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We maintain complete transparency with the readers on our website. The company rankings on our site are independent of any marketing relationships that we may hold with a home warranty company. We may receive compensation for receiving quotes or placing advertisements. However, this does not affect a company's rankings. Companies are ranked solely on the basis of consumer reviews and ratings received from home warranty users.

*The lead information obtained will be sent to the respective companies as selected by the readers. However, the lead will be shared with a similar company if the selected company either doesn't participate in Leads Program or doesn't respond.

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ServicePlus Home Warranty Vs Choice Home Warranty

PUBLISHED: May 21, 2021 • 6 MINS READ

Among the home warranty industry heavyweights that have grown exponentially in the past decade, ServicePlus Home Warranty (previously Total Home Protection) and Choice Home Warranty are notable. The two companies have been increasing their presence across the country and inviting service contractors to join their expanding network. With unmissable discounts, it is no surprise that these two companies are among the most requested free quotes on our platform.


On popular demand, we will be reviewing these companies in great detail and contrast every way in which they measure up against each other. We will show you all the crucial factors to consider when you’re stuck between two promising companies. Buying the right home warranty may save you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements, so you want to make sure that you’re getting the most suitable option!

Differences Between ServicePlus Home Warranty And Choice Home Warranty

While Choice Home Warranty has been in business for 13 years, ServicePlus Home Warranty is a relatively new company with five years in the industry. We have summarized the key differences in the plans and service provisions of both companies for quick comparison.

Home Warranty

Choice Home

Yearly Cost
90 days
Recall Period
90 days
Fees Deductible
in Business

As you can see, ServicePlus Home Warranty, despite being a relative newbie, has spread across the US quite fast. On the other hand, Choice Home Warranty has been in existence much longer and has years of experience assigning suitable contractors. They also mention that they have over 15,000 contractors in their network.

Head on to find out more about the items covered by the home warranty companies under each plan. That is an essential factor in figuring out which home warranty company can meet your needs.

Coverage Comparison Between ServicePlus Home Warranty And Choice Home Warranty

Both the companies have two plans that cover a mix of home systems and appliances. We have taken up their most comprehensive plans to compare the coverage, as these plans cover all the items under their menu.

Items Choice Home Warranty’s Total Plan ServicePlus Home Warranty’s Platinum Plan
Air Conditioning
Electrical System
Plumbing System
Oven / Range / Stove
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Plumbing Stoppage
Water Heater
Whirlpool Bathtub
Built-in Microwave
Sump Pump
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Trash Compactor
Ceiling and Exhaust Fans
Well Pump
Pool / Spa
Sump Pump
Second Refrigerator
Stand Alone Freezer
Septic Tank Pumping
Septic System
Central Vacuum
Limited Roof Leak
Water Softener
Refrigerator Ice Maker
Free Standing Ice Maker

As you can see, ServicePlus Home Warranty offers more comprehensive coverage. The Platinum Plan covers eight items more than the Total Plan. The optional coverage by SPHW also includes an Additional A/C System, Additional Heating System, Additional Water Heater, and Additional Garage Door Opener.

Therefore, if you have a much older home with lots of aging home systems and appliances likely to need services, ServicePlus Home Warranty may work out better if they operate in your state.

Plans and Pricing Comparison Between ServicePlus Home Warranty And Choice Home Warranty

The next factor that home warranty customers tend to look at is, of course, the pricing. For some people, the pricing is the pivot that decides their ideal plan, while others are willing to pay more for comprehensive coverage. Our advice to you is to consider the devices’ service records and propensity for mechanical failure. If your devices are starting to age, you could go for a low-coverage plan at a lower price.

If your home is older and your systems and appliances have broken down more than once, we recommend placing greater importance on the coverage and exclusion clauses.

Check out the ServicePlus Home Warranty plans and prices.

Monthly Cost Annual Cost With HomeWarrantyReviews.com Offer
Gold Plan $45.33 $519 $319 annually
Platinum Plan $52 $599 $399 annually
Optional Coverage Average Cost $7 per item $75 per item
Deductible $75 $75

We have also compiled pricing data for Choice Home Warranty.

Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Basic Plan $46.83 $56
Total Plan $55 $660
Optional Coverage Average Cost N/A $70-$100 per item
Deductible $85 $85

One drawback of a Choice Home Warranty plan is that they have a monthly surcharge of $30 for those who want to pay every month. So far, ServicePlus Home Warranty seems to be the more budget-friendly option, considering the special offer available on our website. Choice also offers a free month of coverage, while ServicePlus Home Warranty offers two free coverage months.

Based on your coverage choices, you may have more charges added to the pricing mentioned here. Submit your free quote here on HomeWarrantyReviews.com to get exact pricing details from SPHW or CHW.

Comparing The Policies Of SPHW And CHW

There are several important things to keep in mind about the policies of home warranty companies because they make up the fine print of the contracts. Understanding the claims process, renewal, and cancellation is of utmost importance to know what to do if things don’t go the way you’d like.

A key point to note about any home warranty plan or insurance is that there are limits of coverage for every item in the plan. For example, the HVAC system may have a coverage limit of $1500- this means that the home warranty company will pay for repairs or replacement up to the value of $1500, and any charges over this amount have to come out of pocket. We have shortlisted a few coverage caps of CHW and SPHW for you.

Choice Home Warranty ServicePlus Home Warranty
Average Appliance Coverage Limit $400 $350~
Average Coverage Limit per Contract Term $3000 $1500

Some Aspects of ServicePlus Home Warranty Policy

The company agrees to cover the cost of repairs and replacements and arrange for a service contractor but would not be the repair technicians themselves. Should they be unable to arrange for a service technician, they may authorize you to hire one and pay for the services covered under the contract.

The plans exclude home system & appliance casing and accessory parts from coverage such as inaccessible lines, pipes, and ducts; racks, shelves, lighting, hinges, doors, noise without mechanical failure, and more. They also exclude fireplaces, water flow restrictions in washers due to scale, dust and deposits, faucets and fixtures, water softeners, storage and holding tanks of water heaters, etc. Read the exclusions for each covered home system and appliance in detail.

ServicePlus Home Warranty also does not include mold, mildew, condensation, bacterial & fungal damage, or wet and dry rot. If you get any non-covered repairs, you should ensure that any parts replaced especially, covered ones are the correct specs. There are also many exclusions connected to accessing the failed device, and you have to be prepared to fix the wall and access point holes yourself, except for the rough finish that they may pay.

A Glimpse at Choice Home Warranty Policy Fine Print

Choice Home Warranty guarantees work done by service technicians for 30 days on labor and 90 days on parts. They also have many exclusions in common with ServicePlus Home Warranty’s contract, but the number of exclusions is comparatively smaller.

Take, for instance, clothes washer coverage. Choice Home Warranty mentions no exclusions in the user agreement, whereas SPHW specifies that they won’t cover glass, door seals & hinges, mini tubs, water flow restrictions due to scale, dust and deposits, etc. CHW would also not cover any upgrades, modifications, repair of walls, and entry points.

Choice Home Warranty mentions that they won’t cover any item that’s still under OEM warranty nor any item that the manufacturer has recalled. When replacing items, they can get a new piece with similar features, capacity, and efficiency but not matching dimensions, brand, or color. If they cannot get your item repaired or replaced, they may offer you some cash worth the cost of the service. This amount may be much less than retail pricing.

Make sure that you have read the agreement thoroughly before finalizing the plan.

Filing Claims with ServicePlus Home Warranty vs. Choice Home Warranty

The claim filing process is very similar for both companies, and the coverage starts after 30 days from the date of purchase of the plan. Both companies can waive the waiting period if you can show a record of previous coverage with no lapse from a different home warranty service provider.

Both SPHW and CHW have an online portal for filing claims, and you can access them by logging into the customer service account.

Choice Home Warranty has an Online Account Center where you have to enter your registered email address and policy number. Alternatively, you can call their Claims Department at 1-888-531-5403. They also have a contact form that you can fill if your login details don’t work for whatever reason.

ServicePlus Home Warranty also has a SPHW Customer Portal that requires you to enter the registered email address, password, and policy number. They also give you the option to file claims over the phone at 1-800-545-0402.

The companies check whether the item is covered and assign a qualified service contractor as early as possible, following your schedule and availability. The service call fee is to be paid by you when the contractor comes out to assess the breakdown.

Renewing Your Home Warranty Policy

There is no difference between SPHW and CHW (or any home warranty company, for that matter) regarding policy renewal. The home warranty policy can be renewed before the contract expires, and doing so will cause no disruption in coverage and no new waiting period.

If you have opted for a monthly payment with your Choice Home warranty plan, you will get an automatic renewal. If you were paying annually, you would receive some updates about the prevailing rates and available plans before your plan expires.

ServicePlus Home Warranty offers a similar facility but sends the update 60 days before the plan expiry and then renews your policy automatically when the contract is up. Monthly payees get the update during the 10th month, and SPHW renews the plan automatically unless the company is informed otherwise.

Transferring The Home Warranty- Choice HW vs. ServicePlus HW

Upon sale of the home to a new owner, you can transfer the home warranty plan. Both Choice Home Warranty and ServicePlus Home Warranty have to be notified of the change in ownership by telephone call or by email with supporting documents.

Canceling Your Choice Home Warranty Plan

You can cancel your Choice Home warranty plan at any time. If you cancel within 30 days of buying the plan, CHW refunds the entire fee paid. If you cancel after 30 days, you will receive a prorated refund of the fee minus the cost of any services provided by CHW. You may also have to pay an administrative fee of $50 and any amount excess of the difference between the remaining plan fee and the service costs

ServicePlus Home Warranty Cancellation

ServicePlus Home Warranty allows you to cancel the policy for any reason. Plans canceled within 30 days of the order date are eligible for a full refund. After 30 days, you will receive only a prorated refund minus the cost of any services incurred by SPHW and a $50 administrative fee. If the services provided exceed the plan fee, then you will not get any refund.

The Pros and Cons of ServicePlus Home Warranty And Choice Home Warranty

We have broadly covered the most important facets of home warranties offered by ServicePlus Home Warranty and Choice Home Warranty. Here is a quick overview of the key benefits and drawbacks of ServicePlus Home Warranty’s offerings and services.

ServicePlus Home Warranty

Pros Cons
Almost nationwide coverage Not available in 5 states
Budget-friendly plans with a special discount of $200 for HomeWarrantyReviews.com users No information on the size of contractor network or no. of homes covered
Free roof leak coverage and 2 free months of coverage No customization of plans
Covers more than one HVAC unit, refrigerator, and garage door opener Excludes many components from coverage

Choice Home Warranty

Pros Cons
Operates in 48 states No customization of plans
Extensive contractor network with over 15,000 technicians Monthly surcharge for those wanting to pay every month
Offers full coverage on some items No data on claims amount paid so far
One free month of coverage on single payment plans

Who Wins? SPHW or CHW?

Finally, it’s time to round up a winner, and our verdict is: It’s Complicated!


Both ServicePlus Home Warranty and Choice Home Warranty are large companies though SPHW operates in 2 fewer states. When it comes to quality of customer service, they both offer 24/7 claim filing and schedule service visits within 2-4 business days. The plan coverages are almost comparable, and the price points don’t differ widely either.

If you are more concerned about the budget of your home warranty plan and want great value for your money, ServicePlus Home Warranty with the offers and free coverage may be a better option. However, suppose you are more interested in getting services from experienced professionals with a more extensive nationwide presence, or you want more coverage per item. In that case, Choice Home Warranty may be the thing for you.

For more information, read the reviews from customers of both companies. You can request a free quote to figure out which company would work out best for your unique needs.

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