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Weichert to offer Home Warranty through HMS

Weichert Realtors announced the launch of its new Claim-No-Claim Home Protection Plan. This home protection plan, provided through HMS Home Warranty, now includes coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions, lack of maintenance and jetted bathtubs in addition to the coverage already provided by the previous protection plan.


Its Financial Services said it is committed to offering its clients ‘best-in-class’ products and services. “The innovative Claim-No-Claim Home Protection Plan is a unique offering within the industry and lives up to the expectations we have for branded products.” said Bill McMahon, vice president for Weichert Financial Services.


Founded in 1969, Weichert Realtors has grown from a single office into one of the nation’s leading providers of homeownership services by putting our customers first. With nearly 18,000 sales associates, Weichert services all key markets in the U.S.

Unlike most home warranties, the Claim-No-Claim Home Protection Plan provides value to homeowners whether or not they make a claim. Buyers can have peace of mind knowing they are covered should something go wrong. However, the plan also provides value to those homeowners fortunate enough to not need any repairs. Buyers who have not submitted a claim during the first nine months of their initial year of coverage are entitled to a heating or air conditioning maintenance visit valued at up to $100. More details can be found at Weichert Gold Services or by contacting your local Weichert Realtor.

A premier upgrade option has also been added to The Claim-No-Claim Protection Plan. This optional coverage addresses disposal or removal of defective equipment, recapture or reclaim of refrigerant, permits and mandatory systems upgrades as a result of size and code violations.


Recent Comments
Aneta Grbovic
As I sit here on hold waiting to cancel yet another claim because I'm frustrated with the Weichert Home Protection Plan let me explain the service ... My AC stopped working yesterday (Sunday) and we are in a heat wave ... I went to call the number to file a claim and the pamphlet says 24/7 service but the number kept telling me they were closed and to call back (customer service lady told me that was a glitch in the system, however, this has happened both times I tried to use them). Also they only work with one AC company that doesn't answer calls over the weekend. As you can tell I wasn't impressed with that either. Service is horrible and I am not renewing my plan with them. I can't even imagine what the vendor service would be like if we waited for them to show up after trying to book a time (their online scheduling showed me having to wait for two more days). Anyways to make a long story short ... The Home protection Plan with Weichert is horrible and I strongly recommend to not go with them.
I agree with all the negative reviews others have already posted. A/C went out and have been constantly calling them for update and to not my surprise they are extremely slow in any updates if there is an update they claim they need more info from the 3rd party they outsource the work to. On that note, the 3rd party service repair company service sucks too as they too do not answer phone calls or call back from voice mesaage. If you are seeking home warranty company, I highly suggest to avoid them. If you got them through purchase of your home like me, all we can do is complain to them of their lack of service and write honest reports and inform others to steer away. I had great experience with the real estate portion but can't say the same with their home warranty department. Sad that because of my experience dealing with their home warranty deoartment that this leaves a sour taste in me opting Weichert for any future business
Jill Weible
It is unbelievable! I read every body's post and say YEAH that is ME!!! We are in NJ and just went through a blizzard that dumped almost 3' of snow and our furnice went on Wendesday, 1/6/2016. We are still sitting here because of gas valve issue from a furnace installed in 2001 (not that old) without heat and I warned them about the blizzard. Their local rep had the part and I said he needs to get to our place to make this simple fix by Friday, 1/22/2016. Guess what? He neither returned Weichert's call nor mine. The seller got for reasons above. Average temperature at night has been under 20 degrees. Tonight (1/25/2016) we will be at 27 degrees. My 4 yo asks how many times do I have to go to bed cold. I have talked to Weichert people almost every day and twice today and they are like we have a regional manager looking into this and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours. I have been telling them the stories of my kids (properly bundled up with space heaters) going to bed but they say we are talking to this person and that person but I can't even get a date when "will it be repaired!!!!" I am sure like most of you, you have had warranty's on, dvd players, tv's whatever...but really? Really? Weichert pounds their chests as real estate experts, but in reading your posts they got into something that they are just ripping all of us off to make their claim as experts or putting flag in their cap. This is border line bs if not out right criminal. Do you agree? By way of further background, their rep is almost two hours away and while Weichert says we will pay for the commute, is the guy really driving two hours in the densest state in NJ? I am sure there is plenty of work down in southern NJ.
This company is not trustable. Their customer service staffs read and interpret the protection policy and claims denial even before you give them the fact. The mechanical hook of the chandelier in my breakfast area broke and the light fell to the ground and was damaged. Luckily nobody was heart during this accident. The Plan Item 4, electrical system says "standard mechanical parts or components located within the perimeter of the outer load walls..." so to me the broken mental hook of the light is the right qualified one. However, they claims that the dropped down chandelier was one of the lighting fixtures of the house thus it is not covered by the small print. Would you still think this plan is useful?
NEVER use this program. Too many good ones out there to go with. This company only knows the word "NO". We are going to finish this year and then go with a better company. DO NO use these guys.
Marty Black
In short, do not buy this warranty. If it is given to you when you buy a house, have no faith in it or in your realtor. This warranty is worthless. After a bad experience (being scammed by a technician and getting no support from the warranty company) and reading around this topic, I now realize that this sort of Home Warranty is a way for realtors to help sellers sell their home, to buyers who make the mistake of taking their realtors at their word, when the realtors say to buyers not worry about older appliances because the Weichert Home Protection Warranty will cover things in the first year. Everyone benefits in the Home Warranty scheme.... the home warranty company who sells the plans to realtors, the realtors who represent the seller, the sellers of the property, EXCEPT THE BUYERS of property who are left only with broken promises and feeling like fools. I have been "taken" and am not happy.
Previous owner bought for us because she refused to fix anything. Said it covered everything. NOT!! Called them for a plumber to fix bathtub. Called repeatedly because two plumbers they called never showed. Third showed up and immediately said faucets weren't covered. Then asked to fix toilet which wasn't flushing. He put a $20 part in and charged me $187 for it. Went over $100 deductible because he lied and said he did extra work. Took five minutes to put piece in. My husband could have done it for $20. Only asked for toilet to be fixed because I thought they were fixing tub anyway. I was never informed by customer service that faucets weren't covered even though I called them repeatedly. This company is a ripoff and so was plumber they called.Payless Plumbing.
Called for bathtub faucet to be fixed and toilet bowl also need to be fixed. Called three different times and none of the plumbers showed up. Finally third guy showed up and immediately told us faucets weren't covered and would cost $750.00. Toilet bowl needed a $20 piece. Only threw in toilet because I figured while they were fixing tub. Company never told me faucets weren't covered and toilet cost me $187.00. Deductible of $100 didn't cover whole thing. So basically I was charged $187.00 for a $20.00 piece which my husband could have fixed himself. Never use this company or Payless plumbers. Both are total ripoffs.
JD in Manassas
This company is a total rip-off. How could an ice maker not be covered!!! Its like saying the blower is not covered on an AC system. Avoid these guys like the plague. HMS Home Warranty is the provider of Weichert. When you schedule an appointment they do not tell you what is NOT covered. You end up paying the repairman regardless.
RIP off!! Save your money. You pay for coverage in good faith, and when it comes to having your repairs covered they find ways not to cover. My air conditioning unit had to be repaired. They covered parts and some of the labor. They did not cover 650$ of expenses because they said the state laws mandated those additional items. For example, the removal of the old Freon was not covered. I had no choice in any of the items I had to pay for. There were all required if I wanted a functional air unit. Buyer Beware, do not spend your money for this insurance!
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