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Top Real Estate Agents in Iowa

PUBLISHED: December 6, 2018 6 MINS READ

This article has listed to real estate agents in Iowa. Before looking at the list of realtors, let’s have a quick look at state of Iowa.

Iowa is the 26th largest state and the 30th most populous of the 50 US states. The largest city by population is the capital, Des Moines. Its nickname is the Hawkeye State. It was only in the latter half of the 20th Century that Iowa’s agricultural economy made the transition to diversify into information technology, manufacturing processing and financial services. Other industries include biotechnology and green energy production.

Top Real Estate Agents in Iowa

In colonial times, Iowa was a part of French Louisiana and Spanish Louisiana and this is why its state flag is patterned after the French flag. It was after the Louisiana Purchase that laid the foundation for an agriculture-based economy in the Corn Belt. Iowa is a Midwestern state which is bordered by the Mississippi River to the east, and to the west is the Big Sioux and Missouri rivers.

15 Top Real Estate Agents In Iowa

Mike Bails

Mike Bails

Mike Bails is a native of the city of Iowa and leads the corridor in development, income and investment properties and new construction. He has been selling real estate since 1999 and is a member of the Board of Directors for The Iowa City Area Home Builder’s Association. He is married with two children Mariah and Caden. Mike met Angie while attending the University of Iowa, are a real estate match made in heaven. Angie owns a rental property management company, Brotherton Investments. Together, they are building a home in Solon on 23 acres.

He knows the region well and uses technology to boost his real estate business. When he’s not working, Mike likes to jump in the family RV and camp.

Emily Farber

Emily Farber

Emily is a realtor and specialises as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, notary and into staging. She is an Iowa City area native with a lifetime of local experience and knowledge with a large repository of contacts. As a realtor, she has an eye for detail and a passion for helping others and a natural enthusiastic nature to thoughtfully guide you through the buying and selling process as you move toward your goals.    

She feels that real estate helps her utilize her background in education in leading others towards positive outcomes. Also, she focuses her energy and work ethic by combining my talents for careful listening and observation. Her interests also include helping others, the natural ability to hunting down the best options.

Emily has degrees in both Journalism and Secondary English Education from Iowa State University. She has worked as a newspaper reporter and a teacher. She taught fitness classes and managed a fitness studio. An active member of the Red Cross as a team lead for the Johnson County and surrounding areas and volunteers at children’s schools’ PTOs.

Karen Converse

Karen Converse

Karen is a Broker Associate with ten years of experience. Her specialities include being a buyer’s agent, listing agent, relocation and staging.

As a Broker Associate for RE/MAX Pride Real Estate, she will take you through the process of buying or selling your home from start to finish with my knowledge, skill and desire to put your needs as my top priority.

She is her tenth year as a realtor and has the right experience to take you through the buying and selling process. In 2017 alone, she sold just under 7 million dollars in home sales in Oskaloosa and the surrounding areas.

For sellers, she will ensure that she markets your home on over 80 websites and Facebook. She will put your house out to as many buyers as possible that fit your home as quickly as possible. Also, she will help you take your home from living mode to selling mode so you can present your home at its best to potential buyers.

For buyers, she will find the right home that you are looking for and assist you in your search with flexible hours. She can give you a fair idea of the market value if you are interested in properties in the region.

She is married to Chuck and has 3 children. Her interests outside of work include charity projects, walking, biking, all kinds of music and home improvement and tiny house shows.

Mark Charter

Mark Charter

Mark Charter is a realtor with 13 years experience and specialises as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, and relocation specialist. It was after Mark became one of the best selling and most recommended agents that he started his own firm, Charter House Real Estate, to serve central Iowa.

He looks to give his clients the perks and options that they desired and deserve. He looks at different options for his clients like shortlisting contracts of 3 months, flexible commission options and access to a free moving truck.

The motto of Charter House is “Real estate redefined” because real estate can be done in a better way, and at Charter House, they believe that 100%. With a proven sales track record, Mark is sure to help you buy or sell your home with the objective of putting his clients first.

Matt Mauro

Matt Mauro

Matt is a licensed realtor for over 23 years and specialises as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, consultant, property manager and landlord. He has been a licensed realtor since 1995 and this was at the age of 18 when he did not know much about the industry.

He started investing in real estate when he was 23 years old. This was when he started buying and re-selling distressed properties then residential rentals and finally commercial properties. This has given him a wealth of knowledge and resources that he has provided his clients that are choosing their home or taking on home projects.

Estate sales can often be emotional for the family. They are going to need someone who can put them in touch with the type of professionals that collaborate for a common goal. Often times the property needs to go through probate or the family need assistance with auctioning off belongings. There are times when repairs need to be completed to ensure a saleable property. He enjoys working on these types of transactions when it comes to moving pieces and making it effortless for the seller.

When it comes to classic homes, he finds it fun to pursue his clients. Every home is unique in its own way with classic materials you just won’t find in most homes today. In order to sell it, you need to get updates, knowledge of areas, grants, and materials used at the original time built is key information.

Sheila Denburger

Sheila Denburger

Sheila is a realtor with close to 20 years of experience. He specialises in buyer’s agent, listing agent and staging. Sheila Denburger is the Owner and Principal Broker of Gatton Realty & Closings, a real estate agency located in Oskaloosa Iowa. She is a graduate of William Penn University, where she received a BA in Business.

After graduation, Sheila worked as a Special Projects Coordinator for a major corporation in Oskaloosa, where she discovered her passion for relocation. That position was the stepping off point to her extremely successful career in real estate. She joined Gatton Realty Inc. in 1999 and is now co-owner and a consistent Multi-Million-Dollar Producer in the Oskaloosa market.

She has a strong insight into the Oskaloosa market and has deep roots in the community at large. She and her husband Randy have raised 4 wonderful children and have been blessed with 11 grandchildren! She loves the support and family values the Oskaloosa area provides, and this is why she loves to give back to the community whenever she can.

Maya Vander

Maya Vander

Maya is a real estate associate. Her specialities include being a buyer’s agent, listing agent, relocation specialist, luxury properties realtor and property manager. She has the ability to understand and meet the client’s needs as a trusted advisor through the buying and selling process. He prides himself on bringing properties and clients together. As a natural negotiator, she stays calm and focused through what can be a complex and stressful time for her clients, providing value-added guidance and driving towards a successful outcome. He values the importance of listening to buyers and sellers and his outgoing personality immediately puts his clients and counter-parties at ease.  

Her decision to get into real estate was that he has a history of investing and flipping homes and having grown up in a family that deals with real estate. She has lived in several countries abroad including Israel, the Netherlands, Spain and Singapore before moving to Los Angeles and Miami, and thus have a deep appreciation for the variety of cultures our great city brings together. She carries her expertise and experience in her work in Iowa.

Tom Webber

Tom Webber

Tom is a broker associate and has an experience of more than 13 years. He specialises as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, consultant, property manager, landlord and military relocation professional. Get to know what your home is worth and let Tom use his resources and time to sell your home.

A realtor is the #1 benefit to secure the right deal at the right time. You should avoid the stress of going through it on your own. This is because moving is stressful enough and why would you need the stress when you have someone like Tom to get you on your way.

He loves the process of looking for your right home. You can expect him to share in the fun and have a light-hearted and real approach to your home buying experience. This is because he is down to earth, light-hearted and real.

There is a time to talk serious but it comes naturally throughout your buying experience and he can help you make the most informed decisions on whatever property you are looking at.

Also, he works at Legacy Green Builders and Developers in which they specialise in “Earth & People Friendly” homes in Iowa that are “Built Green From The Ground Up”

You can consult with him in your pursuits to finding, negotiating, closing, and rehabbing or renting your next investment. His words, he wants to be your ‘guy’ in real estate.

Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson

Troy specialises as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, foreclosure, short sale and property management. He feels that most teams try to sprinkle colorful words to describe themselves. But he has chosen a different path. He recognises himself and his team as high performance ‘maniacs’ that are dedicated on making you better off than you were before you met us.

Team Troy believes that real estate should be about you the client. They feel that real estate is not about them or their brand. It’s about helping people buy and sell their homes. He believes in giving back to local causes.

Simply put, he believes the “real” in real estate is proven by the one who creates the most energy. This is the one who understands the difference of context vs. concept. Also, this is one who performs, the one who gets the job done.

Zac Bales-Henry

Zac Bales-Henry

Zac is a broker with 12 years of experience. His specialities include being a buyer’s agent, and a listing agent. He is a lifelong native of Des Moines and attended Lincoln High School and went on to run cross country and track for Drake University. His real estate career started at the age of 20. Currently, he is a broker for Coldwell Banker MAG. He is also the sales lead for ZBH & Partners. He is a licensed agent for over 9 years. In 2016 he was given the honor of Realtor Magazines 30 under 30. He is committed to my community and strives to give back through his charitable foundation called the ZBH charitable fund. He also takes it on his own to give scholarship to students with learning disabilities.

Whitney Russell

Whitney Russell

Whitney is a realtor that specialises as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, relocation and new construction specialist.

He is originally from Mt. Vernon, Iowa Whitney has lived in the Iowa City area since 2009 and never wants to leave! When Whitney isn’t busy helping you with your real estate needs she volunteers for the City Circle Acting Company of Coralville and supports various other non-profits in the area.  

She also enjoys spending time with her friends, family, husband, Ben, and two rescue dogs, Jim and Chi Chi.  Whitney believes that the stress of selling should be fun and exciting and this is what she will do for you.

Denise Hamlin


Denise is a realtor and a broker-owner at Cardinal Realty. He specialises as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, relocation specialist and staging expert. His special area of expertise is helping relocate buyers and sellers. In terms of validation, it would seem that she has done a fair amount of relocation herself and through her personal experience in relocating of buyers and sellers, there is a sense that they will get all the help they need.

She believes in a more personal approach to real estate. For her, communication is the cornerstone of her business, with technology coming in a close second. Also, she strongly feels that the Internet has changed how we do business and has incorporated it well into her strategy.

Her main goal is to do a good job for my clients. By combining a personal approach with the latest and best in technology her clients get the best of both worlds is what she feels.

Jeremy Anania

Jeremy Anania

Jeremy was born and raised on the Southside of Des Moines. He started working at a young age answering phones and filing paperwork at his grandfather’s Insurance agency, located downtown on Court Ave. After Graduating, he spent many years in Sales and Sales Management until starting his own Residential Appraisal company. In addition to appraising homes, investment properties proposed construction and vacant land, he was also part of training programs for Realtors and Loan Officers on many aspects of valuing properties including appraisal rules and regulations that could affect their clients.

While operating a residential appraisal business for more than 13 years, Jeremy has seen many homeowners sell their homes under market value or offer too much when buying. With his knowledge in real estate and being a part of so many transactions as one of the top Residential Appraisers in Central Iowa, Jeremy became a realtor and has put together a team of professionals that can be a direct resource to homeowners in helping them make the right decisions up front with one of their largest investments.

Berni Nash

Berni Nash

It was after several decades of helping buy and sell homes for clients that she has embraced the process. She helps in facilitation, negotiation, execution of the normal duties of real estate agents. Also, she knows what it takes to perform for her clients to get them to the finish line.

She is an advocate for their side, rally their morale and support their journey. This is why she feels that she is in an important moment of her lives where she gets to know the humans behind the transactions. This happens to help those that are ready to move into their homes and those seeking out to find the best in the market especially when the market is down.

It happens when she sees the faces of a husband and wife seeking to get the most for their home even though the market has slowed down at the exact time they need to sell and anxiety is clouding their decision-making. She sees it with a single dad who needs guidance finding the right home for his two boys, close enough to the school he thinks is best for them, in a neighborhood he feels good about.

Her clients’ hopes and dreams become her hopes and dreams. Their goals become her goals. In her way of saying it, “We’re suddenly and completely all in this together.” As your agent, whether buying or selling, she is a licensed professional that you can also call a friend.

Ryan Koller

Ryan Koller

Ryan is a realtor that specialises as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, relocation specialist and foreclosure expert. He believes that a good realtor starts with listening to his clients’ needs along with coaching them through the entire process. If you are buying or selling, his goal is to make the best of every situation and make it the most enjoyable experience. Ryan previously worked as a financial consultant, a real estate investor, property manager, building new construction only add invaluable information when selling or buying a home. He holds an MBA from the University of Iowa with a concentration in finance. Also, he believes that it takes teamwork and hard work to provide results for clients.

Home Warranty For All

When it comes to protecting your home, you should invest in a home warranty. But before you do that you should get yourself a free home warranty quote. Ensure that you get a good idea about the home warranties in Iowa and pick the best one in your locale. You need to ensure that the company that you choose is not out of business and that the company that you choose has a functioning service team.

So what is a home warranty exactly?

A home warranty is a service contract that promises to repair or replace damaged appliances and systems, provided it meets the terms and conditions of the deal. You should review what is covered in a home warranty to know which home warranties to sign up for. Here, you can learn about the benefits for home buyers, sellers and realtors:

Homeowner And Buyer Benefits

  • Cash flow protection on unexpected repair and replacement of appliances.
  • One call and a nominal fee, the issue is sorted.
  • No need to screen and follow up with contractors and other professionals.
  • Most major systems and appliances are covered under the standard plan.
  • Provides ongoing home protection, renewable year after year.

Seller Benefits

  • Appliance protection plan as an incentive to attract buyers.
  • Minimal cost premium not paid until closing.
  • Budget/cash flow protection on unexpected repairs.
  • Reduced after sale worries. This means, if a breakdown happens after closing the deal, buyers will call the warranty company, not the seller.

Real Estate Professionals Benefits

  • Homes with home warranties tend to sell faster and closer to the asking price – minimizing marketing efforts.
  • Reduced after sale hassles – when a buyer experiences a breakdown, they call the warranty company, not the agent.
  • Satisfied clients will generate increased repeat/referral business.
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