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Review on PSE & G’s WorryFree, NJ Service

Public Service Enterprise Group (PSE&G) is an energy company headquartered in New Jersey. They also have a host of products meant for homeowners across NJ. Here, we will be reviewing their appliance repair services.

WorryFree is an appliance protection plan covering a range of heating, cooling and appliance repair/replacement services. The protection plans are offered by PSE&G to New Jersey residents. The company claims that customers who move to Worry Free protection, experience peace of mind and budget protection.

Services Included in the WorryFree Protection Plan

  • Repair services when an appliance breaks down.
  • Replacement services when it is time to buy a NEW heating, cooling or water heating equipment.
  • Contracts for household appliances when you wish to enhance your coverage.

Repair services

The company is said to have a large team of skilled contractors who provide efficient repair services. Here is the list of heating and cooling devices PSE&G WorryFree plan repairs for you.

  • Gas Furnace/Boiler repairs
  • Central Air Conditioning repairs
  • Gas and Electric Water Heater repairs
  • Refrigerator repairs
  • Gas and Electric Range/Stove repairs
  • Dishwasher repairs
  • Washing Machine repairs
  • Gas and Electric Dryer repairs
  • Gas Grill repairs
  • Gas Pool Heater repairs
  • Gas Outdoor Lamp repairs
  • Gas Fireplace Log repairs
  • Gas Space Heater repairs
  • Heat Pump repairs
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling System repairs

To schedule a repair service, customers can simply visit their website and place a call to the customer service center number provided onsite. After providing all the relevant information, the representative will then schedule the appointment at the earliest.

Replacements services

All NJ customers receive replacement services when they sign up for the WorryFree plan. To avail this service, customers must call up the company to get a free estimate and information about the various replacement options. Customers may even qualify for N.J state rebates up to $900. For further details, readers are requested to visit their website.

Business protection services

PSE&G also offers business protection to N.J. business customers. A WorryFree Business Heating Protection Plan is said to be one that provides fast service when you are in need. It covers your water heater (gas) PLUS one gas boiler furnace OR one rooftop gas heating unit.
The company claims that you can avail additional benefits like the following:

  • Dependable coverage for repair service and certain parts that manufacturers’ warranties often omit.
  • Zero deductible or labor charge to replace covered parts.
  • Zero price increases because your appliances are aging.
  • No exclusions based on make or model.
  • Fast response for repair work from New Jersey’s largest fleet of appliance repair trucks.
  • Online account access and scheduling – 24/7!


Reviews and feedback reported about the WorryFree plans by PSE&G are mixed to positive, with positive reviews being reported more often. Like most companies that sell home warranty services and products, PSE&G too will have their own set of hurdles. On the whole, the plans seem to be as good as warranty plans provided by other reputable companies. However, since warranty needs vary from person to person, only a customer can make a choice on whether the plans are suited for his needs or not. We suggest that our readers visit the website of PSE&G to gather further information about their plans and services before you make a purchase

Contact PSE&G

Official website:
Contact number: 800-4367734
35 Journal Square Suite #2, Jersey City, NJ 07306 (corner of Bergen and Newkirk St.)
317 George St. New Brunswick, NJ 08901



Recent Comments
I had been paying PSEG worry free contract for long time. Cancelled all my contracts seems worthless, better off saving the money for the next new appliance. if minor things happens they fix it. anything major like my fridge compressor. they are not doing it.
I have paid for their service for 8 years and used them once to unclog a condensation line. When My AC went down on Memorial Day weekend it was a comedy of errors. You cant make this stuff up. I called the for service and they arrived Saturday morning. The outside condenser fan is working, but the compressor will not start. The rep replaced some capacitors, and proceeded to tell me the service disconnect needs to be replaced because the compressor will not come on. So the service disconnect is replaced by electrician. So after the disconnect is replaced the compressor will come on but the fan will not come on. So PSE&G comes back two days later and they cannot get the fan to come on. So they tell me the fan needs to be replaced. So they order a new fan motor. The fan motor does not arrive until Thursday. You would think they would call me to tell me the motor is in and when they will be out. That's not how it works. I needed to call them and schedule them to come back out. Fortunately they were able to come out the next day Friday. So it has been a full 7 days, and we still do not know if the AC will work. So the tech comes back out on Friday and it is raining. Said he cannot work in the rain. Said if he had know the fan motor was for the outside unit he would have cancelled the appointment. so now he is scheduled to come back out on Monday. and this is where we stand. So my recommendation is save your money, and work with an independent HVAC repair person.
had worry free for many years, near worthless!! read the fine print. "subject to parts availability, not all parts are covered" what that means is, any machine over 10 years old they most likely will not have the parts for!! Happened to me ,paid for coverage year after year , then when I started having trouble with washer, dryer, stove ,fridge they came and told me the parts are unavailable! This was between years 10-13 of appliance life. only service I would contract with them is the furnace, that I hear they cover parts up to 20 years or more? also very expensive and you need someone right away.
I have had the Worry Free service for years and have used it time and time again without any problems or complaints. Last night 3-7-2015 came home and the heater was out. I called today 3-8-2015 at 9:30 am and by 2:30 the tech was here, diagnosed the problem, had the part and in a total of about 35 minutes had my heat back on my to the delight of my wife and kids. I have seen a lot of complaints about the Worry Free service but in my opinion they have spent more on my repairs than I have for the service.
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