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Author: Donald Walker

On Aug 11, 2008 I contacted someone named Jeffrey at national home protection located in the city of New York City, NY: 42 West 38th Street 8th floor suite 800 New York, NY 10018. I have two properties in the State of California that I was considering home warranties for. I wanted to know if there were discounts for multiple properties. Jeffrey told me he had special pricing for multiple homes called the “realtor pack “which was 15% off quoted prices with a 45.00 Dollar service call deduction. He told me in order to receive these discounts I had to purchase a minimum three year policy. My main concern was what the policy exclusions were. I call it a policy because that’s how national home protection advertised their service on the internet as an insurance policy.

I asked if I could review the home warranty policy first and Jeffrey told me that once I purchased the policy he would immediately e-mail me a copy of the policy to review and also send me a copy through the U.S. mail that I would receive in about three days, along with 300.00 Dollars in Home Depot gift cards (50.00 per property per year) that were part of a promotional link to their web site and that I had 30 days to review the policy before it went into effect and that I could cancel at any time and keep the gilt cards, and after 30 days I could cancel with a pro-rated refund .I then gave Jeffrey my credit card number over the phone to complete the purchase. On Aug 13, 2008 I checked my e-mail and had not received the policy from Jeffrey, I did receive an e-mail from someone named Victor Hakim Sales Manager at national home protection (nhp) who offered me the same so-called “realtor pack” deal (see attachment #B) that I had just purchased from jeffrey but without the requirements that I was subjected to earlier. I now realized I had been the victim of false and misleading business practices at nhp. On Aug 18, 2008 I finally received the (2) insurance policies. In the mail from nhp and after further review found that Jeffrey misrepresented the facts about their cancellation policies and promotions (I received no home Depot card nor could I cancel the policy at anytime). He clearly committed fraud over the phone. I immediately contacted nhp and spoke to someone who refused to give her name, about cancelling the policies. I was told my request was being forwarded to a manager for review and a decision would take 72 hours then someone would call me. On Aug 20, 2008 I sent two e-mails as a reply to victor hakim about dissatisfaction with nhp and demanded a full refund. I explained that Jeffrey had not explained the terms or conditions to me as stated in their policy, and that as I looked further into their company I found out that it was common for his employees to deceive the public. Further nhp does not make assurances that the public understands their cancellation policies, nor do they provide reasonable time to review or an opportunity sign their policies. My e-mails were never answered.

On Aug 20, 2008 I faxed to nhp a formal notice to cancel all policies and continued to call. All faxes were verified as received. On Aug 22, 2008 I called nhp and again spoke to someone who told me that my cancellation request was still being processed and my final call to nhp was on Aug 25, 2008 when I was told nhp will not accept my request to cancel the policies. It’s very clear based on the sampling of hundreds of complaints which I have enclosed with this letter that National home Protection engages in deceptive business practices to obtain their customers. Consider that fact that a policy that takes seven days to reach a customer via U.S. mail would be impossible to review with three day (72 hour) clause or the fact that nhp employees do not inform their customers of the importance of these conditions and assures that they fully understand them.

Nhp has an extensive history of deception and fraud and has an unsatisfactory rating with every known consumer protection agency, and was doing business under the name of United Home Warranty, and are currently under criminal investigation in the state of New Jersey for consumer fraud. They have now changed their name to National Home warranty and are currently doing business in the state of New York.
Their customers are being denied service for no reason, hundreds of customers never receiving their (Home Depot) promotions and cancellation requests denied.

I hope this information will encourage you to do what’s necessary to protect thousands of Americans from consumer fraud and deception by National home Protection as witnessed at:
1. Complaints.com 6.Abclocal.go.com
2. Scams.com 7.The squeakwheel.com
3. My3cents.com 8.Consumeraffairs.com
4. Complaintboard.com 9.thestuccocompany.com
5. Ripoffreport.com 10.viewpoint.com

Additional advice about home warranty:
Home appliance warranty coverage varies and you should be aware that not all home appliances and furnitures are covered. While Kitchen electronics, and electrical system are covered, storage cabinets, ceiling fans, and furniture repairs are generally not covered

Recent Comments
Mark Johnson
we were a contractor for national home protection never have been paid and have warrants the above owners
It is time for justice to prevail. Covering up poor workmanship of Concord Pacific by National Home Warranty Group does lots of harm. We do understand you in buisness to make money,but you had stated that you have to be fair to both sides. Are you Bobby? Why did you missinformed your superiors to show a complete different picture that you had find in our condo. How much do you know about construction to make the dessitions. What are your quilifications to make desitin that effect customer health. What happened to the reports we intitled to. Who gives you the right to play with customers life. Aviva insurance ownes National home warranty neglected our calls and emails. Please read your advertising. Is it complete lie? Proof that you care about customers concerns. So far you failed as it states in BBB records. Ray Windsor please investigate the unfair reports of Bobby Colburn and Brian Rice to Hpo Robert Maling in regards to reports of Theodor Sterling Associates. You have the knlidge that this company is not set up to do the test in the condo. We have two verifications of this facts. How come it was irelevent to Bobby. We can respond. It was the easiest way to close the file to accomplice your goal. Ray may be the system works for you but not for your customers. We fill you put us down. We never had a chance to choose you but trust if we hear your name in the future we are out of the deal. We found National Home Group Inc very unprofesional, denying all claims. What ever been done never been inspected before the end or during or after the compliciation of poor workmanship and chip materials used. Customer concerns is the abuse for your company. It is time for change. Do you read what your customers fill about your practises? Do you care Aviva insurance?
BOOOO to National Home Warranty In Vancouver BC
national home warranty group inc
We going threw huge problems dealing with National home Warranty Group inc in Canada. Company just was bought by Aviva Insurance. We found company not honest and have lots of proof. We send e mail to Aviva with no respond. Our phone calls with supervisor haven't been returned. We have been assulted by Bobby Colburn and director of claims who reported to Homeowner protection office that they found animal urine in our condo,just to show the idea about our living. What a liers you are. Bobby emailed to Karen from Concord Pacific let her know "Do what ever you can and we will close the files" what about customer satisfaction . They prooved they care less. The statement that we will never make him happy does not have backing. The poor quality of workmanship and materials by Concord Pacific Group Inc is the main reason of customer complain. Time to take the responsibility and stop covering the builder. National Home Warranty Does not have clue how much negative inpact they produce. We been denied any evidence information we intitled to by rules and regulations. Any Mechanical reports and Building construction manager who attended the site because of major problems never issued a report. You know it is not true. It is a cover up of builders negligence and tells us DO not trust National Home Warranty group Inc. Shame on you.
Earl C
They are a scam. Go here for more info and make a complaint. http://www.oag.state.ny.us/media_center/2009/apr/apr27a_09.html
mike jalalian
To whom it my concern ,I Barbara Gascon at 6052 -114 th ave n. pinellas park fl 33782 am canceling my policy with today 6-9-09 your not to take any more money from my bank accountas of today 6/9/09 thank you Barbara Gascon
Kent Harrison
Jonathan Bradbury is a liar. The Dept of Insurance in AZ is investigating NHP. The TX attorney General is also. Ocean Township NJ is investigating too. Come on Jonathan, you know your company is a fraud and used to operate in NJ. Please explain why you don't operate in TX anymore. Also, I won a lawsuit in TN against your company, because I was defrauded and when I tried to collect the 3 attorneys I spoke to in New York city said that your company has several unpaid judgements against it. Please explain this. Thank you Kent Harrison Collierville TN
Jonathan Bradbury
Response to Donald Walker: I work for National Home Protection. I want to clear a few things up. First, we are not United Home Warranty. Second, we have not changed our name to National Home Warranty. Third, we are not being investigated for fraud by any government agency. Fourth, there is a link to our terms of coverage on every page of our website. Your claim that salesperson forced you to purchase prior to allowing you to see the terms is clearly untrue. Fifth, according to our records you did not call to cancel within the 30 day time frame. Sixth, you didn't receive your home depot rebates because you disputed payment on your account. If you have any additional questions please email me @ [email protected]
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