Buyers Protection to Buy Land America Home Warranty

Buyers Protection Group Inc is reportedly buying two units of bankrupt LandAmerica Financial Group Inc for an undisclosed price. The purchase includes Land America Home Warranty division.

Buyers Protection

Once the No. 3 U.S. title insurer, LandAmerica filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November 2008 and agreed to sell its largest underwriting businesses, after bigger rival Fidelity National Financial withdrew a $126 million takeover offer.


LandAmerica Home Warranty Company, founded in 1987, provides one-year home warranties in 30 states, concentrating on Arizona, California and Texas. LandAmerica Property Inspections Inc., begun in 2001, is now the nation’s largest employee-based inspection company, the release said. It provides residential and commercial inspections in 14 states. Both companies will change their names after the purchase is completed.

Buyers Protection Group Inc., is an Atlanta-based real estate services firm partially owned by The Stephens Group LLC


Recent Comments
Joseph Lane
I've just finished with a horrible experience with BPG. Their sales representative lied at the point of sale on how termite coverage works, then when I needed it I'm told it's not covered. Even after I have a recorded apology from the sales rep, they absolutaly refuse to refund my full policy. I was scammed out of over $100, but I guess a small price to pay to learn early how they operate. It's been over a month and I still haven't seen my prorated refund, but I've been assured the check will be cut next week.... we'll see.
I strongly recommend you look elsewhere for warranty coverage. I made a claim on my residential air conditioner last Friday. BPG promised to have repair service contact me immediately. No contact on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Made telephone contact w/BPG on Monday wherein I was informed no action taken due to failure to pay co-pay on prior claim made five months earlier. Why would BPG fail to notify me of an alleged failure to pay co-pay until I made a subsequent claim five months later? I disputed the failure to pay and provided a check number as proof of payment. BPG continued to refuse contract compliance until I informed them I was prepared to pay for service and file lawsuit in small claims court. When repairman arrived, he informed me BPG required me to obtain co-pay up front. BPG made one mistake after another after another.
Probably a good thing that they have a new name. Land America's reputation was catching up with them. Hopefully, hiding under the Buyers Protection Group (BPG) name won't let more unsuspecting home buyers or sellers purchase this terrible service. Nothing is covered and they refuse to fix anything. It's a frustrating battle of red tape and false truths that lead nowhere. If enough people are informed of this trap, maybe BPG will go bankrupt too.
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