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Texas AG lawsuit against National Home Protection

Texas AG Greg Abbott filed a suit against a New York-based Home Warranty company for unlawfully doing business in Texas. The state’s enforcement action seeks to prevent National Home Protection, Inc. from doing business in Texas until it is licensed by the state and complies with requirements of the Texas Occupations Code.


According to state investigators, National Home Protection continued selling “residential service contracts” to Texas homeowners even after the company was specifically informed about licensure and other requirements. The defendant ignored the Texas Real Estate Commission’s demand that it stop offering Texas home warranty plans and return any money received from Texans. Meanwhile, Texas customers continued to complain that the company refused to repair or replace various home systems.

The state’s enforcement action charges National Home Protection with violating the Texas Occupations Code by failing to obtain a license, maintain a funded reserve against their liabilities and file annual reports with the state. The company also is charged with violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) by operating without a license in Texas.

For more information, Texas homeowners can call a toll-free complaint hotline at (800) 252-8011 or go online to


Recent Comments
Diane Duvall
We choose American Home Shield because they stated the excepted pre-exisiting issues. Although we did not know of any issues....we purchased a home that was about 10yrs old. As things go.... our upspairs AC stopped working. We called the Customer Service number and they sent out a repair man. The repair man stated the entire system needed repalcing. Our cost was going to be over $1000. He said, there was parts leading up to the unit that the warenty DIDNOT cover-- that was our part. America told us if we didnt want them to replace the unit they would give us the amount they would pay for the new unit ($890). We took the $890 and canceled our policy. The following week we called out our own AC Repairmen. We didnot tell the AC Man what the previous company said. After the AC man inspected the unit.... he came back and said the unit needed cleaning a a part that cost $50. This has been 1 1/2 yrs.... and the unit is working great!
dumbconsumer, baton rouge, LA
Beware, Home warranty providers scam. American Home Shield in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has left homeowners hanging after collecting premiums. In most states including Louisiana, No government agency enforces licensing or regulatory action against Home warranty providers so they do as they please. Homeowner is left with last recourse of suing at a cost of no less than $1500 to fund litigation. In Texas, Attorney general has recently nailed American Home Warranty aka American Home Shield (AHS), read about it here:
M Behan
I have a 3 year contract with them and over the course of the last two years they have denied everything. I assumed all home warranty companies acted this way and never pursued it further. Just today I tried to call them to report a claim and the number is disconnected. I went online and filed the claim... only to then find this article. Any one know what we can/should do about seeking a return of the premiums paid?
Anyone know how to get National Home Warranty to stop taking out the ACH from my account? Please email me.
Elaine Noe
I have had NHW for 2 1/2 years and have had bad service with them. I contacted them first of July because my a/c unit had stopped. I called them and phone had been disconnected. Sent email to there web site and receive email from New York attorney general that they have closed them down for fraud and etc. They have been still taking monthly payments from my account last taken out was June 18, 2009. so where has the money been going to. I am filing fraud charges thru Texas, New York and at my bank.
Patty Franey
I paid for 5 years in advance when I bought my home in April 2009. Was also promised the gift cards which were never received. Now the company's phone says it is out of service. All claims made in the first year were denied. I am out 4 years of paid services as well as the gift cards. Hard to swallow the loss of over $2000.
These people are crooks i want all my money back
raul perez
where is national home warranty now....are they out of business? i am still waiting for a 2 year refund and i guess by now i should realize i'm not getting it... does anyone know if they are still operating?
(1.) I was charged for one warranty that I never received a contract for. (2.) 1st American refused to repair a furnace because they said that the furnace door was put on improperly, but their repairman was the one that put the door on at an earlier service. They said that as a result, the furnace wires caused a fire and it had to be replaced. I called another service and it was repaired in 40 minuets. (3.) NOW I am being refused service because they say my April payment is delinquent. They drew $40 from Wells Fargo on April 15 and I sent a $40 check May 11. I was told that they do not accept checks and it had been returned. IT CLEARED THE BANK.
al quartararo
please call me 201-995-7695 I have to sue this NHP warrenty co also
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