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HVAC & Coronavirus: Can HVAC air purifier filter out SARS-CoV-2?

PUBLISHED: March 19, 2020 3 MINS READ

With coronavirus spreading rapidly across the globe, people are trying their best to protect themselves and their families. Though a permanent cure is not found, covering the mouth while coughing or sneezing is the first step for preventing the spread of the virus. Another rumored solution is using HVAC air purifiers. But the question is, can air purifiers systems filter out the SARS-CoV-2? In this article, we will learn more about HVAC & coronavirus.

According to the scientists, coronavirus or COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2, spreads when someone comes into contact with the respiratory droplets that travel several feet when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Some residual contaminants may go through your HVAC system and can lead to the spread of an airborne virus. 

Most of the HVAC systems typically recirculate the air and cause the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses, but not as much as people assume. This is because the systems dilute the fine droppings due to coughing or sneezing. Also, the droplets produced due to screaming or shouting are quite heavy for them to enter into the ventilation system.

HVAC & Coronavirus Can HVAC air purifier filter out SARS CoV-2


How small are SARS-CoV-2?

As per the test reports, the virions are typically spherical particles with a diameter of approximately 0.125 microns (125nm). The smallest particles are 0.06 microns (60nm), and the most massive particles are 0.14 microns (140nm). Which means the coronavirus particles are bigger than some gas and dust particles.

Can HVAC air purifiers filter SARS-CoV-2?

Today, how effective are HVAC air purifiers in filtering out coronavirus is one of the most debated topics. An HVAC air purifier equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) can capture a portion of airborne particles but cannot completely protect you from the virus. The HEPA filters are designed to filter out 99.97% particles of size 0.3 microns and above. In some cases, the fiber that carries electrostatic charge can attract smaller particles. 

According to experts, HEPA filters cannot remove SARS-CoV-2 from the air. The filter is 0.3 microns, and the virions are 0.1 microns. The purifiers are useful to remove odors or larger particles from the air. Even the most potent HVAC air purifier systems can capture 0.3 microns or larger. But viruses range from 0.1 microns to 0.004 microns, which means even a robust purifier will struggle to filter out SARS-CoV-2 from the air.

So, how can you protect yourself from SARS-CoV-2?

The best way to protect yourself from the coronavirus is to wash your hands using a sanitizer with 60% of alcohol content. Cover your nose & mouth and avoid touching your face unnecessarily. Also, avoid public gatherings or roaming around without any cause. If you need deliverable fuel or other essential items, then fret not! You can still get them as the authorities have issued emergency orders to provide relief. 

Emergency order #3

All providers of water, electric, gas, internet service, telephone, deliverable fuel, cable, and VOIP services will be prohibited from discontinuing and disconnecting service for non-payments for the duration of the state of emergency.

Emergency order#4

Landlords are prohibited from starting eviction proceedings for those who are unable to pay due to their financial situations. Such actions would be against the law. All non-judicial and judicial foreclosure actions will also not be allowed during the state of emergency.

Final words

Your HVAC air purifiers may not filter out SARS-CoV-2 but can undoubtedly filter out airborne particles of 0.3 microns and keep you healthy. Cover your HVAC systems with a home warranty and stay protected. 




















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