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Home Warranty Companies Market Share

Recently Warranty Week Newsletter published a report on home warranty companies market share in U.S. While it is not clear how the estimates were made and what assumptions were in place, the estimated numbers seem to be in the ballpark and must give an approximate idea where the companies stand.

With 41% market share, American Home Shield leads the pack followed by First American (11%), Old Republic (8.3%), CCHS (6%), 2-10 HBW (5.3%), and Fidelity (4.3%). It is interesting to note that the major service providers account for only 76% of the market. According to the report, remaining 24% of the market is shared by small companies and half of which are Internet scam companies which have no credibility whatsoever.


Here is the breakdown of home warranty companies market share :

Company Name Market Share (%)
American Home Shield by Service Master 41
First American Home Buyers Protection 11
Old Republic Home Protection Co. Inc. 8.3
Cross Country Home Services (HMW) 6
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Corp 5.3
Fidelity National Home Warranty Co. 4.3
Dominion Products and Services Inc. 3.7
Home Service USA Corp. 3.3
American Water Resources Inc. 3.3
Home Security of America (HSA) 2.1
Service America Enterpirse 2.0
Home Warranty of America – HWA 1.7
Land America – BHW 1.5
Broward Factory Service – BFS Less than 1%
Allied Home Warranty Less than 1%
The Warranty Group (ServicePlan) Less than 1%
Warrantech Home Service Less than 1%
Nations Preferred Home Warranty Less than 1%
American Home Gaurdian Less than 1%
America’s Preferred Home Warranty Less than 1%
HISCO Home Warranty Less than 1%
Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Less than 1%
Home Warranty Inc. Less than 1%
RAM Home Warranty (Rehak) Less than 1%
U.S. Home Protective Association Less than 1%
Nicor Services Less than 1%
Others 5%

The $1.5 billion home warranty industry was hit by the real estate downturn and but looking at the growth chart, 2009 was not a bad year. The growth was flat for the last 2 years, but the industry did not experience any negative growth unlike the real estate market.

You can read the home warranty market share report at their website

You can refer to home warranty companies and their offers on our website as well.


Recent Comments
I can certainly understand the issues with a lot of these companies because I'm in the industry. It's really sad to read these things as I know our company tries it's best to make sure that customer priority is #1 and second to none. The unique thing about our company though is that we offer so much more than just a warranty. Under one package we include a home maintenance plan, mortgage and rent protection, emergency cash, emergency lodging, roadside assistance, travel benefits, a complimentary well card and so much more for one low monthly rate. Our package is the ABSOLUTE BEST benefits package on the market because of companies that simply can not get it right...
OMG! We just bought a home with a warranty from Americas Preferred and the air conditioner doesnt work. I am not happy. May have to sue the previous owner.
"America's Preferred Home Warranty, Inc." is NOT WORTH THE PARER IT'S PRINTED ON. We just bought a house (2 months)and the seller included this warranty. Since we have moved in, there have been three problems that would have been covered BUT they would not cover it! Either the claim was not finished, they lost the claim, or the stars did not align, etc. Ever time I have called them for clarification they begin to interrupt and argue with me. Every time I have called them my plumber or electrician has been listening on the call and is left shaking his head...just a warning to all those out there considering these folks. Not a good experience.
shane herrema
I had a terrible experience!! America's Home Warranty Inc. is a Marketing Scam. They looked for every way not to pay the claim rather than dealing with it. 1. Denied a pinhole leak repair in plumbing as they were not called first. REALLY.. you want me to call you first when water is pouring onto my hardwood floors! Minor $181 repair claim. 2. Denied same part of claim where plumber had to cut thru the drywall to get to the pipe. Calling it secondary damage..REALLY?! was he supposed to use his magic repair wand? Again minor claim $950 drywall and paint denied. I had to deal with the office at Jackson, mi.
Rodney Harrison
When, in the midst of one of if not the hottest summers ever here our a/c condenser went belly up overnight, on a Friday, I had deep concerns. When the person my wife spoke with at Cross Country turned out top be something of a female dog, I figured we were in for a fight. When I checked the internet for complaints against Cross Country I was REALLY concerned. By the time Monday morning rolled around, after Saturday and Sunday hit the upper 90's, I expected to spend the rest of the summer in the little rubber pool to keep cool. However, the repair man arrived on time, and after a very short time informed me that a. he had already located the problem, b. he might be able to make a temporary fix that might last til the parts came in ( he did, it held) and c. it was a relative simple fix. Friday he returned and in little over half an hour our a/c was operating better than it had for years. I absolutely must give this guy a thumbs up and thank you. Can't read his handwriting and I didn't press him for details since it WAS so hot, so I don't even know his name. This seems the least I can do.
Bad Hisco Home Warranty! Bad! Cancelled our policy without letting us know they did so. Also did not let us know why we were cancelled. Avoid Hisco Home Warranty.
Mark Ringwald
Cross Country is bad. Do not let ur mortgage companies scam you into buying this. They do not pay a thing!
Rick Rawlings
Cross Country is a joke! They will NOT cover anything. My AC went out and they would not replace it because the coil was rusted out. It only covers normal wear & tear. Really? Hello Attorney Gen's office!
George Mansa
Beware of Cross Country Home Services (HMW)- they will do everything possible not to cover a claim when you need it. Shop around, some are not AS BAD as the others.
HWR Team
Chris - thanks for reporting the error. We have made the corrections. I don't think it was fair to say it was consistently inaccurate.
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