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last_updated_date Updated on September 26, 2023
last_updated_date Updated on September 26, 2023

Best Home Warranty Companies in Sacramento

Homeowners in Sacramento have to deal with hot summers, which can stress the major home appliances and systems, including air conditioning and refrigerators. A home warranty can come in handy if your home appliances or systems break down because of normal usage. It will help you stay safe from having large repair bills. Check out our detailed reviews of the best home warranty companies in Sacramento and get one for your home. 

Average repair costs:

  • Plumbing System

    $500 +

  • Kitchen Appliances

    $100 - $650

  • Laundry System


  • Roof Leak


  • HVAC


  • Garbage Disposal


  • Pool / Spa


  • Septic


  • Well

    $300 - $500

  • Garage Door


Service Fee$75
LimitUpto $1.5k/item
Activation 30 Days
Cancellation Fee $50
Service Fee$60-$85
LimitUpto $3K/item
Activation 30 Days
Cancellation Fee $50
Service Fee$60-$100
LimitUpto $3k/item
Activation 30 Days
Cancellation Fee $75
Service Fee$75-$125
Activation30 Days
Cancellation Fee N/A
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5 Best Home Warranty Companies in Sacramento CA

A Detailed Review Of The Top Home Warranty Companies

American Home Shield (AHS) Review

American Home Shield has been in the home warranty industry for the past 40 years. Not only does it have extensive coverage plans for the homeowners, but it also covers damages due to pre-existing conditions, which most competitors don’t. 

What To Expect From AHS:

  • No cancellation fees for the homeowners 
  • Coverage limits of $6k on appliances and unlimited on systems 


ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum are the three plans AHS provides to its customers. Homeowners can even add additional items at affordable prices. 


AHS plans can range from $39 to $70 monthly, depending on the selected deductibles. The options for the deductibles are mainly $75, $100, and $125.

Premium$29 - $99
Service Fee$100 & $125
Activation 30 Days
Cancellation FeeN/A

Select Home Warranty Review

Select Home Warranty provides affordable home warranty plans and low deductible service fees. The company’s service call fees start as low as $60, which is low compared to the industry average.

What To Expect From Select Home Warranty:

  • Free two months of coverage with every plan 
  • Dollar limits of upto $2000 per item


Select Home Warranty offers Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care plans, the Platinum Care plan being the most extensive. 


SHW charges $60 for its Bronze Care and Gold Care. The Platinum Care plan begins at $64 per month. The company’s service charge can vary from $60 to $100, depending on the location.

Premium$44 - $47
Service Fee$60-$75
Activation30 Days
Cancellation Fee$75
$150 off + Free roof coverage + 2 months free

Cinch Home Services Review

Cinch Home Services is one of the most experienced home warranty companies in Sacramento. The company serves over a million homeowners requests across 48 U.S. states. 

What To Expect From CHS:

  • The coverage limit of upto $2k per item 
  • $500 Homeowners Insurance Deductible Reimbursement 


Cinch Home Services provides three plans to its customers: Built-in Systems Plan, Appliances Plan, and Complete Home Plan. You can even opt for a separate Premier Upgrade, which can provide coverage for condenser pads, code upgrades, and more. 


Cinch Home Services plans start from $34.99 and can go up to $67.99 monthly with deductibles of $75, $100, or $150, respectively. 

Premium$38 - $66
Service Fee$100, $125, $150
Activation30 days
Cancellation Fee10%

First American Home Warranty Review

First American Home Warranty has been in the industry for more than 30 years and extends its coverage to 35 states. The company’s plans even cover the building and improper installation repairs. 

What To Expect From First Home Warranty?

  • Plans from $28
  • Unlimited service calls over the year


FAHW offers two main home warranty plans: Basic Plan and Premier Plan. You can even go for the optional add-ons and the First Class Upgrade option to enhance the coverage. 


The cost of the plans varies from one state to another. Basically, the Basic Plan starts from $33 and varies according to the chosen optional add-ons. While on the other hand, Premier Plan begins at $45 per month, and a deductible of $85 is charged on every visit.

Service Fee$75,$100,$125
Activation30 day
Cancellation Fee$50

America’s First Choice – AFC Review

America’s First Choice Home Club provides plans suitable for every pocket-friendly repair and replacement plan and the freedom to choose your own technician. 

What To Expect From America’s First Choice Home Club:

  • 24*7 claims
  • Service guarantee of up to 3 years


The company provides four home warranty coverage plans for its clients- Platinum Plan, Gold Plan, Silver Plan, and System Plan. It even provides additional coverage options for other home items, including a sump pump, hot water dispenser, etc. 


The cost of Platinum Plan can go from $45.83-$50, and Gold Plan’s cost can range from $41.67-$45.83. While on the other hand, the price of Systems Coverage can range from $31.25-$39.58, Silver Coverage plan’s price can range from $33.33-$37.50. The service fee charged by the company ranges from $75-$125, which depends on the selected plan.

Premium$33 - $56
Service Fee$75-$125
Cancellation Fee$75

Some Useful Facts About The City

city icon City: Sacramento
area code icon Average real estate prices: $475, 136
state icon State: California(CA)
population icon Population: 757530
area code icon Area Code: 916
country icon Country: Sacramento County

Weather conditions:

Average Rainfall

Average Sunlight

General Climate Conditions

Tropical Cyclones

20 inches/ year 

269 sunny days/ Year 

  • Hot and arid summers 
  • Short, cold, and wet winters


Offices of home warranty companies in the city:

Housing and Development authorities:

  • Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Authority 
  • Mutual Housing California 
  • City of Sacramento Tenant Protection Program 
  • Sacramento Self-Help Housing 

The Bottom Line

A well-suited home warranty plan will offer you extensive advantages.So when selecting a home warranty in Sacramento, consider every factor, which includes coverage, contract costs, and company reputation.

By HomeWarrantyreviews.com Team | Reviewed By Shashank Ramesh

Sacramento Home Warranty FAQs

How Much Is The Average Home Warranty In California?

The average home warranty cost in California is $45 per month and can go up to $60 every month, while the lowest cost plan can be around $40 every month.

Is Home Warranty A Waste Of Money?

No, a home warranty is not a waste of money. Home warranty plans offer proper coverage for major home appliances and systems in return for a nominal premium. However, you should read the reviews of home warranty companies available in your area and choose a well-suited plan. 

How Do I Benefit From Home Warranty?

A home warranty offers different benefits to the homeowners. As a customer, you will get protection against the expensive and unforeseen repair bills for your home appliances and home systems. It even saves you from the hustle of searching and hiring a repaired technician. 

What Is The Difference Between Home Warranty And Home Insurance?

A home warranty covers everyday wear and tear damages to the major home systems and home appliances.

On the other hand, home insurance includes the damages to your personal property and damages caused by major events, which include natural disasters, vandalism, and burglary.

What Are The Five Best Home Warranty Companies?

The five best home warranty companies are mentioned as follows: 

  • Choice Home Warranty 
  • Select Home Warranty 
  • ServicePlus Home Warranty 
  • American Home Shield 
  • America’s Preferred Home Warranty

sacramento Home Warranty Companies Reviews

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