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We maintain complete transparency with the readers on our website. The company rankings on our site are independent of any marketing relationships that we may hold with a home warranty company. We may receive compensation for receiving quotes or placing advertisements. However, this does not affect a company's rankings. Companies are ranked solely on the basis of consumer reviews and ratings received from home warranty users.

*The lead information obtained will be sent to the respective companies as selected by the readers. However, the lead will be shared with a similar company if the selected company either doesn't participate in Leads Program or doesn't respond.

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Top Real Estate Agents in Georgia

PUBLISHED: November 28, 2017 6 MINS READ

To own a home in Georgia you should avail the services of the top real estate agents in Georgia.

Top Realtors in Georgia

Georgia has over 159 counties and this is more than any other state east of the Mississippi. This makes it the largest state east of the Mississippi River. This is the only state where a county is named after a woman, Hart County. This county was named after Nancy Hart, a patriot and warrior that fought against the British in Revolutionary War. There are 350 species of birds in Georgia and this state has the oldest park in the nation. Historically, Georgia was the 4th state to join the union in 1776 and the 5th to join the Confederacy in 1861. It was here that the Cherokee written alphabet was invented. This state was the first to charter a state-supported university in 1785. Elberton located in Georgia is the Granite Capital of the World. Wesleyan College in Macon was the first college that allowed a world chartered grant degree to women.
There are many factors that you will have to review before you settle down to make a payment. Your desire of owning your dream home is within reach if you make it your goal to do some background checks and homework. Firstly, you should study local pricing trends to determine the current market value. Potential investors should see if the price of homes is accelerating in a certain region as compared to others. Also, you should determine the average home price to check if it is more than neighboring towns.This will give you reason enough to study the trends and you will develop a sense for which prices are fair and understand which are overpriced. Realtors and real estate agents are great sources of information. Additionally, you can get your information from the local newspaper, internet, and records in the town hall. Secondly, you can get a host of benefits by getting a pre-approved mortgage. This way you can enjoy a lower interest rate and show others that you have a serious financial backing. Thirdly, you should look for a catalyst for development of new infrastructure as this would ensure that there is a growth spurt in these regions and also help you keep a low tax base. You can spot new developments as you drive, look for signs of land clearing and new constructions. All of this suggests that prices of land are set to increase rapidly. Fourthly, you should also look for low-tax alternatives and compare between two or more towns. Check with a local tax assessor to determine which areas are the best and worst tax structures. You can reassess if this takes place in the near future and also learn if communities get over-crowded in the process. Fifthly, each state ranks its schools based on how well its students fared. Access to great education is important and is an important selling point. Lastly, don’t forget to watch the outskirts as cities and towns are becoming over-priced and places on the fringes are more sought after. This could be based on infrastructural developments, new plans, and areas where the service is expanding into.

Here are 15 of the top realtors in the State of Georgia that are sure to help you find your dream home or invest to make a profitable return. Once you choose these realtors will help you will be able to better understand the market, gain knowledge and insights into properties which are up for grabs and make the right purchase decision.

Anita Clark

Anita Clark Realtor Georgia

Anita Clark works as a full-time realtor at Coldwell Banker in Warner Robins Georgia. Since 2007, she has been helping buyers, selling and investors and is known for her unparalleled marketing skills. She has an outstanding reputation for servicing client satisfaction and known to be extremely helpful in terms of providing the best information for her clients. Her work has helped her sell hundreds of home in Houston County as she represents both buyers and sellers make a sizable gain.

Being an honest realtor, she works at length to help buyers and sellers in all capacities. This could be first-time buyers, seasoned investors, persons looking at moving into a better home and relocators. She also services the Middle GA Communities that include Bonaire, Byron, Centreville, Kathleen, Perry and Warner Robins. Her specialities and services include corporate relocations, custom built homes, down payment assistance, assist first-time buyers, foreclosures, golf course properties, HUD homes, financial information – USDA, FHA, VA Loans, lots and acreage, military relocations, movers advantage program (USAA), new construction, resales, selling your home or land.

Shane Vaughn

Shane Vaughn Realtor Georgia

Shane is a real estate expert for over a decade. He specializes as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, relocation expert and consultant. He spends a lot of time learning about real estate and is highly successful as a residential real estate agent. His focus is through buyer education and Shane uses the Duffy Realty Timeline to inform his buyers, keep them on track and make the buyers sure of their purchase. From being a hard worker, easily accessible, caring and an adviser.

For Shane, his work revolves meeting timelines and buyers benefit from the Proprietary Buyer Action Timeline. To incentivize this he also has a buyer cash bonus closing gift. His team of licensed professionals with a good skill set brings about a good synergy to help complete the sale and assist throughout the real estate transaction. For the sellers, he has enables them through his buyer magnet system that advertises our listings to all buyers. This he has done successfully by using the latest in technology and listing properties on sites. He also works with several marketing techniques and sellers benefit not only from professionalism but savings benefits from a lower commission.

Bing Li

Bing Li Realtor Georgia

Bing Li was a medical researcher at the Emory University. It was only when she was helping her friend find a home that she found her true passion. She got her license as a real estate agent and after 10 years in the field, she has been working with Chapman Hall Realty. Bing is a top producer and number 2 in volume in 2016. Bing has been working towards her clients’ goals and pursuing her passion ever since.
She operates from the Gwinnett, North Fulton and Atlanta regions. Bing attributes her success to her work, diligence to succeed and her love to do well in everything that she does. Most of her business is based on referrals, client servicing and being accessible at all hours.

Most of her business comes from international clients and this requires a high level of communication and delivery to ensure that the deal is successful. She works hard to keep in touch with her former clients and this is a common practice that she does to keep her clients in the know.

She loves to support several local communities based on civic and charitable causes. Bing donates to the Sino-USA Next Generation Foundation. Through this, she can support five low-income students in rural China to ensure that they complete their elementary school and high school. Bing loves spending time with her two daughters and with her family during her free hours. She hopes to expand her business and develop it through social and digital presence. With a decade of real estate under her belt, she continues to deliver, transact business and guide clients towards making the right purchases and moving into their dream homes.

Blair Myers

Blair Myers Realtor Georgia

At different points in his career, Blair has been the No 1 agent in Georgia and ranked 6 in the USA through his real estate career of over 13 years. His specialties include being a Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, and specialist in Relocation and Foreclosure. He works hard and is the top producer in Georgia as he sold a home every 18 hours and closed 400 homes in one year. He has also showcased his homes on Oxygen in 2016, an international television channel.
According to RealTrends, he is the top commission producing agent and has closed an average of 10-15% of Central Georgia MLS market share. He suggests that no lists and sells more houses in Middle Georgia than him. He has a clear understanding of the market and provides a humanistic approach to business and life. This helps him to serve more people in Central Georgia and make a lasting impact on the lives of his clients. He has a team of six assistants and is committed to charitable outreach.
His vision is to be more than just Number 1 in Georgia but to create a team of professionals and members of the community to create a successful real estate sales force in the state and to use his success at business to give back to the community.

Bob Clarkson

Bob Clarkson Realtor Georgia

Bob is a native of Roswell and has a passion for real estate in Atlanta. He helps his local homeowners through the selling and buying process. This he does effectively by providing his clients with a pleasant experience during the real estate transaction. He feels that customer service and communication is based on his reputation and his outlook towards business.
His specialties include resale, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings, expired listing, buyer sales, investment real estate, single family homes, foreclosure and condo sales and town homes. He understands that owning a home is one of the biggest investments in his life. He conducts his sales by ensuring that the transaction is as stress-free as possible and enjoyable. Bob has sold over 150 homes and has knowledge and expertise in selling homes.

He has worked in the real estate industry for the last 8 years and enjoys sports, music and being with his family. Bob loves to spend time with his two dogs and is involved in helping local sports teams.

Crystal Canaday

Crystal Canaday Realtor Georgia

Working with a real estate agent is all about trusting the realtor with helping you buy or sell your home. They provide you with all the expertise in the local market and establish your transaction sale in an instant. This would include helping you understand the transaction process. Her commitment level will help you enjoy her remarkable track record of delivering results.
Crystal enjoys the feeling of connecting with people every day and the gratifying feeling of helping people meet their real estate needs. She loves being the center of attention and this helps her get her work across. Her honest, knowledgeable and trustworthy approach helps with her work in the real estate market. She knows exactly what it takes to find your dream home and gets you the best offer for your property. This helps her achieve her goals.

For all real estate deals, big or small or experienced investors or first-time buyers, Crystal knows how to conclude a sale. She works by ensuring that she has the right property within reach and looks for ways to get you a good deal. Her motto is to serve with the highest customer service and she gives it her all to ensure that you get your work completed.

Dan Jones

Dan Jones Realtor Georgia

Dan was born in Kansas and grew up in Seattle, Washington. He has worked in construction and real estate for several states and attended college at Pennsylvania where he earned a business degree. He managed community services for the American Heart Association during the US Bi-Centennial in Philadelphia. In terms of work, he has worked with advertising, marketing and sales for numerous organizations. At one point, he owned an Advertising, Marketing and Management Consulting company since 1986. He did sail from Philadelphia to the Caribbean. He is married and his wife is recognized as a Mortgage Broker of the Year.
Through Dan looks to innovate and be ahead of the curve when it comes to real estate, he considers a professional photographer and marketing material to back his offerings. When it comes to reaching out to the right audience, he does so with email marketing, networking at events and approaching prospective buyers. He also has a ton of subscribers to his newsletter and he showcases his properties even through fliers that he circulates in malls and newspapers.

His prior experience with the US Air Force to Kleenex facial tissue, he has given him a fair idea about marketing and sales. He loves helping people buy or sell their homes and his website is a one stop shop for people to learn about their dream home.

Chandie Hupman

Chandie Hupman Realtor Georgia

The Hupman Real Estate Group has a team of determined real estate agents that are committed to serving clients and their community. She believes that it is important to know every aspect of what they are buying or investing into. With a strong team that is highly skilled, they are the No. 1 agency in the Savannah / Richmond Hill area since 2016. The philosophy is to engage with the clients like family, serve you with time, attention and resources to cater to your unique situation and needs. What distinguishes her team from others is that they are do not simply conclude with the sale but maintain relationships through the many client gatherings and events. The Hupman team is confident of making any sale and ensuring that the clients are well serviced.
The team at the Hupman office are proud of their work, dedicated and loyal to their clients all across the coastal region. They also believe in “Investing in Your Community” where they donate a part of every transaction to a non profit organization. They believe in not only paying for her success but also through service and support. The difference with the Hupmans is that they continue to wow their community with their work and draw enough attention to ensure that they conclude their sales within the prescribed time frame.

Cynthia Lippert

Cynthia Lippert Realtor Georgia

Cynthia Lippert is the CEO and Associate Broker at her realtor setup. She is an entrepreneur, broker, marketplace leader, trainer, realtor and luxury home specialist. Cynthia ensures that she spends a good amount of time with her clients and gets them up to speed with real estate knowledge, negotiating and expert insights. This she does by acquiring knowledge on the ground, from her communities and circles and from research. She is anything but another realtor and you will get to know this once you meet this strategic, visionary and friendly person.
She joined Keller Williams Realty in 2002 as a broker and team leader. Cynthia continued to open, staff and develop two successful offices and re-launched a third office in the Southeast region. This helped her win the Keller Williams Realty – “Turnaround team leader award” in 2005. She went on to serve as the Managing Broker till 2010.
As an entrepreneur, she started Two Hummingbirds Realty in 2011 and this brings out a true corporate structure and system application that are used by realtors. She has proven these systems from the frontlines of the challenges that realtors face everyday as a realtors and a broker that leads over a hundred agents. In 2016, she moved the Two Hummingbirds Real Estate Group to Engel and Volkers.

George Meyers

George Meyers Realtor Georgia

George is a principal realtor and has an experience of 9 years. His specialties are as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, property manager and investor. George was raised in the Savannah and grew up on both Burnside Island and Tybee Island. He graduated from Armstrong Atlantic State University. He worked during and after college in several companies until the time that he became an entrepreneur. Along with his brother, they started Southern Car Customs which worked on building cars. He opened and sold a lot of successful businesses and in 2008, he decided to sell Southern Car Customs and eventually became a realtor.

When he was a business owner, George learned the trade and entire working of the business. He prides himself in helping entrepreneurs make decisions which help make businesses more successful. George earned several personal properties which include commercial, residential and for investment purposes. These experiences helped him understand his clients’ needs.
George is now a full-time realtor and the founder of Mia Madison Properties. Also, he is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Georgia Association of Realtors, Realtors Commercial Alliance of Savannah/Hilton Past president of the Savannah Landlord and Real Estate Investors Association, 2015 Savannah Multi-list corporation President, member of the distinguished sales society, two time Savannah MLS president’s award recipient, and 2015 Phillip M. Heidt Award winner.

Barbara & Dona

Barbara & Dona Realtor Georgia

Barbara Berman is an associate broker and began her real estate career 18 years ago. Initially, she worked part-time as she worked in management at legal firms. She turned full-time in 1998 and brought many aspects of her work in legal as well as interior design. She believes in studying and staying abreast with all the new developments. Barbara is accredited with an Associate Broker license, GRI (Georgia Realtor Institute), ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative), QSC (Quality Service Certification), CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) and CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert).  
She focuses on servicing her clients and though she has been a member of the Keller Williams company for a short period, she has won numerous awards. These include Lifetime Member Million Dollar Club, 100% Club, Hall of Fame, Phoenix Award, as well as several Agent of the Month awards.  
Dona Cardenas is an Associate Broker and a top producing agent since 1995. She has helped hundreds of families buy and sell their homes. Initially, she worked as a top producing agent, then with a team and now she continues to help hundreds of families. Earlier, she worked with ReMax for 14 years and joined Barbara as a partner with Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Road. She is a member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors, the Georgia Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. She has obtained her GRI, SFR (Short sale and foreclosure certified) and E-PRO certifications.

Justin Davis

Justin Davis Realtor Georgia
Justin is a realtor that specializes as a buyer, listing, and relocation agent. He is committed to assisting you with buying or selling your home and helping you understand the transaction process. This has helped him build a remarkable track record of delivering results. Justin teams up with industry professionals to share his commitment and drive. He works first on understanding and listening to the client’s needs. Then he reviews his portfolio, goes into the market to source the requirement and ties up with his broker network to get more eyes and ears on helping bring the buyer and seller together.
In time, Justin works on the related paperwork, reviews all the documentation and ensures that a legal eagle goes through his work. Once done, he checks with the buyer and seller and negotiates the price to the benefit of both and reaches an understanding. In terms of helping the buyer understand the process, know all the details behind the deal and make the transaction as stress-free as possible.
This is the reason why he teamed up with Veterans United as the preferred lender. He uses their services to help you define your mortgage loan and put your clients’ needs first. The best feeling for him is when he feels gratified for helping people meet their real estate needs. This he does by allowing people to trust him for his work, honesty, and knowledge about the market. He feels that it is his responsibility and goal to help you find your dream home.

Brad Weiner

Brad Weiner Realtor Georgia
Brad is a ReMax agent for over 10 years. He is an experienced buyer, listing, relocation and foreclosure agent. He is a seasoned buying and selling agent at North Atlanta Georgia and he keeps pace with new advancements in technology to market his properties. This he does by effecting using the internet as a tool to help him connect with other realtors and buyers and sellers alike.
His North Atlanta team understood that they needed to shift and be available on the internet and provide friendly experiences for their clients. They continue to get their information and derive their research based on cues from the internet. From his standpoint, he derives that 85% of people start their search for homes on the internet. His marketing department has played a large role in helping him reach out to people and make their presence known. Their sole task is to keep the company, its listing and other details in focus.
From buying or selling in Atlanta or the Suburbs of Cherokee County, North Fulton, and Forsyth, his team is there to provide a professional experience that understands the entire process and resolve all complex problems. Brad Weiner is currently in the top 1% of realtor’s nationwide.

Jen Garrett

Jen Garrett Realtor Georgia

Jen is a realtor with 14 years of experience. Her specialties include being a buyer, listing, relocation and consulting agent. Having earned a degree in business administration and a career in business consulting and human resources, he moved to real estate. Jen constantly involves herself with coaching, training and gets the latest in marketing trends and tools to sell homes. The company looks at doing background verification, sales reviews and acknowledges the importance of great customer service. She creates the best home-buying, home-selling experience for clients and most of her clients are based on referrals. In terms of work, she is extremely passionate about driving success and finding solutions for her clients. Additionally, she partners with Berkshire Hathaway Georgia Properties to provide the best quality service to enhance the experience of buying or selling a home.
The best part about Jen is that she has the key to most places and she has a keen eye for details. From a starter home, retirement home, luxury homes and other family homes, she will spend time with you till you take your time to decide. She even assists with For Sale By Owners and foreclosures and provides market analysis to help her clients stay informed. Additionally, she helps provide aid in terms of helping you get your finances in order and ensuring that the home that you are moving into is kept in prime condition and ready to move in.
She remains focused and driven and provides you with all the information to get the best price. To prepare the house for showings, she combines portfolios of the home, professional tours, and full-color flyers to get buyers notice her. She also uses multiple listing services, emails and flyer delivery to local offices. Regular updates will follow and she will check to determine the listings in the local market. Once the offer comes in, she takes no time at all to negotiate and seal the deal. She is recognized in the President’s Circle – Top 4% of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Network Worldwide and Circle of Excellence Lifetime Member – West Georgia Board of Realtors.

Andrea Gordon

Andrea Gordon Realtor Georgia

Andrea is a real estate specialist with 19 years of experience. He specializes as a buyers, listing, relocation and property manager. According to him, real estate is a way to help people and empower them to improve their lives financially. His 20 years of experience with real estate in the East Bay area helps him stay creative and intellectual. This has helped him reach his goals and stay confident and happy. He has been a licensed realtor since 1998 in the East Bay and surrounding areas.
Some of his achievements include:

  • In 2016 she closed 34 transactions for a total volume of  over $36 million
  • In 2015 she closed 36 transactions for a total volume of close to $37 million
  • Top producing agent companywide for Red Oak Realty in 2015 and 2016.
  • Realtor of the year in 2015.
  • Ranked #8 for Coldwell Banker in Northern California, and was among the top 1% Realtors for NRT (Coldwell Banker’s Parent Company which also owns Century 21, ERA, BHG and others).
  • Grand Centurion in the Century 21 System and in the Grand Centurion Honor Society.
  • Andrea receives 80% of her business from repeat/referral clientele.

Georgia is home to shoot the Bull Barbecue Championship, Six Flags over Georgia theme park and the world’s largest sculpture and the largest mural in the world. But apart from this, real estate continues to marginally have an upward trend across all counties of Georgia. This makes it a safe option for home buyers and investors that look to make Georgia their home. When it comes to making a down payment on your new home, you need to evaluate your mortgage payments. The best way to understand the numbers behind it is with a mortgage calculator. With the mortgage calculator, you can determine if you have the resources to complete all payments and whether the interests rates are not too high. While you are looking at buying your home, it is advisable to buy a home warranty for your home in Georgia in case the home is not already covered by one.

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