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Warranty Companies on Most Complained List again

The leading real estate portal Angie’s list has released its annual list of best and worst rated companies based on member surveys. Home Warranty companies topped Most Complained List for 3rd Straight Year. Thirty-eight percent of the reports for home warranty companies were “F” grades. In addition, architects, structural engineering and solar panel companies made the bottom ten for the second year in a row. Angie’s List collected nearly 300,000 reports in 2007 from members who graded service companies on overall experience, price, quality, responsiveness and punctuality.


Here is the list. Visit Angie Hicks Blog to read the complete article Angie’s List Top 10 worst grade earners:

1. Warranty companies

2. Home builders

3. Furniture sales

4. Internet service providers

5. Architects

6. Structural engineering

7. Solar panels

8. Taxi/Shuttle service

9. Entertainment/party services

10. Mattresses

Angie’s List Top 10 best grade earners:

1. Veterinarians

2. Dog walkers

3. Piano tuning

4. Animal training

5. Hauling

6. Hair salons/barbers

7. Upholstery cleaning services

8. Animal/house sitters

9. Window cleaners

10. Lighting services

Recent Comments
another scammer home warranty is Landmark they find every excuse to postpone the repairs and customer service , there is none
I'm a customer of First American Home Warranty. In may they sent a plumber out to replace a pipe under the kitchen sink. July 25th the same pipe started to leak again. I called the home warranty and was told since the repair was more than 30 days I would have to pay another service fee. What pipe last 2 months, this one was probably about 15 years or more. I should not have to pay another fee, because they sent out a bad plumber. Take it from me do not do business with this company unless you want to continue to pay fees every 30 days.
Please, please, please, stay really far away from calling Choice Home Warranty. They invested so much money in commercials that are really fooling america. They will ALWAYS find an excuse to avoid covering all those promised repairs. Believe me, customer service is totally trained to find ways to deny repairs, from pre-existing conditions to timing, and so on. Please be aware. Thank you.
Yami Alfonso
WORST HOME WARRANTY COMPANY - CHOICE HOME WARRANTY Customers beware does not cover major stuff that breaks. I've had it for 1 year everytime, I called for service of my water heater, Microwave, garage door, none of the breakdowns were covered and it cost me the $45.00 service charge plus ++++$$$$$$$$ cause it did n't cover anything what a waist of MONEY. Also you try to get them to cancel your policy before it renews, they won't do it, you must call back that week or guess what you'll be charged once again or they get paid and you cancel effective immediately and you are out of your money this company is a scam. BUYER BEWARE>>>>
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