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First American Home Warranty Vs. Select Home Warranty


We receive many quote requests for First American Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty on our site. This is not surprising considering both companies are constant features on our Top 10 list. If you’re wondering which company is the better option, we have written a detailed comparative analysis to help you choose the best.


First American Home Warranty was established in 1974 and has served more than half a million customers. The company’s plan pricing is affordable despite the high coverage limits they offer compared to industry standards. They have garnered a loyal customer base over the years. This service provider offers its services in 35 US states.

A New Jersey-based company, Select Home Warranty, was founded in 2012. Despite its relatively new entry into the home warranty scene, Select Home Warranty has won several accolades and awards for its services. They offer home warranty services in 46 states in the US.

Take a look at how FAHW and SHW compare with each other based on the following criteria –



Basic Plan, Premier Plan
Bronze Care, Gold Care, Platinum Care
yearly cost
recall period
fees deductible
Available 24/7
Available 24/7
Years in

Coverage Comparison of FAHW & SHW

Your home warranty coverage should be comprehensive and customizable to get the best protection for your home. Let’s take a look at First American Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty’s coverage options and analyze how they compare in that regard.

The following table lists items from First American Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty’s most comprehensive plans.

Items First American
Home Warranty
Home Warranty
AC, Cooling
Heating System
Plumbing system
Plumbing Stoppages
Electrical System
Water Heater
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Ceiling Fan
Trash Compactor
Central Vacuum System
Optional Coverage
Central Vacuum
Lawn Sprinkler System
Pool/ Spa
Roof Leak
Septic System
Stand-alone Freezer
Well Pump
Sump Pump
First Class Upgrade
Additional Refrigeration
HVAC Tune-up
Central Air Conditioning (Electric)

The standard coverage of both FAHW and SHW misses out on a couple of items that the other covers. Even in the optional coverage department, both companies cover an equal number of items. Declaring a winner here is not possible as it comes down to individual preference and which coverage you’d prefer more. You can also choose from their other plans if you are looking for limited coverage.

First American Home Warranty:

They have two plans – Basic Plan and Premier Plan. The Basic Plan provides coverage to the appliances in your home. On the other hand, the Premier Plan, which is considered FAHW’s best-value option, offers coverage toThe company offers extended coverage and dollar limits in their First Class Upgrade option.The company offers extended coverage and dollar limits in their First Class Upgrade option.

Select Home Warranty:

The company offers three plans with varying levels of coverage – Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care. The Bronze Care plan covers the appliances in your home, the Gold Care plan covers the systems, and the Platinum Care is the most comprehensive plan covering both systems and appliances.

Plans & Price Comparison of FAHW & SHW

The price of a home warranty is an essential factor when considering purchasing a home warranty. We have listed the pricing information of FAHW and SHW for comparison. The table below consists of plan pricing, deductibles , and coverage caps of both companies.

Here are the details for First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty
Basic Plan $38
Premier Plan $48.50
TCF $85
Appliance Limit $3,500
System Limit $1,500/ $500

Here are the details for Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty With Discount
Bronze Care $57 $41
Gold Care $57 $41
Platinum Care $63 $47
TCF $60
Plumbing, Electrical, and Appliance Limit $500
Heating or Cooling Equipment Limit $2000

The average rates of Select Home Warranty are higher than First American Home Warranty. However, Select Home Warranty usually has discounts and offers running, making the prices more affordable.

The Trade Call Fee or deductible of First American Home Warranty is higher than Select Home Warranty. You should note that Select’s deductible option varies depending on the location.

Special Features of First American Home Warranty & Select Home Warranty

Most home warranty companies have special benefits, offers, or discounts running to appeal to potential customers. This section lists any such features that First American Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty may have to offer.

First American Home Warranty

FAHW notes the importance of regularly changing and replacing your air filters to reduce your energy bills and ensure that the air you breathe is healthy. The company has partnered with Filterjoy to deliver their customers new air filters. New customers can get their first set of filters for free by using a FAHW code.

Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty regularly runs discounts and deals on its website. The company is currently running a Father’s Day sale offering $150 off, free roof coverage, and free overall coverage for two months. Select also runs limited-time offers where they sell their plans at reduced prices

Policies of First American Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty

Home warranty policies are service contracts that list the company’s regulations about various aspects. This section will detail FAHW and SHW’s policies on claims processing & customer service, renewal and transfer, and cancelation.

First American Home Warranty

Take a look at First American Home Warranty’s claims, renewal, and cancelation processes.


Claims & Customer Service

First American Home Warranty has a quick approval rate for replacements. The FAHW’s network comprises prescreened and skilled service technicians that diagnose and repair your broken item.

Here is how you file a claim with FAHW:

  • Call the 24-hour customer service hotline/phone number or log into the website to put in your service request
  • A service contractor will be assigned within 48h of claim confirmation, with the visit scheduled at your convenience
  • The trade call fee of $85 is to be paid by you. The company has a recall period of 30 days if the problem recurs

FAHW has a Homeowner Center that is a dedicated space for customers to place service requests, track your request status, coverage limits of your contract, and more.



Like most home warranty companies, the coverage term of your FAHW contract is also 12 months. You don’t need to do anything specific to renew your coverage, as the contract will be automatically renewed. If you do not want to renew your FAHW contract, you need to write to the company 30 days before the expiration of your contract.


Transfer & Cancellation

You can transfer FAHW’s contract to the new owner when you sell your home. You need to inform the company about the change of ownership and submit the name and details of the new owner by calling the company.

With respect to cancellation, you can cancel your FAHW contract in the 30-day review period and receive a full refund. If you want to cancel your contract after the 30-day waiting period or in the middle of the coverage term, you will have to submit a cancellation request in writing to cancellationsupport@firstam.com. You will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the unexpired contract term minus a $50 administration fee and other service costs.

The company can terminate your contract in case of nonpayment of fees or misrepresentation of facts.

Select Home Warranty

We have listed how Select Home Warranty works, their claims, renewal, transfer, and cancelation policies in this section.


Claims & Customer Service

Reviews of many Select Home Warranty customers suggest that the service offered by the company is helpful. Customer support is available 24/7. You should file a claim for repair or replacement within three days of discovering the malfunction. Here is how Select Home Warranty’s claims process works –

  • Call Select Home Warranty’s phone number or go to the website to submit your claim.
  • Select Home Warranty will assign an independent service technician to come over and repair your system/appliance within two business days or four business days over the weekend.
  • If you want to acquire the services of a private technician unrelated to Select Home Warranty, you must get prior authorization from the home warranty company.
  • Select’s Service Call fee will have to be paid by you to the company or contractor. However, the cost of repair or replacement will be borne by them.


For renewing your contract, you need to get in touch with a Select Home Warranty representative before your coverage period ends. The representative will inform you of any new rates or terms of coverage. You should note that it is up to the company’s discretion whether they renew your contract or not.

If you choose the monthly payment option and Select chooses to renew your home warranty contract, they’ll inform you of the rate and coverage terms during the tenth month of your contract. SHW automatically renews your contract in the case of annual coverage unless you notify the company in writing 30 days before the contract expiration.


Transfer & Cancellation

You may call 855.267.3532 to inform the company or to find out further information on transferring your contract.

If you cancel your contract within the first 30 days, you will be eligible for a full refund. If you choose to cancel your contract after the first month, you will get a prorated refund at the non-discounted annual plan cost. You will also be charged a $75 administrative fee and any service costs incurred by the company because of you.

Pros and Cons Of First American Home Warranty & Select Home Warranty

Home warranties have their share of benefits and drawbacks that you need to take into account before purchasing. We have listed a few pros and cons of FAHW and SHW in the table below for our comparative analysis.

First American Home Warranty

Pros Cons
24/7 Claims Service Limited range of add-ons
Comprehensive Plans Doesn’t Offer AC as part of standard coverage
Online Homeowner Center Nationwide service unavailable
Generous Coverage Limits Doesn’t cover roof leaks
Decades of Experience N/A

Select Home Warranty

Pros Cons
Free 30-day trial period Doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions
Recipient of HWR’s Editor’s Choice and Best in Service Awards Not available nationwide
24/7 customer service Complaints about unexpected costs
Free Roof Coverage May charge multiple service fees if there are multiple repairs of one item

Standout Features of First American Home Warranty

There is no doubt about FAHW’s top status in the market as they succeed in getting nominated for awards for their services. First American Home Warranty has affordable plan pricing and offers liberal coverage limits compared to other home warranty companies.

The company boasts of having paid $1.2 billion since 2011 and has served more than 8 million customers over the years. The company has also taken adequate measures to combat the spread of the Coronavirus and provide seamless services during these trying times.

Standout Features of Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty ensures that you get a contractor to your location within two days if the claim is submitted during business hours. Claims submitted on weekends, at night, or public holidays may take four days for a service appointment. Select Home Warranty only uses qualified, licensed contractors, and there should be qualified technicians in your area to handle your problem. If they authorize you to work with a qualified contractor, they will reimburse you up to the dollar limit in your contract within 30 days.

They also offer financial incentives for multi-year contracts.

Who Wins? FAHW or SHW?

First American Home Warranty has been a part of the home warranty industry for 37 years. They have a well-established reputation, and with their many years of experience backing them, they also know how to cater to their customer base.


Select Home Warranty, despite being a newcomer in the industry, is already a popular choice for customers. The company’s lucrative discounts and offers have attracted many customers. They also have many positive reviews about their services.

In the end, we’d like to say that both FAHW and SHW are good options as their coverage, pricing, and services are pretty similar. If you’d like to go for a company with many years of experience, you should choose First American Home Warranty. If you want to avail of special offers and discounts, go for Select Home Warranty.

It would help if you kept in mind that coverage and pricing vary for different states. You can submit a quote request to find out more details.

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