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Alaska Home Warranty Companies

Alaska is a state situated in the northwest of the United States. Most of Alaska Natives reside in the capital city of Anchorage. Unlike the mainland states of the United States, some home warranty companies do not operate in Alaska. Therefore, identifying a suitable home warranty plan might get a little challenging. To address this challenge, we at have compiled a list of top home warranty companies in the state. To further simplify your decision-making process, we have designed a graph that shows you the average premium and deductible across Alaska. The X-axis displays the number of homeowners and the Y-axis displays the premium price.  At present, $318.98 is the average premium for a home warranty plan which can be seen on top of the graph. $40.55 is the average deductible that home warranty users have chosen. 

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A Glimpse At Average Premium In alaska

Coverage in alaska (AK) major towns:

Anchorage Badger College
Fairbanks Juneau Ketchikan

Population : 709,930

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Which Alaska Home Warranty To Choose

Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty
/ 5
Based on 231 Reviews
  • Lowe's is the second largest hardware chain in the United States
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 1.9
Home Depot Home Protection Plans
/ 5
Based on 149 Reviews
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 1.8
  • Been in the industry since 1978
  • Has a Customer Service rating of 1.6
Global Home USA Warranty
/ 5
Based on 75 Reviews
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 3.0
  • Been in the industry since 1994
First Premier Home Warranty
/ 5
Based on 2 Reviews

alaska Home Warranty Companies Reviews

Reviews For Alaska Home Warranty Companies

Read reviews about various home warranty companies that provide service in Alaska. This helps you get a better insight into the quality of services provided. If you would like to share an experience with any home warranty company, we encourage you to write a review. Sharing your experience will help other customers while selecting a home warranty company or a plan.

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You should consider several aspects when choosing the best home warranty plan. Think about the coverage offered, the reputation of the company, and the contract cost of the home warranty plan.