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Is your home really safe?

According to the statistics published by FBI, about 6.8 million property crimes occurred in United States last year. The household income has been declining over the years and that may explain why crime rates are on the rise and the streets are not safe.

Given that economy will never be stable, you will never know how would it impact the crime rate. So, it is our responsibility to protect our loved ones and our assets. Of course, everyone’s situation is different and if you live in a gated community and in an area where crime rates are very low, you are probably safe. But for the rest of us, it is worth investing few dollars to protect our homes.

That’s where home security alarm systems come to our rescue. I recently got the system installed. We feel really secure now.

I called the surveillance company to find out if they can offer a group discount to our newsletter subscribers. Much to my surprise they agreed!

Right now, they have an offer – Free Home Installation Kit and price discount for a limited time.

The special discount offer is available for ONLY first 1000 responders who request a price quote. Make sure you get there before it is too late. You can get a customized price quote from this link below:

==> FREE estimate on installing a home security system.

How do home security systems work?

Motion detectors will be installed on windows and doors leading to the outside. When you “arm” the system, the sensor will detect when someone breaks the door or window and rise an alert to the monitoring company. They will notify local law enforcement or the homeowner immediately. The alarm will also ring and in most cases burglars run away knowing that they are in trouble.

When you install the security system, they will place a monitoring signboard at the front and back of your home. This sign alone will alert burglars and criminals from targeting your home.

These are the benefits of having a security alarms for your home:

Protecting family members – If you have kids or elderly people staying alone for a while, you can enable the alarm system and protect them.

Protecting valuables in your home – You will turn on monitoring when you leave home and the alarm will monitor your home and report crimes when you are away.

Avoiding criminals in the neighborhood– Personal attacks, crime, rape & burglary can happen anywhere and sometimes it will be too late when the police arrive to the scene. Having a personal protection system is a great idea.

Monitory Benefits – If you have a security alarm, your homeowner’s insurance payment will be reduced by 20% or more. Also when you sell the home, you are passing the peace of mind to prospective buyers and will increase the home value.

Use the form below to request a price estimate for Home Security Alarm System and then decide if you want to get one. We have worked a special offer when you request the price quote today. (Note: this offer expires in 24 hours)

Request Home Security Price Quote

Happy Living!
Neil Albright

P.S. I contemplated on getting security alarm for a while. Finally I realized that it is not worth taking risks when it comes to security matters. Looks like competition is really high among service providers right now, and they are offering very affordable packages.


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