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Author: S Waltson

I’ve been with this company for 3 years and have had several repairs made. Downstairs furnace, Downstairs Air Conditioning, Attic Fan, garage door opener, Running toilets. Overall, I’m fairly satisfied with the service I’ve received and have even recommended FA to a friend. I pulled up this website to review for my friend who is looking for a home warranty company. I suspect that these ratings are somewhat skewed because only the people who had problems seem to be rating the companies….even though anyone can post a comment. Basically these ratings are only based on “How Bad” was your experience.
I would be interested in seeing ratings which include the hundreds of positive experiences as well as the negative ones. The positive ones are just not here.

I still think that my $40 a month charge and $50 service call fee is fair and a good deal. Neither my husband nor I are the handy-man type and it gives us great peace of mind to know there’s someone we can call to help. I’ve called at 1am before and spoke to a live person when my attic fan was making a horribly loud noise. The repair man called on a Sunday and wanted to come out the next day (Memorial Day holiday)at 7am to fix it for me. Without hesitating and with no questions asked…he installed a brand new attic fan.
We also got good service on our replacement downstairs air conditioner even though we had to wait for a part to come in and some disposal/upgrade/modification work was not covered by the home warrantee.
We got great service on our garage door opener. The repair was booked (and served by) with Sears repair service. I saw from other reviews that poorly skilled repairmen (F grade?)were used by FA but the Sears repair man was very knowledgeable, friendly, prompt and I highly doubt that he was a F-grade repairman.
Maybe it’s just my area in TN that has a good FA department but I would bet that readers are just not hearing the other side of the story. There are happy, content customers out there. Am I crazy-in-love with FA?…No But I am a satisfied customer.

Recent Comments
They can schedule service request very fast, but they always fail to do follow up or inform customer the status of the claim. They never being updated with the inspection report. Majority of the service call routed to contracted service provider are c or D rated. It is seems like it is more a scheme for homeowner to purchase home warranty when it will never cover anything.
J Perez
I am a new homeowner my first time placing a claim to them it was denied. So I paid out of pocket for something that was clearly covered, a pipe was leaking. I have plumbing coverage denied due to improper install. I have only had this house a month, it was checked a number of times but, I am not a plumber so I cannot say anything about that really. he also had to cut a hole in my ceiling just to check the pipe also not covered now I have to call someone to come and fix the hole in my roof also out of pocket the Tec told me before anything was done that the hole will be covered by FA. Even if the pipe was not that was a lie the entire company only seems to look for a creative way to deny all claims. I am 100% dissatisfied with there service and professionalism, FA is a useless company also I have looked at other review sites and only 2 out of 30 posts have had a decent experience.
My only Complaint with 1st American is that the 1st tech they sent, went out of business before the job was done. However they did not make me pay the $50 deductible to have the 2nd tech come out and fix my dryer. I know now that when I call for anything I will request the 2nd tech from the start. He was Good and got it fixed in One visit.
David Castleman
I have been with American for 9 years now and luckly only have had to use it 4 times the first time was very good they replaced my dishwasher with no problem at all. The 2nd time the airconditioner went out,I live in Las vegas and realy need my airconditioner in the summer months. The job was done but took 2 weeks to get completed.The 3rd time my hotwater went out,I no that water heaters dont cost that much but American sent out a plumbing Co. that wanted to charge me 800.00 just to instal it.Had to instal it myself. This is the 4th time and the last time i will ever use this service.My other airconditioner has gone bad,the first a.c. company they sent out recomended the unit be replaced.It is 30 years old old. American sent out another A.C. Co. and they recomended the same thing,now its been 2 weeks becoming very HOT in Vegas. I have to call to find out whats up with my A.C. unit and they tell me that they are goin to replace the compressor only, even though both companys recomended replacing the unit.Now im setting here on HOLD for the last 20 mins with American writing this coment. I would not recomend American to anyone as they do not do the things they say they will do. Evrey day i have to stay home from work i lose 250.00. so mabe i should have stayed at work and had it fixed myself.
George Bush
Whatever you want to tell yourself.Contractors are almost all C-F ratings. Look them up before they come out. Go to BBB website. Very easy to do. Their screening policies have slipped way down the pole for their contractors. They have to be able to find a contractor who will/have to do a job for under $300.00 after that it becomes red tape nightmare.Always check with your state regulations board too, if you are having troubles with this company. They dont like them to much. This is first hand knowledge. Remember they are not an insurance company, so they are not liable like an insurance company. Kinda slipping under the radar, so to speak. Be careful do your homework.
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