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Are you worrying about your aging appliances and systems breaking down? Why bother when you sign up for a home warranty with a top rated company like The Home Service Club.

The Home Service Club looks to constantly innovate and strive to be the industry leader in the field of home warranty. With a presence in over 49 states and the core focus of enabling home warranty products and services over its vast network of contractors. These contractors are well trained, carefully screened and monitored. Their performance is based on several criteria like customer satisfaction survey program that enables the highest quality of service to customers. The Home Service Club conducts a series of surveys and analysis to ensure that all their customers are satisfied and well looked after. With a strong track record, the Home Service Club has been known for their home warranty plans and excellent service.

Why is a Home Warranty Important?

With the Home Service Club’s Home Warranty plan you are sure that your one-year service contract covers a multitude of systems and appliances that are essential to your daily life. This means that you do not have to worry about any of your systems breaking down right through the year. Also, the best part is that you only have to pay the service call cost once you have paid the premium for the year. Any other cost associated with repair is covered by the home warranty company. The Home Service Club will cover you against all costs and expenses that result from repair and replacement of the system. Also, there will be no home inspection need before purchase. If there is a full replacement of covered items, then they will fix the problem by replacing the device. The only thing you will be paying for is the one service call and the low deductible fee.

Home Warranty Reviews of the Home Service Club

The Home Service Club has been favorably rated by most clients that have provided their feedback on services received. Here are few reviews from people like you. Do take a look!

GALINA P AURORA – CO 01-11-2018

As a busy working mom, I depend on the microwave a little too much. In my defense, it’s the only way to get dinner ready in time and still have the kids in bed at a decent hour. I was rather dismayed when my microwave stopped working. I entered the claim that evening online. It turned out that the problem was irreparable and so THe Home Service Club completely replaced my Microwave. I have to admit that I like the new one even more than the old one.


My husband bought one of those giant ceiling fans when we got the house. I love it because our main living room has a high ceiling and the fan is perfect at moving the air around so that the air doesn’t feel stale. We were on vacation for two weeks and we returned we could not get the fan to power on. I called the Home Service Club and they sent out an electrician that determined a problem with the connection. He was able to fix it on the spot.

H DAVIS PEORIA – AZ 01-08-2018

Having five children and a busy schedule, I rely on my Spa to stay relaxed. My husband and I usually take a dip in the warm waters after the kids go to bed. It’s a life saver. Easy to understand why I was so unhappy when the pump stopped working suddenly. I discovered the problem after putting the kids to bed. I entered the claim online that evening. I received a call the next morning, during the baby’s nap time. I’m not completely complaining but calling at 9:30 in the morning during his first nap of the day was not ideal for me. They were calling to set a time for the pool and spal specialist to come out and see the spa. I am not a shy person and I let them know how I felt about that. I am glad that the problem is fixed. I would ask that in the future they are more considerate with call times.


Fast, Friendly and Excellent Service! We had to call recently for our leaky drain pipe.. The plumber was knowledgeable and polite. He explained everything to me and even explained everything to my husband over the phone. He was nice and patient with my kids asking him a million questions! Great service!!


I just want your company to know that I am very pleased with the service I received. The woman that took my claim was very professional & explained everything to me in terms that any regular Joe could understand. The plumber cam on time and cleaned up after he finished. Thanks.

The Home Service Club Contractors

The Home Service Club Contractors

Based on the reviews received from customers of the Home Service Club across the US, we have narrowed down a few reviews of some of their favorite technicians and contractors that provided them great service. All in all, you can connect with the Home Service Club and they are sure to connect you with their network of dedicated contractors.


We bought our home three years ago. This past weekend our heat stopped working. At first I thought it was a problem with the thermostat and so I raised it higher and higher but still no heat. THen I sent my husband down to the basement to check on the furnace. It turned out that the furnace was dead. We immediately filed a claim. The Home Service Club sent a very noice technician, Steve, that explained the problem in layman’s terms. Basically, the transformer and contactor shorted out. Once Steve replaced the parts, the heat was running again.


You never know what can go wrong. The other day, as I was getting ready for work, I went to my closet and the light wouldnt turn on (my closet is on the darker side of our room). I asked my husband to change the bulb. He did and the light still would not turn on. After trying a few more things, we realized that there was a greater underlying issue. I called The Home Service Club on the way to work. They said they would send an electrician. The electrician came out and fixed the issue and we just paid our $95 service fee.


My first experience with filing a claim was when my washer stopped responding to the controls. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. I called to set up a claim, which was surprisingly simple. The lady that handled my claim told me that a technician would call to set up and appointment, Lo and behold, shortly after hanging up with her, I received a call from the technician. The technician figured out that it was a problem with the control board. The washer is back to normal since he replaced the board.


We have been with HSC for a few years now. Most recently, we were having trouble with our gas oven not heating. The tech (barry) came out the next day and figured out that the igniter was faulty. Barry had the part in is car and replaced it for us that day with no issue, We just renewed our warranty.


When my husband turned on the furnace at the beginning of the season, at first it would not start. When it did, it seemed to make a weird buzzing sound. We called The Home Service Club to file a claim. I spoke with Cole, he was empathetic and courteous. Within a half hour I received a call from the technician and arranged for him to come the next day. Tom, the plumbing and heating specialist, figured out the problem. The irregular sound was due to the belt on the motor. Tom replaced the belt and the furnace has been working just fine all winter. Thank goodness we had this warranty.



I have a lot of appliances and so having them covered helps. My grandson was visiting for Sunday brunch. My husband and I do not use the dishwasher as often as we use to but on this occasion we had more dishes that needed cleaning. We discovered that the dishwasher was not working later that day. It seems that the upper section of the dishwasher was perfectly clean while the lower section was almost as dirty as when we put them into the dishwasher. My husband called The Home Service Club and spoke to Scott. Within a 45 minutes we received a call from a technician. The dishwasher was repaired the next day!


So my dryer wouldn’t start. It was very annoying to me because I now had wet laundry drying all over the house! I contacted home service club, not sure what to expect because it was my very first claim. I contemplated calling both them and a technician from yellowpages on my own as well but a technician called my land line to schedule appointment for the following day so I stuck with it. He arrived within the given time window and said it was a common issue with the dryer that I had and that he has seen it a bunch of times. He took a couple of pictures for the warranty company and came back in fifteen minutes after getting the part from his truck and fixed it. We threw in all the damp clothes I had hanging in order to test it and all was fine.


Monday my AC blew out just stopped working in this ATL heat thank the Lord for this warranty they came out and replaced the AC took care of everything. The tech (Mike) did a great job and the young lady in customer service (Jenny) was a great help to me and my family.

MORLY WINOOSKI – VT 03-14-2017

Thanks to Stacey we got our brand new dishwasher few days ago and we got it installed and it is great. She was a big help and we are so happy with her and our new dishwasher

Why Choose The Home Service Club?

Why choose the Home Service Club

The Home Service Club loves to pride themselves on superior customer service which includes quick response time and fast solutions for kinds of customer problems and needs. Here are some of the important aspects as to why Home Service Club stands out from the crowd:

  1. With their loyal and dedicated staff and service providers, you can get you work guaranteed without an additional service call fee.
  2. Constant customer service training to give you only the best in customer satisfaction.
  3. You receive a hands-on monitoring of all repairs when you log into your account online. This is a Home Service Club innovation that was introduced to the industry. Also, this allows you to stay informed and resolve any service issues that could arise in future.
  4. With a great reputation in the industry, they provide nothing but the best in service track record.

Don’t sign up for any home warranty plan. Do a little research and find out if you need the basic or best plan that money can offer. Since the Home Service Club continues to innovate and grow year on year, you are sure to receive excellent service and customer support. Having won the 2018 Editor’s Choice Award, you know that you have a winner in the home warranty business that will go the extra mile to give you the best in service. They are sure to get your problem fixed in no time at all. Do share your thoughts on the Home Service Club and rate them here.


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