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ServiceMaster Acquires Experienced GC for AHS Spin-off

PUBLISHED: August 6, 2018 3 MINS READ

ServiceMaster announced last Wednesday that they are hiring Jeffrey Fiarman, a new General Counsel for American Home Shield (AHS) before the unit spins off into its own company during the third quarter of this year.

ServiceMaster Acquires Experienced GC for AHS Spinoff

Fiarman will be the first-ever General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of AHS which is based out of Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, they are the largest home warranty providers to grant services across the US. As expected, Fiarman will start working at the company later in the month to help prepare for the planned spin-off.

ServiceMaster had earlier announced that it would be separating its American Home Shield into its own publicly traded company. This would provide greater scope for the home warranty giant to grow and expand its base by optimizing its business.

Nik Varty, ServiceMaster’s CEO suggested that American Home Shield’s team is making a great effort in the preparation of the spin-off. Speaking on the matter, Varty said, “Incredible talent is what sets us apart and Rex and his team continue to demonstrate great leadership.”

Also, talking on the lines of this announcement Rex Tibbens, the CEO and President of American Home Shield stated that Fiarman has a great track recording of working in-house with different companies.

Talking about Fiarman, Rex said, “he is an experienced general counsel, whose breadth of legal expertise and managerial experience is a perfect fit for our growth-focused, entrepreneurial company.”

Fiarman’s graduated from the Columbia University Law School. It was in this time that he ventured outside of legal before—as the founder of two companies. It was in 2014 that he created Blue Comet Consulting, a business and legal consulting firm. This firm focused on startup companies and new business ventures.

Fiarman joins American Home Shield from Wedgewood Pharmacy. There he has served as the General Counsel since 2017. He has also worked as the General Counsel of IDEXX Laboratories Inc. and Weight Watchers International Inc. It was at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher that he started as a tax attorney. In 2016 that he was the co-founder and CEO of Pexxus Pet Tech Inc.

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