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How To Pick The Best Home Warranty For Your Client


Real estate agents have several responsibilities to make sure that their clients are guaranteed the best services while buying a new home. One of the important duties for estate agents is to ensure that customers receive a good home warranty package to protect their systems and appliances in the future. 

But choosing the best home warranty is not an easy task since there are many players operating in the market today. The trick is to understand the customer’s needs and combine them with the perfect home warranty plan. This post tells you how to choose the right home warranty for your client.

Here Are Some Important Factors to Consider

(1)  Understand the Requirements of the Client & Property 

Determine the customer’s needs, budget, and the age of the home’s systems and appliances. If the devices in the home are fairly new, you can discuss it with the client and opt for a basic coverage option. If it is an older home with age-old devices, choose a comprehensive coverage plan, that covers all the devices, since they are subject to faster wear and tear. 

You and the client can also sit down together, and list out all the devices that require coverage. Based on the list you can opt for customized plans, that covers the devices you solely want protection for. 

Also, caution the client about pre-existing conditions as many home warranty companies do not cover these appliances. Once you have a clear picture of the client’s budget, and the condition of the devices, choose the perfect plan.

(2) Speak to Your Client about DIY Repairs      

If your client likes to get their hands dirty and repair devices on their own, speak to them about DIY repairs. If the customer is experienced with DIY repairs, ask them what devices they are comfortable repairing. Smaller appliances can be repaired using a DIY approach but many systems and appliances require the expertise of experienced professionals. Talk to your client about this, and list down the devices that they can repair. 

Once the list is prepared, check out the heavy appliances that can not get fixed through the DIY approach. Opt for a coverage plan that covers all the heavy appliances, so that the client does not have to worry about these adjustments. 

(3) Assess the Company’s Contractor Network

Many home warranty companies do have a vast contractor network of experienced technicians throughout the country. Choose a company, with a large contractor network, so that your client receives top-notch service and quality repairs.

(4) Check the Home Warranty Policy & Contract Before Finalizing

At any given point in time, a customer may want to cancel their home warranty plan or transfer it. Check if the company you are choosing offers such a service without charging any additional cost. Good home warranty companies do offer such services at minimal or no cost. It is also vital that before signing up for a contract you help the client to understand the different nuances of the home warranty contract. 

(5) Learn From Other’s Experiences

Talk to people in the neighborhood about their experiences with home warranty companies. Reading other people’s reviews online can also be extremely beneficial. Once you get a better understanding of the good home warranty companies in the neighborhood choose the best. You must also make sure to choose a company for your client that offers 24/7 customer care so that your client can reach out to them at any time.

Now that you know how to pick a good home warranty package, you must know the top home warranty companies in the market.

Here’s the List  

  • American Home Shield
  • The Home Service Club
  • Select Home Warranty
  • Choice Home Warranty
  • America’s Preferred Home Warranty
  • ServicePlus Home Warranty
  • First American Home Warranty
  • Home Warranty of America
  • HSA Home Warranty
  • OneGuard Home Warranty

Ensure to learn more details about the plans, price, and coverage offered by these companies since they are the top players in the industry today. This will help you set your eyes on the perfect company for your client.

Closing Words

 Never make a hasty decision, and always include your client when you are finalizing a company, make sure to take his/her opinion in the final choice. At the end of the day, a good home warranty package is an investment for your client. Make sure your client receives the best and only the best. 

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