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National Home Protection Sued by NY AG

New York Attorney General has sued National Home Protection home warranty company and its principals over an alleged warranty scheme that defrauded consumers in New York and other states out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The AG froze all of National Home Protection’s assets, so customers who got ripped off, can hopefully at least get back some money.

The company has been shut down for the time being and banned from selling again in New York until their problems are settled and they register with the State Insurance Department. If you signed up for a home warranty through National Home Protection, file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office.


The New York attorney general says a New York City-based home warranty company cheated customers in at least 32 states out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their home warranty plans promise to repair or replace household appliances and systems if they break. Pending court action, the company can’t sell any more out of New York.

Consumers with complaints against National Home Protection are urged to contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Frauds hotline at 800-771-7755. New York consumers may also contact their local regional office. Contact information about the Attorney General’s regional offices can be found online at


Recent Comments
Dr Eric Hall
I filed my claim with the Attorney General Office July 2009 and have not heard anything from them as of April 2012. When I called back in July 2009 I was told that it would take "A very, very long time" before I would see any thing of a refund. I am not excited about any of the comments I read above; it looks like I wont get any thing in the form of a refund of my $350. WoW... And to think that the officials of this company can start a new business up under a different name and do this again is truly unfair to the consumers.....
I am one of the customers who fell for this as well. I am insulted by this lawsuit filed by the NEW YORK ATTORNEY GEN because i PAID THIS COMPANY $2200 AND WHEN THE suit was won my Cuomo, I only got $24. Are they kidding me? Did the attorney's office get all the money and I was slapped with this amount?
Jay Dave
As soon as I findout about scam of this company, I called my creditcard company and dispute charges. This was 6 months ago and I am still pending for refund. I was issued temp credit by credit card. I am hoping to receive my money. I call for service in February 2009 there was no one to take my call and phone line is no longer in service. I am ripped by this people. This type of companies bringing this country into third world country level where people can't trust each other. This type of people are American enemies. God Bless America.
La Trease Channey
I see I'm not alone I took down the numbers listed in posting in hopes of getting money back.It's a shame how they have taken advantage of many of us in these economc times and have no remorse how do the owner and workers sleep at night?
Tom Clawson
My contract just expired with them and I was wondering why I had not received a call, attempting to re-new. Guess I know now. I too didnt receive the Home Depot gift card after several attempts. I am lucky that I didnt have a claim during the contract period. I hope their officers end up behind bars. Does the NY Atty Gen post the names of the company principals anywhere?
Diana Lee
I had NHP for about a year (barely used it) then renewed the policy in Sept. 2009 for additional 5 year coverage (cost about $2,000). After that I did not need any service at all until about a week ago-my water heater broke down, and found out that NHP was gone. I just called the NY AG office number listed above and was told their case against NHP has been closed because the money is all gone. I was advised to contact a private lawyer and to sue NHP on my own. I have found at internet that the Balestriere Lanza law firm filled a class action law suit against NHP. Their contact number is 212-374-5400.
Marjan Manavi
I purchased 3 year plan in Sept 2008. They have delivered services. I paid them $978.00. I never received $150 gift card from home depot or lowes. I spent almost $1000, for a service I never received and now I have to spend additional $500 or so to purchase a reliable home warranty insurance. Their phones are disconnected and I can't get my money back
Lim, Seung Taek
I ordered 3 years of service by the phone last May. I never got the contract. I never signed up the contract. I never agreed to term and conditions. I was told that I had a 30 day trial. I tried to cancel it in 30 days and I requested to speak to a supervisor 10-15 times but never got a call back. I made a dispute via Cicard. NHP provided citicard with a fake documents that I pressed "I agree to the Terms and conditions." But I bought it by the phone. Citicard could not do anything to protect me from NHP. I am relieved to see that NHP is shut down. I paid $989.56 for 3 yrs of coverage. This was an eye opener for me, I’ve never been scammed before and felt really stupid that I let my guard down with National Home Protection.
Durrab Khan
I had paid them for one year. I also own the plumber whio did some work on my home after he told me that he is now the member of the NHP and now he is suing me for not payment can some one help me on that?
I took out a contract National Home Protection on May 26, 2007 and was also told I would receive $250 in Home Depot rebates. But I never received the coupons, so I sent in their required resubmission form. I was told repeatedly that the form was being processed. My a/c went out and I tried to contact them, but never provide service
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