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Home Warranty Plans

More than 3.4 Million Homeowners Have Home Warranty Plans

Protect your Home Appliances from Unplanned Breakdowns And Expensive Repairs and Get up to $200 off + 2 Months of additional coverage*.

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Homeowners pay an average of $2,000 yearly on house repairs.

Home warranty protects your home and saves money!

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What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is an ongoing service agreement that pays for the maintenance and replacement of essential home systems and appliances when they inevitably wear out over time.

Home warranties significantly lower the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket for unforeseen repairs or replacements of covered conditions.

How does a Home Warranty Plan Benefit You?

The normal breakdown is always anticipated while using appliances and systems. And, a house warranty can more than pay for itself if you don't have money set aside for these costs.


Cost Effective

Compared to other systems, kitchen appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems break down more frequently. The costs of repair and replacement for these things are included even in a basic home warranty. It is a fantastic alternative that might save you hundreds of dollars and keep your budget on track.


Dedicated Support

Home Warranty providers will assist you with end-to-end, uninterrupted customer service around-the-clock.



You don't need to look for a qualified and insured service specialist when your covered system or appliance malfunctions. Companies that offer home warranties have a huge contractor network. A nearby knowledgeable technician is assigned to address the problem when you submit a claim.

Why Choose Home Warranty Reviews? empowers visitors with the information they need to make successful decisions.

Flexibility to Choose

HWR assists customers in making informed decisions by collecting and evaluating information on various home warranty policies.

Comparison of Best Plans

To improve and ease the experience of our users on the website, we have added side-by-side company comparisons, maintenance cost calculators, and other tools that provide customers with a complete picture.

Authentic Information

With the immense trust of home warranty providers and our customers over the years, our website features a huge list of businesses and approximately 100,000 different consumer evaluations.

Special Program for Customers

HWR runs a Specialized Complaints Resolution Program that allows customers with complaints to get in touch with warranty companies directly.

Independent Reviews by Experts

When generating the company's rating value, our experts meticulously consider factors such as the company's quality of repairs, the turnaround time for repairs, and processing times for filing claims and receiving compensation.

How does a home warranty work?

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Service Request

A service request is filed online or through a call after a home system or appliance breaks down

Step 2


Service Visit

The service request gets processed by the home warranty company. After processing the request, a professional technician is assigned per your problem.

Step 3


Appliance Check

The technician arrives at your doorstep and checks the system or appliance, and suggests a repair or replacement. At this time, you are required to pay the service call fee as per your contract.

Step 4



If the repair is insignificant and the contractor has the required part, it is repaired immediately. Though, if a replacement is required, a scheduled follow-up appointment will be provided to you.

Step 5


Peace of Mind

Once the repair or replacement is done, you will get a fully functional system or appliance.

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Top Home Warranty companies

  • Judy Whitton

    Canton, TX

    I have always had a good experience with Choice Home Warranty. They always keep me informed by email about the claim and have always had a good outcome. Prompt.

  • Ted Dean,

    Fredericksburg, VA

    My first claim with Home Warranty for our garbage disposal and it was what I expected. We had prompt courteous service and the claim was taken care of in two days.

  • Enrica Triggs,

    Douglasville, GA

    Customer service was great and they went out their way to make sure I get everything I need for a good price. Thanks Total Home Protection!


    Bethlehem, PA

    Company was very professional and courteous. They did an excellent job and cleaned everything up before they left. I would recommend them for future services.

  • Jerry Chacon,

    Tucson, AZ

    The tech was nice , and did excellent work. Ive used them before this visit and will recommend them to all. Both their visits were prompt and did the work quickly.