanks, Graeme!)

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