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2 service/repair issues the first year in my 13 year old home in Las Vegas, Nevada (water heater & refrigerator not cold). $55 deductible.

Customer service – contact w/HSA through their website. Not much to report on that.
Timeliness – HSA responded Monday morning when water heater broke on Sunday morning… HSA responded 3 hours after refrigerator service call made (weekday).
Repairs – Replaced water heater 2 days later after technician visit. Had to pay $325+deductible for items not covered under warranty… Refrigerator repaired same day.
Overall – only complaint was that service company had to reschedule service for refrigerator repair (1 day). I plan on renewing w/HSA. HSA is good in the Las Vegas area. (warranty companies are only as good as the service companies they use)

(I noticed the complaints about HSA as well as all the other warranty companies. I work in the a/c service industry and run into the same complaints found on this message board. Problem is that people do not read the contract throughly and thus the complaints. You have to have service done on appliances, like your a/c, pool, heater. Items over 10 yrs old will have to be replaced because of technological innovations and the discontinuation of parts for the old units. i.e. you can’t expect a car over 10 yrs old to run well if you don’t service it, plus the older it is, the harder and more $$$ the part would be.)

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Gary Godwin
I have American home shield. I am a disabled vet in east Texas. I called in an emergency request to get my AC fixwslasr week on thursday. they sent a guy out on friday afternoon. He said he had to order parts and that would take a couple of days. I called Mon at 12.o5 pm. He said AHS wont let me do the job because I am not licensed in TX. So now I have to wait another 5 to 7 days, this from the supervisor I spoke with. DO NOT USE THIS CO.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have used American Home Shield, AHS, on all my properties for the last 10 years and for the first time I am highly disapointed. I requested service on my pool heater. The blower was not working properly. The first company they sent out informed me that he could not do the job. Then another company was sent out. The same company that came out earlier this year to replace a motor on my pool. They said they could not do the work because there was a cut off of gas to the pool which created the problem to my blower. Now I never touched any gas switches, but I have names of the companies that came out to do the repairs. Ultimately AHS should take responsibility to make sure the repairs are done properly by the companies they send out to do the work. I own 4 properties. You would think customer service would mean more these days. Signed, Extremely disapointed and looking for a new home warranty company!
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