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last_updated_date Updated on February 9, 2023
Best Home Warranty Companies In Georgia
last_updated_date Updated on February 9, 2023
Best Home Warranty Companies In Georgia

Best Home Warranty Companies In Georgia

Northern Georgia has freezing winters, and the south faces excruciatingly hot summers. Georgia summers are among the warmest in the country, and home systems and appliances are under a lot of strain in such extreme conditions. To help you in this regard, we’ve reviewed the top home warranty companies in Georgia so you can find the perfect one for your home!

Disclaimer: We facilitate quotes from reputable home warranty providers and may earn a commission, but that does not influence our evaluation process to produce unbiased reviews.

If you have a home warranty, you can get all your home items covered that you regularly use and are more prone to breakdowns. However, without it, you may have to pay a substantial amount for repairs/replacements. 

Repair And Replacement Cost Of Various Appliances In Georgia

The below-mention are the repair and replacement costs of some commonly used systems and appliances in Georgia:


Now that you know how expensive these maintenance costs are, you can try exploring home warranty options.

  • 90-day service guarantee
  • Two comprehensive plans
  • Covers 46 states
$200 Off + 2 Months Free Coverage
  • 30-day labor guarantee
  • 90-day parts guarantee
  • $3k dollar limits on each item
1st month free + Free roof coverage
  • Multi-year plans
  • Same-day response on claims
  • B rating from BBB
$150 off + Free roof coverage + 2 months free

Top Home Warranty Companies In Georgia

Among various home warranty companies in Georgia, we have shortlisted the best ones for you. Take a look:

Premium (Monthly)
Coverage Limit
Workmanship Guarantee
Covers Pre-Existing Conditions

An existing malfunction in any system or appliance before the coverage begins on a home warranty plan refers to a pre-existing condition. A unknown pre-existing condition is one that cannot be detected during the routine maintenance/inspection or is unknown to the homeowner. To know more, you can refer to our detailed article on does home warranty cover pre-existing conditions.

Choice Home Warranty
$46-$55 Upto $3K/item 60-Day No Extended Coverage For Homes Up To 5000 Sq. Ft. At Zero Extra Fees
American Home Shield (AHS) VIEW MORE $39-$60 $4k-$5k 30-Day Yes (Unknown) HVAC Tune-Ups
ServicePlus Home Warranty
$60-$67 $3k/item 90-Day No Limited Roof Coverage With Annual Plan Purchase
Liberty Home Guard
$50-$60 $2k/Item 60-Day Yes (Unknown) 43 Add-Ons
Cinch Home Services
$73- $106 $10,000 180-Day Yes (Unknown) $25 Credit Toward A/C Filters

Best Home Warranty Companies In Georgia: Reviewed

In this section, we’ll detail the top-rated Georgia home warranty companies’ plans, pricing, terms, and exclusions. 

Choice Home Warranty

four_star4.0 / 5
Free coverage for a month + roof coverage

Choice Home Warranty has been in business for more than 13 years and is available in nearly all US states. Choice Home Warranty stands out partly because it keeps its plans as basic as possible and provides extensive workmanship guarantees.


  • Offers free roof leak coverage
  • Several months free of coverage on multi-year plans


  • Low coverage limit on the plans

Plans And Coverage:

Choice offers two plans: Basic and Total. You can get coverage for 14 systems and appliances in the first plan. In the second, you can enjoy coverage for 18 home items. Apart from the two plans, there are optional add-ons that you can add to your plans at an extra cost. 


The basic plan costs $46 monthly, and the Total plan comes at around $54 monthly. CHW charges service fees from $75 to $150.

$46 $46 Basic Plan
$54 $54 Total Plan

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

According to Choice’s sample contract, the company will not cover damages due to lack of maintenance, neglect, unforeseen circumstances, etc. Items with pre-existing conditions are also exempt from coverage.

Apart from the exclusions, there are certain set coverage limits for diagnosis, repair, or replacement for covered items, which is $3000.

American Home Shield (AHS)

four_star4.0 / 5
Cashbacks + Amazon gift cards

American Home Shield stands out as one of the top options available, with more than 50 years of experience in the field. You can pick the best coverage for your home with the American Home Shield plans. It also gives you the option to select your service fee.


  • Offers unlimited systems coverage
  • Covers undetectable pre-existing conditions


  • Workmanship guarantee is just for 30 days

Plans and Coverage:

There are three plans that AHS offers to homeowners: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum. It separately covers systems and appliances in the first two options, respectively. And the ShieldPlatinum plan includes everything from the other two and some extra items. 


American Home Shield plans range between $19 to $70 per month depending on the three deductibles options: $75, $100, and $125. According to the company’s policy, the higher the deductible price you choose, the lesser the monthly/annual premium you will have to pay. 

$19.99 $19.99 ShieldSilver
$39.99 $39.99 ShieldGold
$69.99 $69.99 ShieldPlatinum

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

Your American Home Shield contract will not cover routine maintenance, venting, exhaust lines, chimneys, and cosmetic damage. Some home management systems, such as fire sprinklers and radon monitoring systems, are also not covered. Lastly, damages resulting from mold, bio-organic growth, rot, fungus, and pest are not covered.

The company also has dollar limitations on how much liability it has when repairing and replacing any of the covered items. As per the AHS contract, you can take advantage of unlimited dollar limits on systems and up to $6k on appliances.

ServicePlus Home Warranty

fourhalf_star4.2 / 5
$200 off + 2 free months + $100 Visa reward

New Jersey-based ServicePlus Home Warranty is an excellent option for clients who want the freedom to design a plan that covers everything they want to cover. Contrary to some of its competitors, the company claims to offer plans at $2/ day and provides roof leak coverage as an add-on.


  • Offers 90-day service guarantee
  • Provides regular discounts on all the plans


  • No option for system-or-appliance-only plan

Plans & Coverage

Service Plus Home Warranty offers two plans Gold Plan & Platinum Plan with 18 optional items. These plans cover all major home items, such as the plumbing system, electrical system, oven/range/stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, a/c system, heating system, clothes washer & dryer, refrigerator, and more.


The Gold plan comes at $43.25 / month, whereas the Platinum plan costs $49.92 / month. The price can go up or down depending on your coverage needs. Apart from the premiums, a $75 deductible must be paid during service visits.

$43.25 $43.25 Gold
$49.92 $49.92 Platinum

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

  • ServicePlus Home Warranty does not cover
  • Pre-existing conditions (known and unknown), cosmetic defects, rust, misuse, or sedimentary build-up. 
  • Damage due to natural calamities, lightning strikes, and acts of Gods. 
  • Missing components 
  • Damages from pests, animals, mildew, mold, fungus, and virus-related malfunctions
  • Items declared faulty by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

ServicePlus has coverage limitations of $1500 for each covered item’s repair and replacement.

Liberty Home Guard

fourhalf_star4.5 / 5
$200 off + two bonus months + free roof leak protection

Liberty Home Guard has established itself as one of the top home warranty providers and earned a BBB rating of A in two years. It is among the cost-effective options for customers, and LHS also provides 24-hour service, a 60-day workmanship guarantee, and coverage for a long list of items as additional add-on options.


  • Offers a live chat option
  • Offers pest control services


  • Not operational in Washington and Wisconsin

Plans and Coverage:

Liberty Home Guard has three plans for the homeowners- Systems Guard, Appliance Guard, and Total Home Guard. Systems Guard covers essential home systems, whereas Appliance Guard offers appliance coverage. Total Home Guard covers both appliances and systems offered by the other two plans. 


Liberty Home Guard plans cost $60 to $69 monthly, and the company also charges a $90 deductible or service fee.

$64.99 $64.99 Systems Guard
$59.99 $59.99 Appliance Guard
$69.99 $69.99 Total Guard

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

Liberty Home Guard’s agreement has some exclusions and limits. Your contract will not cover:

  • Electronic, computerized, or internet-based parts, remote receiving or transmitting devices;
  • Vents, exhaust lines, chimneys, glass parts and components, cosmetic defects, any costs associated with refrigerant, defects in manufacturing, construction, or production;
  • Accidents, fire, floods, water damage, electrical failure, Acts Of God, and known and unknown pre-existing conditions.

Liberty home warranty’s annual dollar limits are restricted to $2,000/ item. As a result, diagnosing, repairing, or replacing all eligible items will be done up to the given amount.

Cinch Home Services

three_star3.0 / 5
2 bonus months or a $50 Off depending on the coverage

Since Cinch Home Services has been in business for 40 years in the home warranty sector. The company has a record of serving over 1 million requests annually across 48 states, including Georgia. It offers coverage for items carrying rust and corrosion damage, a free water sensor, and a $25 credit toward an air conditioner or water filter.


  • 180-day workmanship guarantee
  • Offers a free water sensor for leak detection


  • No choice of technician
  • Lower coverage limits

Plans and Coverage:

There are three home protection plans that Cinch Home Services offers to its customers- Appliances Plan, Built-in Systems Plan, and Complete Home Plan. As the name suggests, the first two plans are for separate appliance and system coverage. However, the Complete Home plan is a combination of systems and appliances.


Cinch Home Services costs start from $27 and can go up to $39 per month. The amount that you have to pay during each service visit is $75, $100, or $150, depending on your plan.

$27.99 $27.99 Appliances Plan
$32.99 $32.99 Systems Plan
$39.99 $39.99 Complete Plan

Exclusions and Coverage Limit

The Cinch contract excludes the following from coverage: 

  • Chimney, venting, exhaust lines, abuse, misuse, neglect, and conditions of excessive water pressure 
  • Damage due to pets, pests, fire, flood, earthquake, Acts of God, lightning strikes, power failure, or surge 
  • Remediation due to mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, virus, and wet & dry rot;

Cinch’s home warranty contract also has a limit on the claims liability, which is $10,000. The company will pay for home system or appliance repairs and replacements up to the given amount.

Annual Cost Of Home Maintenance In Top Georgia Cities

This section will take you through the average home maintenance costs homeowners pay in some prominent Georgia cities. Take a look:

Annual-Cost_Of_Home_Maintenance_In_Top_Georgia_Cities mobile_Annual-Cost_Of_Home_Maintenance_In_Top_Georgia_Cities

Since home maintenance costs are so high, let’s look at why homeowners in big cities of Georgia must purchase a home warranty.

Atlanta, Georgia

According to a recent survey, 75% of recent home buyers regret at least one aspect of their new residence. The most frequent regret is that their homes required more upkeep than anticipated. For that reason, Atlanta homeowners can try exploring home warranty options to cover the repair or replacement costs and save on home maintenance. 

Augusta, Georgia

It has been found that Augusta homeowners often complain about leaky plumbing and faulty air conditioners. Such issues are common but expensive to fix. So, it is recommended that Augusta homeowners invest in a home warranty plan where they can get fixtures without paying hefty amounts.

Columbus, Georgia

With a 5% unemployment rate versus a 3.7% national average, Columbus has fewer job opportunities. Where the average household income is $43,300, Columbus homeowners need to save on home maintenance. Hence, a home warranty is a worthy consideration in such cases!

Roswell, Georgia 

Roswell’s hot summers, where the average temperature goes up to 94 degrees, can strain your home’s major systems, including air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Devices are prone to wear and tear when used regularly and eventually may break down. Therefore, a home warranty plan can be Roswell homeowners’ best to protect home items at lower costs.

Why Should You Buy A Home Warranty In Georgia?

Georgia is primarily hot and humid, speeding up the normal wear and tear of your HVAC systems and other household items. The below-mentioned cumulative data for the weather conditions highlight the importance of protecting your household with a home warranty.

AverageAverage Rainfall

45-50 inches/ Year

Average SunlightAverage Sunlight

218 Sunny Days/ Year

General Climate ConditionsGeneral Climate Conditions
  • Hot and Humid Summers
  • Mild Winters 
  • June-November
Tropical CyclonesTropical Cyclones

June – November

The hot and humid summers exert immense pressure on the HVAC systems and various other devices. It can eventually result in appliances or systems breaking down, and fixing them is costly. Start your home warranty by keeping the home systems and appliances in mind.

Common Home Repair Problems Faced By Georgia Homeowners

Although being a homeowner is a rewarding experience, many duties are also associated, including home maintenance. The following is a list of some typical home repair problems that Georgia homeowners may encounter:

Roofing Damages

HVAC Issues

The HVAC system regulates the indoor climate in your home. Filters that are clogged, water leaks, and airflow issues are some of Georgia's most prevalent problems with HVAC systems. These issues are also the main reason for high energy costs.

Roof Leaks

In Georgia, a roof may have several problems before one becomes evident. Extreme weather, such as storms and strong winds, can cause the roof to become unstable and lead to roof leaks.

Heating/Cooling System Defects

Water Leaking Problems

Over time, Georgia homeowners might find a variety of plumbing problems, such as low water pressure, leaks, pipe damage, slow drains, or leak signs. The high cost of repairing water damage can be dangerous.

Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia: Comparison

The below-mentioned table gives you a quick comparison between the best home warranty companies in Georgia:

Home Warranty Regulations In Georgia

The Georgia Department of Insurance regulates the home warranty companies. State law mandates home warranty companies to ensure proper financial backing and insurance, but there is no actual procedure for checking if they have done so. The Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection also assists residents with issues.

Bottom Line

Georgia has various home warranty companies offering different home systems and appliance coverage. The customer service quality and coverage options are distinct for each company. Before purchasing one, we recommend you evaluate home warranty companies based on your requirements.

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Is It Worth Buying A Home Warranty In Georgia?

Home warranties may help significantly reduce the repair and replacement costs of home systems and appliances that are aging and prone to regular breakdowns. The plans may cover over ten items for a few hundred dollars annually, based on your chosen company. If you select a company with high coverage caps, the plan may be well worth it.

Does Choice Home Warranty Cover Georgia?

Yes, Choice Home Warranty provides services in Georgia and is one of the more popular companies operating in the state.

How Does A Home Warranty Claim Work?

You must file a claim when any covered home system or appliance breaks down. The company representative will determine if there is preliminary coverage and assign a service technician to visit you and diagnose the problem.

If the technician diagnoses failure of a covered component, the company will decide whether to repair or replace the item. You must pay a trade call fee to help cover parts and labor costs.

I Have Homeowners Insurance. Do I Need A Home Warranty?

Although a home warranty is not mandatory, like home insurance (if you have a mortgage), having one can help cover liabilities that home insurance misses. As home appliances age, they are prone to breakdowns, which can be costly.

You can learn more by examining the differences between a home warranty and home insurance.

Do Builders Offer Home Warranties?

Builders offer new home construction or structural warranties, an entirely different product. Newly built homes typically have an OEM warranty covering the home systems, so a home warranty may not be helpful.