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Choice Home Warranty Vs American Home Shield

PUBLISHED: May 21, 2021 • 6 MINS READ

The duel between Choice Home Warranty (CHW) and American Home Shield (AHS) is a long-standing debate. Both companies have several unique attributes that give them an edge over their competition. To help you know more about CHW and AHS, we will be looking into diverse aspects of both these companies.


In this detailed post, we compare critical aspects of the two leading companies in the industry. Once you’ve read through it, you will know what to look forward to in terms of services, cost, coverage, etc. Let us begin by comparing the crucial characteristics of these companies.

Difference Between Choice Home Warranty And American Home Shield

You must understand several vital service-related aspects of CHW and AHS. It will help you get a clear picture of what both the companies offer. When you’ve scrolled through, you will know what to expect when you sign up with CHW or AHS.

Choice Home

American Home

Basic Plan, Total Plan (Optional Coverage Available)
ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, ShieldPlatinum (Optional Coverage Available)
Yearly Cost
$39.99, $49.99, $64.99
90 days on parts, 30 days on labor
Recall Period
30 days
Fees Deductible
in Business

Coverage Comparison Of CHW And AHS

CHW and AHS offer extensive protection under their comprehensive coverage plans. Find out what items are covered and not covered in the list below.

Items Choice Home Warranty American Home Shield
Plan Total Plan ShieldPlatinum
Air Conditioning & Ductwork
Heating System
Roof Leak Repair
Plumbing System
Heating System
Smoke Detectors
Ceiling & Exhaust Fans
Water Heaters
Garbage Disposals
Instant Hot/ Cold Water Dispensers
Central Vacuums
Clothes Washers
Clothes Dryer
Built-in-Microwave Ovens
Trash Compactors
Freestanding Ice Maker
Garage Door Opener
Built-in Food Centers
Add On Coverage
Well Pump
Guest Unit
Limited Roof Leak

Note- Add-on plans are classified as an independent option and are not included under any specific plan. Add-ons or optional coverage have to be purchased separately.

CHW offers two plans- The Basic Plan and The Total Plan. The Basic Plan covers items such as dishwashers, ceiling fans, bathtubs, etc., and additional coverage is also available for specific items. If you are looking for a full-proof deal from the company, opt for the Total Plan. Opting for a comprehensive plan to this extent can also increase the value of your home in the long run.

AHS has come up with four new plans- ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, ShieldPlatinum, and Electronics Plan. As the name suggests, coverage varies significantly between the Silver, Gold, and Platinum option. If you want a complete option, The ShieldPlatinum Plan is your best bet. Additional coverage is also provided by AHS if needed.

You can also read several reviews of both these companies to understand intricate details about coverage and service. Check out the detailed review of Choice Home Warranty and American Home Shield today.

Plans & Price Comparison Of CHW & AHS

Analyzing the price comparison is vital for knowing whether a particular plan suits your budget. We’ve listed out important pricing details of both companies in the tables below. What you should take note of is the cost of plans provided by both these companies.

It is also crucial that you examine the service call fee of both companies before choosing. Pick an option that best suits your needs and budget. Then go ahead and claim your free quote from the company of your choice once you find a match.

Basic Plan


Total Plan


Service Call Fee


Appliance Coverage


Systems Coverage








Service Call Fee


Appliance Coverage

$3000 ($6000 for ShieldPlatinum Plan)

Systems Coverage


Comparing Policies Of CHW & AHS

You must understand the critical differences between the two companies’ policies. It provides clarity on what you can expect from the service once it begins. Check out the following sections to know more:

The CHW Policy

CHW does not cover any pre-existing conditions. Homeowners must also keep in mind that protection will only begin after 30 days of accepting the policy. Once the policy is approved, CHW has the right to select the service provider.

CHW will not service any dangerous materials. Specific components in systems and appliances such as lead paint, mold, and asbestos will not get covered under the CHW contract. Also, if items are not installed properly or come with certain defects, CHW has the right not to accept the claim.

You must also know that CHW has certain limitations on its systems and appliances coverage. For E.g., your kitchen refrigerator must be located in the kitchen to get covered under the company’s terms and conditions. To get a detailed analysis of what components are included and excluded, read your service contract before deciding.

Filing A CHW Claim

Filing a claim with CHW is a simple process. If you notice a covered device malfunctioning, get in touch with CHW. You can file your claim with CHW online or via telephone. Once your claim is approved, a technician gets assigned. When the expert arrives, a thorough inspection of the device is conducted.

Based on the technicians’ analysis, the problematic device will either get repaired or replaced. Once the contractor completes the investigation, you must pay the necessary service-call fee. When you file a claim with CHW, the company will contact a technician within two working days. It might take a maximum of four business days for CHW to get in touch with a contractor depending on weekends and holidays.

Renewing Your CHW Policy

You can renew your CHW contract once the policy expires. For a smooth resumption of service, get in touch with CHW a few days before your contract expires. You must clearly state the plan that you want for the next cycle. Once your application gets processed, you receive a notification of details containing your new plan and coverage.

Transferring & Cancelling Your CHW Contract

Transferring your CHW contract can be done at any given point in time. You will not be charged any amount for transferring your policy to a new homeowner. To cancel your contract, you must submit a written application stating the reason for the cancellation. If you call off your contract within 30 days of signing up, you will be eligible for a refund. If you abandon your policy after 30 days of signing up with the company, you may be eligible for a pro-rata refund.

The AHS Policy

AHS does cover pre-existing conditions. However, these conditions must be unnoticeable at the time of inspection. Only items that are damaged due to normal wear and tear and are covered under the AHS policy.

AHS will not cover items if they get damaged due to earthquakes, fires, or acts of God.Customers should know that only homes under 5,000 feet are subject to coverage under AHS contracts.

The companies policy also states that all covered items must be attached to the main enclosure of the home. But the company does exclude particular items under this clause. These items are pool or spa equipment, air conditioning, heating, ejector pump, septic tank, pressure regulator, water heater, and electric panel.

AHS does have certain limitations in coverage, such as no protection for audio and video components of electricals appliances. Also, underwater heater coverage storage tanks, auxiliary holdings, and noise fuel are not covered. Read your service agreement to know more about AHS exclusions.

Filing An AHS Claim

To file a claim with AHS, all you need to do is log in to the My Account Portal when you notice a covered device giving trouble. When your claim gets accepted, AHS sends a trained technician to diagnose the problematic device. As per the contractors’ plan of action, the items will get fixed at the earliest. All you need to do is pay the necessary service call fee as stated in your agreement.

Renewing Your AHS Policy

Renewing your AHS contract is simple. To continue with your contract, you need to log into your My Account Portal. Then fill in all the necessary details and submit your renewal application.

Transferring & Cancelling Your AHS Contract

You can transfer your AHS contract to a new homeowner at any time. Get in touch with customer care if you want to transfer your policy. Canceling your AHS contract requires you to get in touch with customer service. The concerned representative will assist you on how to close your policy and help you understand whether you are eligible for a refund or not.

The Pros and Cons Of CHW And AHS

We have created two tables describing the advantages and disadvantages of both companies. Check out the tables below to know more:

Choice Home Warranty

Pros Cons
Coverage available in most states Technicians assigned by the company
Add on plan available Plans cannot get customized
Affordable service call fee Certain components of devices not covered
Protection available for ceiling and exhaust fans Coverage begins after 30 days of signing up

American Home Shield (AHS)

Pros Cons
Option to choose your service call fee Claims take time to get approved
Coverage available for pre-existing conditions Limited additional coverage
Large contractor network Customer service can be improved
Comprehensive coverage provided under all the company’s plans 30 days service recall period

Standout Features Of Choice Home Warranty And American Home Shield

  • CHW offers their customers a free first month of coverage on any of its one-time payment warranty plans.
  • CHW real estate plans also provide one-month free coverage and $100 off on all multi-year plans.
  • AHS provides customers with a workmanship guarantee of 30 days, which means if a device starts malfunctioning after getting repaired, you will receive free service to get the item fixed.
  • AHS covers non-detectable pre-existing conditions caused due to mechanical defects.

Who Wins CHW Or AHS?


To sum up, both companies offer dependable services and provide top-quality assistance. AHS offers three plans, whereas CHW provides only two plans, so AHS has a slight edge in coverage options. However, to choose the best partnership, you need to factor in your expectations and budget and make sure it is in sync with the company’s offerings. Never make a hasty decision, and only after a detailed and careful analysis of both companies’ benefits, go ahead with your pick.

Never make a hasty decision, and only after a detailed and careful analysis of both company’s benefits, go ahead with your pick.

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