HSA Home Warranty Responds to Criticism

Home warranty companies take lot of heat from consumers especially on reviews sites like ours. Consumers think home warranty plans provide blanket coverage just like auto insurance. But these are different kinds of insurance products. Chances of your appliances needing repair are much more than your car getting involved in a road accident, although premium you pay is about the same. So, obviously insurance companies have to make some profit to stay alive and that is why there are small print clauses that exclude certain conditions. Not many people will read the contract and will be surprised when their claims are rejected. As pointed out by Mr. Lehmann below, positive experiences are less likely to be talked about and many reviews here on this site are overly negative.


The president and CEO of HSA Home Warranty has responded to the criticism and negative reviews on this site. We appreciate home warranty companies coming out and explaining the facts. We also think they need to ensure home owners understand the product terms before signing the contract. Homeowners warranty is one of those products that needs little bit of consumer education.
Here is the complete response –

I feel that I have to respond to the comments that I read on this blog. I have been the president of this company for 25 years. It disturbs me to read these comments when I know that we work so diligently to deliver the best service that we possibly can. Unfortunately, the individuals who post their opinions are overwhelmingly those that feel that they were treated unfairly. I think that some statistics might be helpful to those individuals who read this site. We have 100 opinions posted on this site. Of those, approximately 25 are people who had a good experience and wish to share it. All others express negative comments. This is out of almost 85,000 people who filed claims with us last year. So you are hearing from far less than 1% of our claimants on this site. What you don’t hear is from the 85% plus who had claims and were very satisfied.

Furthermore, over 40% of our business comes from renewal customers who thought highly enough of our product and service to renew their warranty coverage. In other words a huge majority of our customers are very satisfied with their coverage and keep their warranty coverage with us for a long period of time.

While I applaud the high satisfaction rates of some of our competitors, you might notice that they do not have very many opinions registered. That is possibly because they only conduct business in a single community or state. The national companies, like HSA, have a more challenging situation in that they cover the entire country from Fargo, ND, to Abilene, TX to Philadelphia, PA to Orlando Florida. It is a tremendous challenge to form a network of vendors that covers the entire country. With this challenge comes some variance in the quality of service contractors performing the repairs. We do our best, every day, to bring on high quality service people. However, the alternative is no warranty protection if your community is smaller, more rural, or difficult to access.

There are those who complain that they had to wait several days in high heat or extreme cold to have their furnace or air conditioner repaired or replaced. If you look in your yellow pages you may notice that there are a finite number of companies who do this work. When there is a heat spike or a heavy freeze they are under tremendous pressure to accomplish all of the repairs. Whether you have a home warranty or not, it is likely that you will have to wait to get your repair work done. In fact, we believe that we do get repair people to you faster than if you did not have a warranty, because we send these companies a lot of business and have service contracts in place to establish high expectations with our service people.

Further, if you need a rare part or a new unit, we might be able to get them faster than the local company because we often buy directly from the manufacturer. Still there are only so many service companies and it takes time to get to you when there are weather extremes in your area. We also have a service guaranty in our contract that ensures we will respond to your service request in a timely manner or we will let you contact a vendor outside of our network to ensure fast service. Our people do their very best to bring you the fastest service possible. It is in our best interest to have satisfied customers.


Our CSR’s are monitored and trained on a daily basis. All telephone calls are recorded. We review these for quality assurance purposes and if there is a complaint about “rudeness” we listen to the call and review it with the CSR. As we review these we frequently find that the “rudeness” may have occurred after a customer became irate, abusive or profane with the CSR. We do instruct them to end the call if they are subject to extremely abusive language or profanity. The CSR’s are nearly always friendly, courteous and helpful. If not, they are retrained. If that is unsuccessful, further corrective action is taken up to and including termination.

With this response I pledge that all complaints about our service surfaced on this site will be fully reviewed to be sure the proper claim decision was made. While there are times when customers are upset that our contract terms do not allow us to cover every claim, I am confident that we stand by our service experience and address problems as they arise.

Some customers complain about being non-renewed after a claim. On average, we pay 1.1 claims per contract. That’s our business. We pay claims and provide service to people. However, you may have seen allusions to receiving $10,000 in claims. Obviously we cannot pay that kind of money out on every warranty. These individuals usually have eight to twenty claims. If we did renew this type of property, the cost of the warranty would be raised very high for everyone else and make the product less available to consumers who need the budget protection our warranty provides. We also will non-renew for persistent abusive or profane language and for behavior we consider unethical. Just as you have the choice of warranty providers, we have the ability to choose not to do business with individuals who exhibit this type of behavior.

Some complaints are about hold times. We continually strive to improve our hold times. In these economic times longer hold times are a problem. You may have experienced them with airlines, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, etc. We are actually pleased that we have been able to keep the standards that we have and even improve our hold times in several target areas. We have not moved to a foreign call center or outsourced our call center operation. All of your calls are answered here in the United States by HSA employees trained in the values of our organization. They take tremendous pride in providing you industry leading customer service.

I wrote this letter because I could not tolerate without response the people who call us thieves, liars and con men. We work very hard to deliver the best service and coverage that we can with integrity and fairness, and have done so for 25 years. We judge our success by the number of people who renew their warranty coverage with us year after year. These are the more than 85 percent of our customers who file a legitimate service request and receive fair and prompt service. If that were not true we could not keep our customers.
Robert Lehmann – CEO & President of HSA Home Warranty


Recent Comments
Ron Drago
The president is either a liar (heard that one recently) or he doesn't have a clue what is going on in his own company. Excuses while customers suffer. 1 complaint is 1 too many. His employees are rude, hardly answer and NEVER call back. They even lie about "THE CHECKS IN THE MAIL". Terrible company, I only have them because I was offered them when I purchased my home. If they do end up coming through, the WILL make you suffer along the way. Keep far away from them.
Danielle Leger
Yep yep yep. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The response to criticism written by the president wouldn't have been necessary if the service HSA provides was in accordance to the money we paid to have it. Our issue was not due to a misunderstanding of coverage - we can read a contract and we can submit an online claim and we can dial a telephone number. My husband and I collectively have 4 college degrees and 2 professional certifications, so we are not idiots. Our issues were due mainly to an inability to contact anyone in your organization to file a claim, a lack of response to my email pleas, incredibly long hold times on the phone, a lack of response to our online claim requests, and an incredible amount of stalling and delay tactics. It took 5 months, a complaint filed with the BBB, a complaint filed with the SC Dept. of Insurance and threat of legal action to get HSA to provide the service we paid for. Yet it still took 5 months to decide to replace our broken dishwasher and stove. Please read these reviews carefully and research other companies. There is no excuse for this company's behavior. Good luck!
michael wardell
Don't waste your money here. They will do everything in their power to not fix your problem and when they do, their contractors are 'powerless' to move things along, and HSA states that's just how long it takes. BS! My A/C went out on the 27th of June 2016 and I called the following day. The Tech 'couldn't' come out until the 30th and assess the problem. Bad Coil and needed to be replaced. It's the 8th of July 2016 and I'm tentatively scheduled on the 12th of July, 2016 for the install because the part takes that long to be ordered, shipped, and received. Again BS. I called another heating and A/C company in town (Marietta, Ga., suburb of Atlanta, Ga.) and they told me I could have it done tomorrow the 9th of July, 2016. Yes it would have cost me some $$ but it would have been less than the premiums that I've paid for the last two years, and I would have had A/C. for the last two weeks. It's July in Georgia and my wife is 36 weeks pregnant, and we work from Home. Would Robert Lehmann – CEO & President of HSA Home Warranty buy his own product and put up with this? I think not, you shouldn't either. Buyer BEWARE!
Lorraine Baysek
HSA has been purchased by American Home Sheild. Since that time I have waited days to just get an address for Reimbursing the $1700 I paid out of pocket to repair my roof. My roofer tried unsuccessfully for days to caontct them. Today is Wednesday, June 29, 2016. I have been on the phione since Monday June 27 trying to get a reimbursement address. Think about it. If I had an active problem requiring assistance I couldn't get through. If you are having similar problems. I considering a complaint to the Attorney Generals in both Virginia, Tennessee & Iowa. This company might just be working very hard at failing to provide service, but still taking our fees. TT
I have been with HSA for a few years, never having major problems. Today services sent me into a rage, I asked them to canceled my contract. I didn't cancel because of the poor services, I canceled because of the dishonest that was done to me. I waited hours Friday 17 June 2016 for someone to answer my called. Finally, someone answer and I explained my A/C unit had went out and could they find someone who do emergency work order. This weekend inPhoenix, AZ is setting records for how hot it's going to be. We didn't have any luck finding no one, I called back Saturday morning June 18, 2016 and waited for ever on the phone. The customer service lady tell me that she wasn't able to get no one out until Tuesday. She told me that I can look for someone and she would continue to call other companies. I could not bear this heat anymore so I find someone to repair my A/C unit. The job was done and completed flawless. Later. After the job. Was complete, HSA left a voicemail. Saying they had found a company to do the job, I called to tell them that I had the job taken care of. The HSA custom service rep said she didn't see notes or the authorization for me to find someone to do the job. I do not have time for games, it's too damn hot in this desert for this. If I can't trust a company to have my best interest then I don't need them. Sad, Sad..........
I have 4 properties with them. I Just Found OUT ONE Did not renew like the rest did, because they said they didn't have my contact details !! I've been with them for several years with multiple properties.... now I've got a hot water tank that needs to be serviced yet no coverage because they didn't renew my coverage because they don't know my contact details !!! I'll be moving all my business on renewals. Stay clear.
Stacy Bernotas
This is one corrupt company. Been trying to get money for my Ac for month now. I paid out of pocket to fix it cause there contractors are as corrupt as them telling me i need to pay to change everything that is not covered but yet is up to code. They wanted me to pay more for uncovered stuff i dont need then what hsa was gona pay the contractor to do work.
This company is a disgrace I filed a claim and before do that I call no one but three times to ensure everything was correct.Finally I paid for my repair and send the full bill paid copy to them wait for a month to receive my reimbursement still waiting waiting the customer service is suck.I tell them the only you want is collect money I don't recommend HSA are liars and only stolen your hard work obtain Mon.
HSA is the absolute worst company. I highly recommend you check into better more reliable home warranty options. On Saturday April 16, 2016 our water heater went out. HSA says April 21, 2016 is the soonest we can have a new one installed. I'm a husband and father of 2 girls one is 2 and the other 3 years old. On what universe is it hygienic or acceptable to go almost 5 days without hot water. Who is going to bathe 2 babies in ice cold water or laundry or clean dishes or take a shower after work in frigid water. I've called multiple plumbing companies that accept HSA work orderso and have the water heater in stock and can install today April 18, 2016. HSA claims that no hot water and 2 small children are sufficient reasons to expedite service. So for yourself and your family's health and well being please find a better more reliable home warranty option.
Brian K
We agree with everyone that has left a comment. We have tried to speed the word on Yelp, Facebook, and other social media, but it does not appear to be helping! Trust me when I say we would never purchase a home warranty from HSA, but unfortunately the warranty came with the home we bought. Since we all agree on the poor customer service, slow payback, and not really getting anything for the money... why does this company still manage to do business? It is apparent that they have taken the approach that they don't care... people will need us, and if they don't like they can go somewhere else. That is truly sad because I remember when people took pride in helping others and making things right. Let's get rid of this company, boycott, and spread the word by any means. Feel free to contact me, or use my thoughts... not that they are great, but we have had nothing but a BAD EXPERIENCE with this company HSA.
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