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city icon CITY: Macon
country icon COUNTRY: Bibb County
state icon STATE: GA
zipcode icon ZIP CODES COVERED: 31201, 31202, 31203, 31204, 31205,
population icon POPULATION: 165895
area code icon AREA CODE: 478

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Top Rated

American Home Shield (AHS)

4.5 / 5
(13,295 Reviews )

They are the pioneers in the home warranty industry. The company has 15,000 licensed technicians nationwide. AHS plans come into effect 30 days after the date of purchase and lasts for 12 months.

Best in service

The Home Service Club

4.5 / 5
(1,621 Reviews )

The company was founded in 2008. They have a vast network of skilled contractors and dedicated customer support representatives who offer high-quality services. HSC plans come into effect within ten days following the payment. 

Choice Home Warranty

4.1 / 5
(6,732 Reviews )

The company has been in the industry for over 11 years. Since their inception, they have protected more than 1,000,000 homes across the United States. The company offers a range of plans that cover major appliances and systems. 

Select Home Warranty

4.1 / 5
(4,299 Reviews )

They are the only company in the home warranty industry to offer coverage for mobile homes. They offer a 30-day free trial and $100 Off on roof coverage. Select Home Warranty has a dedicated team that offers 24/7 customer support. 

Total Home Protection

4.6 / 5
(681 Reviews )

hey are the leading home warranty provider in the industry. They have skilled and licensed technicians who top-notch services. A standout feature of their services is they do not require a home inspection.

macon Home Warranty Companies Reviews


Patricia Richardson, Macon

On Nov 23, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

AHS is great! I signed into my account filed the claim, and they handled everything else. The contractor was prompt and courteous. The repairs were made in a very timely manner, the work area was left clean. GREAT SERVICE!!!!!


Don Sales, Macon

On Sep 05, 2018

Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty

Lowe\'s and the service department and service contract is a joke. Lowe\'s and the people they have contracted out to repair what we paid for, have no clue. Please for your sanity, go get your warranty and service some where else. I have been on the phone all day, and the service department is saying one thing and the repair contractor is saying something different. I would suggest Lowe's don't ask your customers that have paid for the plans, do the leg work to get their appliances repaired. WOW I'm turning in my cards today.



On Sep 30, 2017

American Home Shield (AHS)

I always get quick return times on contractors and it\'s super easy to file a claim request. I have been using them for years and have always been satisfied. No issues to report.



On Dec 01, 2016

American Home Shield (AHS)

You guys made getting our AC fixed simple as 123! We appreciate the explanation about everything beforehand.



On Oct 27, 2016

American Home Shield (AHS)

I contacted American Home Shield approximately one month after my move to my new home. My refrigerator required service. I was provided prompt courteous service. I wish other companies were as pleasant and dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Eric, Macon

On Jun 06, 2015

American Home Shield (AHS)

I can't give them any stars.. I clicked one star before I knew I could give no stars.. AHS is the worst ever. I am cancelling this service ASAP..!!! I called in for a broken hot water heater and it was a friday. They said they couldn't have anyone come fix it for 4 days on the following Tuesday.. Then when I called back to try to make it sooner, they said they would send it to dispatch to see if someone could come "before tuesday" I told them we needed someone that day or Sat at the latest.. They said they were looking for someone. I had a local area plumbing company that was available but ahs said they couldn't use a company that wasn't on their list.. I asked when they would get back with me and they said they would call me back to let me know that day or the next. Of course there was no call back at all.. I had to pay for the replacement myself.. The ahs premium I paid was a waste..


David B, Macon

On Apr 28, 2013

American Home Shield (AHS)

The service technician was competent and thorough in checking out my equipment and took the time to discuss the problem I was having. He gave me recommendations on how to prevent the problem from recurring.


BorisK, Macon

On Jun 09, 2012

Old Republic Home Protection Reviews

Dealing with Old Republic for a week now.Have a $400 policy with $60 trade call. Air Handler need replacing plus 8 lbs of freon Warranty will give a cash settlement of $964 which cover the above HOWEVER total cost to replace is actually $1744 ($780 less). They do not cover: correction of master seal code violation: $175 correction of float switch code violation: $125 disposal of old unit: $125 modification of cabinet: $175 vibration blocks: $95 vacuum: $85 Total: $780 So we either pay the $780 difference (takes 3-4 days to get the unit in) OR take the $964 cash settlement. Talked to 3 different local contractors and been given estimates between $1390 to $1600. As my policy states-i have a limit of $1500 for AC repair.Honestly i feel that warranty should pay up to $1500 and replace the unit. Calls to customer service is a total waste of time-told them last night that i will take a settlement and deal with it myself(ac is not working since last Saturday).It will take 10-14 days,before check will be issued,and after it will be mail to me. Great job.........i guess if i do not have money to pay for repairs right now,i just have to sweat it out for next 3 weeks. This warranty is a total garbage.