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Here’s How You Can Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

PUBLISHED: September 4, 2019 5 MINS READ

Hurricane Dorian started with a tropical wave on August 24th in the Central Atlantic. Currently Dorian is affecting the Bahamas and the Southeastern United States the hurricane has been classified as a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. 

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) has classified the hurricane as “extremely dangerous” with winds topping up to 150mph per hour. Hurricane Dorian is set to approach the State of Florida very soon. Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis reported five casualties up till now.

How You Can Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

Local News and Social Media 

According to local news, hurricane conditions are expected to hit  Florida by Tuesday. Hurricane Dorian is expected to remain a powerful hurricane for the next couple of days. 

Twitter was abuzz with the Civil Defence Watch tweeting that winds and storms will continue for several more hours to come. It is advised that everyone should stay put in their respective homes. Heavy rains are also expected of producing life-threatening flash floods over the northern points of the Bahamas and coastal sections of the U.S.  

Safety Tips To Be Safe During Hurricane Dorian

Organize an Emergency Escape Plan With Your Family

Before the hurricane hits the area you are affected in all families must come up with an escape plan. Prepare emergency kits and make sure they are ready for an evacuation. Write down an important list of phone numbers and keep them in your wallet, because your cell phone can die during a disaster.

Here are things that you should have to ensure that you have the right supplies:

  1. Items required for family members and pets include prescription medications, eyeglasses, contact lens solutions, hearing aid batteries and means to transport pets
  2. It’s important to keep 3 days supply of food just in case food supplies are not available in your vicinity 
  3. Make sure you drink at least one gallon of water per person, per day
  4. Battery-powered radio or TV and extra batteries to know what’s happening in your locality  
  5. New clothing is always handy as your old clothes can get ripped due to extreme weather conditions
  6. First aid kit and the manual just in case you get bruised or scratched in the hurricane 
  7. Hand sanitizer or wipes and other hygiene items
  8. Matches and waterproof container are very handy items during hurricane season
  9. Flashlight and extra batteries are handy as they will help you reach your loved ones just in case you get lost
  10. Carrying a whistle can help you reach your loved ones if you get misplaced
  11. Always keep cash you never know when you might need it during a hurricane season 
  12. Kitchen items and cooking utensils, including a non-electric can opener and trash bags
  13. Copies of credit cards, identification cards, and medical and veterinary records
  14. Items for infants, which include formula, diapers, and bottles
  15. Maps and emergency contact numbers, including those for doctors and veterinarians
  16. Any other special items  your family might need

What To Do After the Storm

Preparing for the aftereffect of the storm is probably as important and valuable as withstanding the storm. 

High winds, storm surges, fallen trees, and other issues can lead to property damage, which could then lead to a lengthy process of filing insurance claims.

Here are the following tips to save your family time and money after an emergency:

  1. Collect copies of key papers and records.
  2. Keep them in both a safety deposit box and a waterproof container with your emergency kit. Having these papers in one place will help if you need to sign up with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Make sure to keep copies of:

  1. Birth certificate/adoption certificates
  2. Marriage license/divorce papers
  3. Social security cards
  4. Passport/Green card
  5. Will
  6. Insurance Policies (home, auto, life, health, etc.)
  7. Bank Statements

Take photos or videos of your personal belongings for insurance reasons. According to the American Property Casualty Insurance Association, creating a digital or paper record allows residents to easily report damage or losses when a storm occurs. An inventory maintains a complete list of all the content in your home. 

If possible, include receipts, descriptions, estimated value and photos or videos using your smartphone. Once the inventory is completed, make to have multiple ways to access it, for example, by storing a copy in the cloud, emailing it to yourself or sharing it with a friend or relative outside of the storm area.

Emergency Numbers to Call

Apart from calling emergency numbers like 9-1-1 for non-threatening emergencies, you can also research out to these emergency numbers:

Emergency Hotline Numbers

City of Charleston: 843-724-7311

North Charleston: 843-740-5883

Berkeley County: 1-843-719-4800

Dorchester County: 1-843-563-0393

Charleston County: 1-843-746-3900

** The Spanish number for Charleston County is: 1-843-746-3909

Power Outage:

To report a power outage call 1-888-333-4465

Gas Leaks:

To report a gas leak call 1-800-815-0083

Home Warranty and Insurance 

It is important to know that insurance covers damages caused by a natural disaster, but a home warranty plan protects you from damage which is caused by wear and tear. A Home insurance will make sure you save a lot and recover your losses caused by a natural disaster. If you live in Florida you should compare the best home warranties and choose the one which is cheap on your pocket. Make sure to know what’s covered in a home warranty before buying one. You can also request for a free home warranty quote. You could also use a bunch of free tools like the home affordability calculator and home maintenance calculator.

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