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UtiliPRO Joint Venture to Provide Home Warranty Services

According to a news release, Atlanta based AGL Resources, Detroit-based DTE Energy and Tampa-based TECO Energy, Inc. have formed a joint venture to offer home warranty products and services under the brand name “UtiliPRO”


UtiliPRO home warranty plan will be launched in Georgia before opening for business in other AGL Resources territories, including Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey and possibly other states also. The firm was established at the tail end of 2009 and is based in Atlanta. UtiliPRO will be headed by former DTE Energy director of business development Kevin McCrackin.


UtiliPRO initially is offering a home warranty appliance repair program that will cover both natural gas and electric appliances as well. The program details are not available, but it appears the company will cover only heating and cooling appliances. Most of the home warranty companies such as American Home Shield offer a blanket policy covering many other appliances in the home. This program is unusual, however, the repair or replacement costs are much higher for heating appliances, so consumers might be willing to pay less and have coverage for large appliances.

“Given current economic conditions, this is an ideal time to launch this new business,” said John W. Somerhalder II, chairman, president and CEO of AGL Resources. “UtiliPRO will help people manage unplanned and expensive repairs of their most important appliances.”

Kevin McCrackin said the backing and experience of three well-regarded utilities – AGL Resources, DTE Energy and TECO Energy – with a desire to provide valued products and services during these challenging times will differentiate UtiliPRO from traditional providers of home warranties.

“UtiliPRO combines the utility business appreciation for effective, efficient processes that deliver consistent, quality service with in-the-home, beyond-the-meter products and services that extend the public trust of their utility into a more direct customer relationship,” McCrackin said.


Recent Comments
I have experienced a bit of all complaints mentioned, especially early on...I was eager to get this opportunity, at the time in 2009 because my home warranty lapsed; I discovered/realized it only days afterward and they would not allow me to return under a similar contract so while looking for a practical, trustworthy and reasonably priced option, I chose Utilipro as an interim option. I was very frustrated in the beginning...same AC issue as mentioned by someone earlier...had child in the house and they said, 'oh that is an emergency, we'll get right on it'...found out after calling numerous times, it'd be three days later, since it was the argueing, you won't win. I chose to use someone not authorized by them to get it done 'today'; Utilipro paid only a portion, stating their fees were more than they would have paid their guy. I wanted to cancell...couldn't. Since, however, I've used it for my hot water heater replacement (100% no out of pocket), burner on stove (no OOP), trash compacter x 2 - no OOP; washer (replaced part, no OOP)...and unfortunately today, my dryer...not done yet, but hope I haven't jinxed myself and that too will be no OOP. They seem to have gotten better over time, at least for me. Still, the issues with work orders, proper tasking to service persons/companies and feedback from them are problems...seems always have to call them when the service person arrives because they've not coded something correctly.
Teri Hill
Be forewarned about this company. Getting a call back from them is only wishful thinking. My husband and I now have resorted to "text" messages from the gentleman in charge who is stationed in Atlanta. We have paid extra for this service because we have "two" HVAC units, however now, when the unit upstairs has gone out, they refuse to pay the entire bill and will not provide us with policy language which explains why we must cough up 500.00 of our own money. There are only two numbers to call and it was made plain to us that the toll free number is only to take questions, comments and that they will be forwarded on to "one man" in Atlanta. If you find you have an issue with this particular gentlman, good luck! He will end all conversations over the phone (which were very few and far between) and revert to minimal word "text"s to your phone.
Florina Pinder
I agree with all of the responders. No, they should not position themselves as a home warranty. I have had to call them twice and each time I was dissappointed. They barely can be classified as a repair service contact.
Jan Schutz
Utilipro sounds like a great deal, but don't do it. It is strictly a "repair" service contract, not a replacement contract and although you pay nothing for the service tech to come out, if you have a major breakdown of anything, it will not be replaced. Their customer service is the worst that I have ever experienced. They put you on hold several times within a conversation because it is clear that they just don't know what they are talking about or know what to do. I have had service on my dryer and my oven and the technicians that they sent out were good, but just dealing with Utilipro is the worst. I was told that I could cancel any time, but when I tried to cancel, because I had service, I have to continue until my contract date. I am definitely going to cancel.
Steven Stewart
Utilipro is a nightmare. I started service to cover my appliances while I rented out my home. When the A/C unit broke down, they said the next available appointment would be in 4 days. It was over 100 degrees outside, so I had to use a different service company to fix the A/C, and I cancelled utilipro service. 4 months later, I received a new bill from utilipro, and the customer service rep told me the account had never been cancelled. Now I am told that the account cannot be cancelled because "there is service on it" even though they have never paid a service call of any kind. Furthermore, I was told that service could be cancelled any time by the initial salesman. I was told that "corporate will be in touch with me in the next 24 hours." I have not heard from them.
Jerry Hall
I agree with the top two responders the value is very low shop around and have your unit cleaned everyear.
Bruce Widener
At first glance a home appliance repair program seems like a great deal BUT, as in anything, you must study the small print! This is especially true when the program applies to you HVAC system. While this type program may be OK for your toaster or microwave, it certainly is not right for your high tech heating and cooling system which requires regular, preventive maintenance by a highly trained and licensed HVAC professional. Think about this... Your health and safety could be compromised!  Without periodic maintenance and safety inspections performed by qualified technicians, your family’s health and life safety are put at risk due to issues like carbon monoxide leaks. Your utility bills could be higher and you could needlessly be wasting our nations energy.   Periodic maintenance performed by qualified technicians will keep your utility bills under control and will conserve our nations energy.  Systems not operating at peak performance will result in compromising your comfort in extreme weather conditions. Manufacturers warranties can be invalid with the lack of routine maintenance.   Most manufacturers owners manuals clearly state their systems must be properly maintained in order for the warranty to be in effect. Your system will not be operating safely for the environment.   Periodic maintenance performed by qualified technicians results in refrigerant leaks being discovered and promptly repaired.  Failure to do so will result in compromising our commitment to protecting our ozone as well as ignoring our commitment to EPA regulations.
Larry Miller
This venture should not be described as a home warranty. I have had a home warranty policy for 8 years (2 different companies) and have been generally satisfied. Utilipro only covers appliances and does not address the many items covered under a typical home warranty. Yet it costs 20% more than my current policy for less coverage. I dont quite get their marketing and pricing plan.
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