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American Home Shield vs First American Home Warranty


American Home Shield and First American Home Warranty share a lot of similarities. Both companies are at the top of their game when it comes to home warranties. Also, both companies have the highest coverage limits in the industry. First American gives coverage for appliances for up to $3,500 and AHS offers up to $3,000. Here, we will guide you on American Home Shield vs First American Home Warranty.

American Home Shield vs First American Home Warranty

Comparison of AHS vs First American Home Warranty

  American Home Shield First American Home Warranty
Deductible $75 – $125 $75
Plans available Appliances Plan

Systems Plan

Combo Plan

Build-your-own Plan

Basic Plan

Premier Plan

Service recall period 60 Days 30 Days
Availability All states except Alaska 36 states and the District of Columbia
Support 24/7 Claims Department 24/7 Claims Department
Customer satisfaction Read American Home Shield Reviews to see what customers say about their services. Read First American Home Warranty Reviews to see what customers feel about their product.

Home Warranty Coverage – AHS vs First American Home Warranty

In this section, we compare the best plan of American Home Shield and First American Home Warranty.

AHS’ Combo Plan provides coverage for more items than First American’s Premium Plan. Since 2013, AHS has made over $2 billion in claims paid.

In 2017, First American paid out over $169 million for repairs and replacements which covered nearly two-thirds of all customers that made at least one claim.

Home Warranty Coverage - AHS vs First American Home Warranty

American Home Shield coverage: AHS covers more items than First American Home Warranty. Items like built-in food centers, freestanding ice makers, trash compactors, re-key, central vacuums, exhaust fan, instant water dispensers, smoke detectors and doorbells which are not covered by First American and are part of the Combo plan. Also, AHS gives you coverage for guest units which are under 750 square feet.

First American Home Warranty coverage: First American offers coverage for a total of 16 items which include eight appliances and eight home systems. The additional items that Premier Plan covers include garage door openers, heating, electrical and plumbing systems, central vacuums, water heaters and instant hot/cold water dispensers.

First American Home Warranty vs American Home Shield – Cost Comparison

From our reviews, we have collected data on average premiums that homeowners have paid for their home warranties.

  American Home Shield First American Home Warranty
Service call fees $75 – $125 $75
Appliance benefit limit $1.5K to $3K $3.5K
Systems benefit limit $1.5K to $3K $1.5K

Good vs Bad of First American Home Warranty



  • 24/7 Claims Service
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Online Homeowner Center
  • Coverage Limits
  • Decades of Experience
  • Several bad First American Home Warranty reviews
  • Nationwide service unavailable

Good vs Bad of American Home Shield



  • Easy monthly pricing
  • 15,000 contractors nationwide
  • Choose from several plans
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Founded the home warranty industry
  • Certain contractors have negative reviews
  • Few contractors have serviced inadequately
  • Contractors work only within business hours

What Makes American Home Shield Stand Out?

American Home Shield was founded in 1971 and was the first to provide home warranty plans in America. They provide services to all states except Alaska. AHS has a huge contractor network. There is a short waiting period after the first payment is made and there is no requirement of inspection for the policy to be approved.

What Makes First American Home Warranty Stand Out?

Typically First American Home Warranty covers all major appliances and systems. They have been in the business for over 35 years and this indicates that the company has good stability and a strong capability to provide great service. First American works only with qualified licensed contractors and technicians. 

Final Word – AHS or Select Home Warranty

When it comes to choosing one of the two companies, it can be quite difficult. To be honest, you can simply choose any one of the two as the coverage is comprehensive. There are times where you might have to make an informed decision.

AHS gives you great coverage, First American misses out on a few items that AHS covers. Additionally, AHS offers you a “Build Your Own Plan’ to ensure that you choose only those appliances and systems that you feel are problematic. First American, on the other hand, provides high coverage limits for appliances and systems. It also offers monthly payment options and multiple plans.

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