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10 Reasons To Get a Home Warranty Plan

If your planning on mitigating expenses on your home then a home warranty plan is your best bet. This is because home expenses on repair, replacement, security, and improvement can be quite expensive. That being said, home maintenance can cost thousands of dollars in case you have an old home with aging appliances and systems.… Read More »

Do I Buy An HVAC Maintenance Plan, A Home Warranty or Both?

Most homeowners are quite concerned about maintaining their household appliances in good working condition. Any homeowner worth his salt will admit that it is no easy task. Hence it calls for some expertise in the form of appliance maintenance plans. What confuses homeowners is the fact that there are so many appliance maintenance plans out… Read More »

When Do You Need a Home Warranty Plan?

Home warranty is a service contract that offers discounted repairs and replacements for your household appliances. If you have an appliance protection plan, and if one of your covered appliances breaks down, the home warranty company will repair it for you at a very nominal price. In general, such plans are considered a wise purchase for… Read More »

Cost Of Home Maintenance Plans

Maintaining everything in the home is one of the major concerns homeowners have to deal with. Every homeowner worth his salt will tell you that the primary expenses incurred in the process of home maintenance are due to appliance and system faults. Having said that, we’re sure that everyone has heard of Appliance / Home… Read More »

How to Compare and Contrast Home Warranty Companies

When you compare “promise contracts”, such as home warranties, you must first comprehend exactly what is being assured. You can then evaluate attributes. Fraction of the research should also be aimed at comparing customer’s ratings of the companies that offer the warranties. Comparing home warranty companies facilitates you to find the policy that suits your… Read More »

What Kind of Insurance Landlord Needs?

As a landlord, legal responsibility is a bigger issue for you. You need to guard yourself against the losses that can potentially crop up to your properties and in general financial health. What if your occupant is hurt on the rental possessions? You want to be sure that if you are prosecuted, you have the… Read More »

Which of the Home Warranties Come with Zero Deductible?

There are few home warranty companies that do not charge service trade fee or “deductible”. If you are looking for such companies, please read on. Please note that we do not endorse any of these companies. IMPORTANT: To read most recent list of companies that offer Zero dollar deductible, please visit our Home Warranty Plan… Read More »