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Square Warranty

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Square Warranty

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888-351-0908 $300
Premium $300
Deductible $45
NHSCA Membership No
Coverage Area Nationwide (USA)
Years In Business 18
Total Reviews 0
Complaint Resolution No
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Executive Profiles NA
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Founded in the year 2000, Square Warranty is a home service contract provider+ that currently caters to the needs of 500,000 policyholders. The company considers themselves as one of the fast-growing companies in the home warranty industry. The company conducts business in several parts of the country and has offices in various locations. Square warranty is led by it’s founder and CEO, David Glendale.

The company claims that they have one of the best warranty services in the industry. With plans starting from $300 and a 24 hour turnaround from filing a claim to the arrival of a technician, the company does provide satisfying service. Square warranty, like many others in the industry, runs a 24/7 customer service facility. Yet another attractive feature offered by the company is that customers get to pick a preferred local technician for repair service. The company does not place an contractual obligations on customers.

The website of Square Warranty is a rich source of information about the company. Potential and existing customers can visit the site for assistance regarding warranty plans. However, it is uncertain whether the company has a provision for online claim submission or not.

Warranty products by Square Warranty come in the following variations:

  • Premier Plan - Priced at $889
  • Sensible Plan - Priced at $679
  • Essential Plan - Priced at $498
  • Towing Plan - Info unavailable
  • Locksmith Plan - Info unavailable

The Premier Plan offers maximum coverage with items like jacuzzi. Sensible Plan offers a little less protection as compared to Premier Plan. The Essential Plan covers only the most basic appliances and systems.

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