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National Home Protection Forced Out of Florida

PUBLISHED: October 14, 2009 3 MINS READ

Florida State Insurance Commission ordered National Home Protection Inc. to stop marketing and selling home warranties. State officials say the firm is not licensed to sell the products and has a reputation for denying claims.

The Office of Insurance Regulation said it began investigating National Home Protection Inc.’s marketing and claims handling practices earlier this year.

“This company has been selling these products without a license all across the country,” said Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty. “Florida law clearly authorizes me to take action to stop the practices of unlicensed entities to protect consumers in this state.”

The investigation also revealed that many of the claims made for household repairs or service were denied.

In April 2009, we reported that the New York Attorney General filed law suite against National Home Protection. NY AG office announced that their office received more than 300 consumer against the home warranty protection company from consumers in at least thirty-two states.

The Florida order also requires National Home to honor all policies that are in effect for the duration stated in each contract. The company has 21 days to file a challenge to Florida’s action but it is highly unlikely that the company will contest the order.


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