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Buyers Protection Group to buy LandAmerica Home Warranty

Buyers Protection Group, Inc. an Atlanta-based real estate services firm, has completed its acquisition of home warranty and home inspection services business from from LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. LandAmerica provided home warranty services in 30 states and recently filed for bankruptcy in November 2008, primarily due to problems in its title insurance and 1031 Exchange businesses.

Buyers Protection Group

Alpharetta, Ga.-based BPG said the deals give it home warranty operations in 30 states and home inspection services in 14 states. BPG will now have dual operations centers in Alpharetta and Burbank, Calif. The company has 280 employees and is expanding its sales force and adding home inspection professionals.


“Despite the financial struggles with LandAmerica and severe decline in the housing industry, the home warranty and inspection subsidiaries remained profitable,” said BPG President and CEO, Revell Fraser, in a statement. “We were doing well in a very difficult environment and our employees remained committed to the business, so it was a natural decision to pursue buying the companies.”

LandAmerica Home Warranty Company, founded in 1987, provides one-year home warranties with significant concentrations in AZ, CA, and TX. LandAmerica home warranty began investing in the home inspection business in 2001, and is now the nation’s largest employee-based residential and commercial inspection company.

BPG partnered with The Stephens Group, a family-owned investment firm, on the transaction. The Company was advised by Croft & Bender LLC and Miller & Martin PLLC.


Recent Comments
CA #1 Agent
I read all your comments and I had this contract with BHWC, LandAmerica and now BPG. I used them all the time I pay my call fee and all has been repaired under the contract. I have read my contract and made claims on covered items only and 100% of them have been covered no gray areas in contract its covered or its not. I had been an Agent for 15 Years but still have not used that card to get special treatment. Remember fellers it’s a limited warranty contracts they do have exclusions (a lot of them) Only complaint “ they need to get more people to pick up phones!” I email all my claims in and way faster..
Another scathing review here. After the first time BPG $500 a year plan "didn't cover" something that had gone wrong with our house, I promised myself I wouldn't judge and give them a few more chances. Well, now it's been five or six times we've called them, for such issues as ceiling leaks, broken door locks, water heater issues, etc... And nearly every time, the customer service rep kindly informs us that that's one part of our house that this house protection plan doesn't cover. They last time I spoke with them, they clarified that they're really not a "house" protection plan at all, but more of an "appliance" protection plan... until I called a week later with a water heater issue that they also couldn't cover. Of the 100 things that can go wrong with your house, BPG will cover maybe 2 of them, and the rest of the time you'll end up hiring a repairman anyway. Save your money.
I STRONGLY recommend you DO NOT use this company’s inspection or warranty service! You WILL be sorry. I wish I had read this before I chose them. Now $20000 in the hole later because of their negligence, errors and refusal to provide the service I paid for. They wrote me a bogus policy knowing full well they never intended on honoring it. Sure they wanted to give me the lousy $360 back for the inspection and the price of the warranty.....because they didn't want to have to pay the rest of the $19000 and change. They are very careful to word everything vaguely so if it ever comes back, they can twist it and refuse to pay for warranty items. They did a fantastic job making accusations that the new home owner is somehow really to blame. The words “recommend replacement over time” somehow apparently really means your house is in grave danger of burning down any day to them, until you call them on their mistake and then all the sudden you get a “we told you it wasn’t safe”. They sure can put up a fight but picked the wrong person this time.... and they can take that to the bank.
Vicky Williams
BPG was recommended to me by my realtor, so I purchased my home warranty with them in Dec. 2010. I moved into my short sale home on Feb. 1st 2011. Prior to moving in, a roof leak needed immediate attention, which I paid for. After moving in, I discovered that my heating system didn't work, and I had it serviced. I contacted BPG to place a claim, because the ONLY paperwork they provided me with previously was my invoice for the policy. I submitted my receipts via fax, and requested a copy of my policy. This week BPG refuses to pay my claim because I did not previously submit a claim before having the work done - AND, they told me they choose who does the work. Note the complaints of other BPG customers in who they choose... I am disgusted that BPG has not been ethical, reasonable or professional in my time of need. They NEVER provided the policy to me, so how would I know to submit a claim before the work took place... AND, if I were treated as other customers have been, I would have had much more damage due to the roof leak - and still would have no heat. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY. The whole premise of a home warranty is to take care of these issues... BPG is a disgrace to home warranty companies. As others have stated, DON'T BUY BPG HOME WARRANTY - YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!
I called BPG many times (6) since last week of heavy rains in Southern California and waiting for about 30 minutes to be able to talk to a representative. I have worked with many other Home Warranty companies and BPG is worst in customer service. Anyway, on Monday 12/27/10, they sent a roof subcontractor to my home and demanded $60 for service call. I have no problem about that but he didn't give the receipt at all and his boss (general contractor) told me that the check is the receipt. Then his boss said to me on the phone that he would like to pull out his crews because I am wasting their time and suppose to cost him $150/hour already on my property. It is not professional for a contractor and he would like to do a quick run poor job and get money from customer. Then I demanded BPG to send another contractor and I am again waiting for about 30 minutes to get a support rep on the phone. The next day they called another contractor to come to my home and reported that my home is having problems with the leaks coming from the vent pipes and the ridge caps tored off by the wind and rain. The next day I called again, and they said because another roofing guy reported the vent pipes not sealed properly so BPG will not cover the leaks. I am very disappointed and angry about this statement and I just wondered how to define the roof leak coverage by BPG??? What in the world they will cover roof leak???? I am very frustrated about them right now and I already reported to BBB in Los Angeles where the BPG is located in Burbank, CA. I will report it to the FTC and my Realor Association as well. If they DON'T honor the service, I am a REALTOR myself and will not recommend or refer my clients to buy BPG home warranty with them anymore. BUYERS and REALTORS beware!!! DON'T BUY BPG HOME WARRANTY!!!
A. Pearson
I too am a veteran,in Real Estate, 35 years. I have used home warranty's for at least 20 of them. I started when Fidelity Home Warranty was first in Los Angeles. My Title Rep moved over to Land America/Lawyers Title and I as a great supporter of her moved to BPG who was then owned by Land America/Lawyers. I just called in a claim last week for my new tenants that have been on the property for 6 weeks. They called me on the 5th week that something was wrong with Dishwasher. (Prior to this claim I had 3 year tenant whom after an inspection of property including running of appliances..was refunded full deposit)I had always carried a Home Warranty on the property, time didn't matter when it was called in, it was a problem. Of course I called in claim. Now I hear that they won't repair, won't give a 2ND opinion, The Rep. Janet Drambrasky won't return telephone calls. I received an email from assistant, Phillipa who tried to shove her opinion on me of this mess. There were missing parts and unit was "abnormal" She wouldn't hear of anything but BHG was correct. I advised her to have Janet call me, I received an email once again this time from Janet, she stated they had sent their "best" and they would stand behind his word. I have asked for a copy of his report, nothing. My tenant is in disbelief, he moved in, everything worked, now there is a report that parts are missing and the unit is "abnormal" I have also asked for "adnormal" to be clarified. This is my 3rd day at this and still no call from Rep. emails which get more aggressive towards their opinions. I have never dealt with this type of situation in all my days. I did call Corp or so they stated and was put through to a Robert De La Torre who could only say ah huh!! I asked him not to be condesending, We had a problem and I was looking for resolve. There is none with this company.. I called back, operator wouldn't give me her name after I advised I wanted Mgt. After selling many business's in my career I think this company is under funded and we the public are going to suffer. Let's not let them get away with this behavior!! Don't use them. I too am going to report them to Ca Insurance Commissioner. I will also try Ca Department of Real Estate if they will take a report.
I am a veteran Realtor in Dallas so when I moved to E Texas, I used another agent who knew the ropes. She recommended BPG. What a mistake. Most warranty companies resist paying for a claim, but this one is absolutely the worst. My ice maker was not working and I called BPG. The sent someone who could not fix it on site. So they authorized the repair man to take it with him. 6 weeks later we still don't have ice. BPG says he will get the part "tomorrow" test it, and will bring it back the next day. I have gotten this story 5 times. The tech wont call me back. BPG wont give me back the broken ice maker so I can have it fixed myself. And they won't give me a new ice maker. When I called in a claim for my pool, they said they didn't have a tech in my area. When I called in for my AC, they said they don't have a tech in my area either. I have ask for my money back on the warranty but that hasn't worked either. I have experienced the same eternal hold music and leaving my number to save a place in line and get a call back never happens. The supervisor, Stewart, never calls back either. This company is a joke! I am going to report them to the Texas Real Estate Commission.
charles carey
We are going to purchase a refrigerator. Is the BPG a reliable company from which to purchase a warranty?
Warren, They finally found someone to do the 2nd opinion two weeks ago. The guy pulls up to my house in a Ford Mustang carrying a freon tank and gauges...that's it...competely unprofessional. He checked out the system and came up with the exact same verdict that Service Experts did - the whole A/C systems needs replacing, as well as the furnace, due to the cracked cells. I just called BPG again yesterday since their guy came out two weeks ago (and I hadn't heard from them), and the rep told me that BPG had been trying to contact the contractor to get the quote, etc. from him on the work. He didn't even send it in to BPG? It doesn't make sense! So, I told the guy at BPG to give me his e-mail and I would e-mail him a copy of the quote from their contractor. I told him how unprofessional their contractor was, and I suggested that they use Service Experts to do the work, and I would pay the additional balance since Service Experts' quote was just a little higher. When I e-mailed it in, I told them that I will give them one week to get me a check, so that I could take it to Service Experts, so the work can be done. July 15 will mark three months since I originally filed my claim via their internet site. Throughout this whole ordeal, they've made promises to "call me back" but never have, but ONCE to let me know that they couldn't find any contractors within a 30 mile radius of my house. Every time, I have to always call them back, sit on hold, and talk to someone. Don't EVER use their option for the system to hold your place in line and call you back, because they never will. We'll see what happens this week.
Chris... You are not required to contact an attorney to make a claim in small claims court. Recommend you file the claim. BPG will be compelled to show in court unless they agree to comply or settle prior to court appearance. Good luck.
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