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Mississippi Home Warranty Companies

Find the best home warranty companies in Mississippi using A home warranty in Mississippi offers coverage to household systems and appliances from unexpected breakdowns due to natural wear and tear. Authentic reviews help you in making a better home warranty investment decision and here at, there are over 83,806 reviews to help you figure out the right choice as a Mississippi homeowner. We have shortlisted some of the top home warranty providers in Mississippi. The list is based on the ratings received, deductibles, and premiums charged by them.


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A Glimpse At Average Premium In mississippi

The average premium of a home warranty is $318.98 in Mississippi, and $40.55 is the average deductible. To provide you with a better understanding, we have created a graph that showcases the average premium in Mississippi, where the X-axis depicts the premium price, and the Y-axis, the number of homeowners.

Coverage in mississippi (MS) major towns:

Biloxi Greenville Gulfport
Hattiesburg Jackson Meridian
Olive Branch Southaven Tupelo

Population : 2,967,323

Don't Let Unexpected Appliance Failures Break You!

Do You Want a Home Warranty in Mississippi?

HMS Home Warranty
/ 5
Based on 1,448 Reviews
  • HMS Home Warranty average deductible for a contract is $90.51
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Offers a coverage limit of $3K
Complete Appliance Protection
/ 5
Based on 180 Reviews
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 3.8
  • Been in the industry since 1998
American Residential Warranty
/ 5
Based on 486 Reviews
  • American Residential Warranty average deductible for a contract is $54.26
  • The waiting period of the policy is 30 Days
  • Network of N/A service contractors
Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty
/ 5
Based on 218 Reviews
  • Lowe's is the second largest hardware chain in the United States
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 1.9
Home Depot Home Protection Plans
/ 5
Based on 131 Reviews
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 1.8
  • Been in the industry since 1978
  • Has a Customer Service rating of 1.6

Mississippi Weather Conditions And Impact On Household Items

Overall, Mississippi experiences long, hot summers with high humidity, but some places like Pascagoula, the temperatures can soar sky-high. Such high-temperature ranges can negatively affect your appliances and home systems. To beat the summer heat, ceiling fans are used non-stop, moreover, at high speeds. The frequent use leads to loose connections, resulting in a wobbly fan that looks dangerous. Loose connections also create loud noises that keep you awake throughout the night. The bearings could also wear out, making the fan move at only one speed. Fixing these problems can be expensive and delayed if you don’t get a professional quick. In times like these, a Mississippi home warranty coverage can offer you inexpensive repairs and replacement of parts at the quickest time possible. Summertime is a time for a lot of activity to take place. It also puts a lot of strain on your washer and dryer as all the dirty, sweaty clothes need to be kept fresh and clean daily. This can affect these appliances' performance levels and lifespan. Repairs on such appliances don’t come very cheap. Hence, a budget-friendly coverage from one of the top home warranty companies in Mississippi can help you get your washer and dryer to continue working at optimum performances.

Top Home Warranty Plans In The State Of Mississippi

We have listed here some of the best home warranty companies in Mississippi, offering plans that cater to the requirements of the Mississippi population. The plans of each company greatly differ from each other. While deciding on any home warranty plan, consider the following aspects: the premium, deductible, coverage extent, exclusion, terms and conditions, payout amount, and the level of professional service offered. Select Home Warranty offers Mississippi home warranty plans not only for homeowners, but for buyers, sellers, and realtors as well. Their plans comprise Gold Care - covers 6 categories, Bronze Care - covers 8 categories, and Platinum Care - covers all 17 categories. All three plans offer free roof coverage, 2 extra months free, and a discount of $100. American Home Shield offers the widest range of plans. They also allow extensive add-on coverage. There are four different types of plans: The Systems Plan, Appliances Plan, Combo Plan, and Build Your Own Plan. The Build Your Own Plan allows homeowners flexibility as they can choose to cover as many as systems and appliances they want. Customers can choose any one of the three deductible amount options, depending on whether they want a lower deductible or a lower premium. The Home Service Club is a preferred choice of realtors. It has the quickest time for a policy to take effect - 10 days. Homeowner warranty plans include Standard Coverage, which covers 18 systems appliances, and the Comprehensive Coverage, which covers 33 appliances and systems. Moreover, additional optional coverage can be appended to any of the plans. Keep your household budget intact with a home warranty protection. Claim your free quote from top companies today!

Important Tips On Buying A Home Warranty In Mississippi

  1. Do protect your home appliances and systems with a home warranty coverage if you are living in South Mississippi, especially in areas like Bay St Louis, Gulfport, Biloxi, and Pascagoula. The temperatures can get so high and unbearable not only for you but also for your appliances and home systems, where they could get damaged due to the extreme heat.
  2. The following are the most expensive neighborhoods in Jackson, Mississippi: Heatherton, Sherwood-Audubon area, Northeast, North Pointe, Gallatin Street Area, The Villages of Northpointe, and Heatherwood.
  3. The cost of living is too high in these places, and repairs and replacements could also be expensive. So, search for home warranty companies in Mississippi that offer lower premiums and higher payouts to avail cheap repairs and component replacements.

mississippi Home Warranty Companies Reviews

Customer reviews guide you in selecting the most suitable home warranty plan for your appliances and systems. We, at, have created a review database of thousands of customers whose home warranty experiences will be invaluable to many others. Read reviews about different home warranty companies that provide services in Mississippi. This will help you learn more about the home warranty company to make a wise investment decision.

Mary Shepard, Byram

On Nov 04, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

Easy to deal with fast service.


Roman Bullock, Greenville

On Oct 29, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

The Repairman called when he was about an hour out. Showed up on time. Very courteous and professional. Seemed very knowledgeable. Quickly diagnosed and repaired problem and left no mess.


Phyllis Lewellyn, Natchez

On Sep 19, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

Our AC unit was leaking into the basement. We submitted our claim and had a provider at our home within a few hours. It took him less than 30 minutes to make the repair. He even showed my husband how to do it himself if it ever happened again!


Michelle Young, Tupelo

On Sep 04, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

American Home Shield online service request made the process quick and easy. They assigned my call to a reputable plumber Ken Tyler, who was professional, nice, knowledgeable, & resolved the issue in a timely manner.


Richard for Brenda Tedford, Corinth

On Aug 15, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

Our AC went out on Sunday around 5:30 pm. I have my 80 year old Mom living with me, and I knew I had to get service fast. I logged onto AHS\'s website and requested service. They provided a phone number to Advanced Heating and Air in New Albany, MS. I called them and explained my situation with my Mom living here and they sent someone MONDAY afternoon!! They fixed our unit by 3:30!! THAT is customer service!! There were heat warnings issued for Monday and Tuesday! AHS and their contractor Advanced Heating and Air went above and beyond and got our service restored. I am so impressed with the customer service of both companies!! Thank you, both!


Rufus Allen, Diamondhead

On Jul 28, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

My husband and I have had American Home Shield on and off for over ten years. Recently, our AC stopped working. We called and was given a new four ton unit to replaced ours because it was beyond repair. We paid $75 service fee, plus cost to replace freon gas. This was a tremendous savings. AHS really works. I have highly recommended AHS to my family members.


Everett Herrington, Gulfport

On Jun 28, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

AHS is really good with the coverage but the contractors they use in my area are exceptionally lazy(many refused to go into the crawlspace) and terrible with follow up. My a/c still isnt fixed after 13 months, $1000+ in coolant fees, numerous $500+ electric bills, new condenser, and new ductwork. They went through 4 companies in cycles and finally one of the contractors looked at the back of the coils to see that it is rusted and has a huge hole in it(obviously the problem all along). Well, that was 6 weeks ago and now they've transferred the work order to another company because they couldnt contact the vendor via phone to inquire about the status of the ordered part. I'm so frustrated, I could scream! Mississippi frequently has 100 degree temperature and my house cant cool below 84 degrees during the day.


Patricia Dalton, Gulfport

On Jun 13, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

1 Star based on AC & Plumbing 5 stars on Appliance work Review is on AC AHS experience (For most, the reason for to get an AHS warrenty) I have 10 AHS warranties. For minor things such a toilet guts needing to be replaced or appliances repairs such as a ref needs a new computer board, been great.... but is that why you buy AHS? 2 homes near Hattiesburg, MS... a midsize city. NO AHS AC Co. here (WTH?). In December 2018 both houses needed AC work. The company sent was way out of the area & went to both houses but fixed nothing. About 30 days after there 1st visit and numerous calls, to an answering machine that was there was never a live person at, I called AHS.. who had the “Secret” direct #. extremely long story and hours and hours I will never get back, I had to hire, at great expense, outside service man... I have not been compensated for those invoices. I never got back my initial $200 (for 2 service calls) and I don’t believe AHS has ever gotten an AC Co. in this area... YET. So If AC Work is tops on your list for buying an AHS warrenty, you will want to verify they have a local service man.... and still read on... 5 rentals in New Orleans area. 1 of them had the outside unit go out. I paid the $100 service and in addition, which seems like quite the shake down, almost a $1000 more for Freon. AHS only pays something like $10 per unit of Freon, while the AC company they hire charges almost $100 a unit. No attempt was made to capture the Freon, at least if they did, it was not acknowledged in the amount I had to pay. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Freon, it is sold in containers of various size. A large tank can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. The price the AC Co charges that AHS hires, is based on the smallest container, which you know they are not buying, and then their extra mark-up. :( My next AC issue, on the WB, a different property, involved a company that said there were several code issues and that AHS would only cover a small amount and they would be charging a much higher amount... ugh... I had called them out because there was water the tenant had assumed was coming from the AC unit... it turned out water was coming from a broken pipe in the slab... was not even an AC issue. Really? In case you are wondering, the city replaced the sidewalk outside the house the same week, the theory (although they would admit no wrong) is the equipment used to remove the sidewalk broke the pipe in the slab... and the pipe to the house... neither, BTW are covered by AHS...(nor are pipes determined to have been frozen) so if you’ve plumbing issues, they need to be the type that are minor... and whether or not the AC was leaking really should have been determined before giving me a huge price to fix a problem that did not exist. Next AC issue, inside unit, diff house, needed replacing... coil leak. Again AC co said stuff not covered by AHS (code violation)... & AHS would pick up the rest. And they would not have their guy work on my house until I fixed the attic steps (?) WTH? Nothing wrong with the attic steps, more over, this was a 2 story house & the inside unit was in the main stair case closet... easy to access from the stairs... no need to enter the attic, crawl through it, to go down more than 8’ to unit, it was accessible from the closet door. This AC Co AHS hired didn’t even know what they were talking about... eventually AHS called me to itemize the things for my part of a $2900+ bill... (over $900 of that was Freon & $250 cost for pan that comes with unit, & few other not required or inflated charges that you would have thought AHS would have covered) & I was informed AHS would pay $900 toward this units replacement. I went to an outside guy got The thing done for under $2900 & am waiting on my AHS $900. BTW my unit cost more than $900... but overall way better deal & probably a much better pc of equipment. Still came out a lil better with AHS... but not what I expected & I recommend hiring diff. AC co. If you run into inflated prices as I did. AHS will pay you what they would have paid the company who inflated the prices and you can hire an AC company you trust. Looks like I’ve a lil more room. So I’ll share a plumbing issue I had at a rental In the tub, where you turn the value you change the faucet from tub to shower head, one day, it came off. The tenant had been there for a few months. AHS sent a plumber who found a “scrunchie” one of those things a girl puts her hair up with, in the part that come off. Because of this they said the valve had bee tampered with and it was not covered. So, because a past tenant, found a way to temporarily fix the issue, without reporting it to me, this expensive repair was not covered. A “hair Scrunchie” was determined to be “tampering”. As if someone broke the valve on purpose just to put a scrunchie in it to fix it. This to me was absolutely insane. The valve was clearly broke the scrunchie was the creative fix. An innovative tenant, found a way “fix it” albeit temporarily and now the AHS warrenty Is Voided.... but if I or my tenant had noticed the scrunchie in the part that pulled out and had thrown it away.... it would have been covered. I have taken from the experiences described above and many others, that this warrenty service (and perhaps all warrenty services) go in looking for any excuse not to cover a repair. That their partner repair companies are not the types that regularly work with the public but instead focus on warrenty work were gear up to disqualify as much as possible for AHS and that they pass on to the customers of AHS highly inflated charges. I’ve also seen my initial annual quote rates almost double on some properties, I’m on my 2nd year. I’ve also seen local tradesman argue on my behalf for replacing equipment.... for appliances... never on plumbing or AC work I don’t know if the experience I’ve had is standard for all warrenty companies. I do feel like, especially in the New Orleans market the companies AHS has partnered with are very predatory and that things that would be allowed and should be allowed by AHS they realize the $$$$ they could make from the AHS customer is higher than the $ AHS will pay them for the warrenty work so they assume the AHS customer will hirer them, give an inflated price, and let the chips fall were they may. My recommendation is to shop warrenty companies. This may be as good as it gets..... and if you find the repairman AHS sends out give an inflated price for work they feel is not allowed by AHS, get your own repairman and the AHS check. Don’t reward bad behavior by hiring one of these company that can’t make it in the customer driven market. And for sure check them (the Company the warrenty company sends out) with the BBB.... My star ratings OVERALL, quality repair, repair time, are all based on the collective experience of workers.... Appliance repair would be a 5 The other’s bring it way down Customer Service - AHS... the lack of follow through on my 12/2018 AC issues at 2 properties, despite spending hours on the phone with your customer service and even contacting you through facebook and filing a complaint on a consumer website.... no effort on your part but “I’m sorry you’re having these issues”. WTH? Claims & Settlement - AHS Based on $900 for the inside AC unit & labor, which without knowing the brand and other info, I believe was a much cheaper unit than I had to be replaced for the large 3 bedroom, townhouse with vaulted ceilings....and included little or nothing for labor. Oh its worth mentioning, I pay extra for well pumps to be included, and that don’t have anyone worth a darn who can fix a well pump in Gulfport... I just saw that I could do this as a complaint: 1. Can I submit my AC / Heater repair bills from 1/2019 for my 12/2018 claims never resolved? 2. My 2017 or 2018 pump bill that your pump guy never fixed on my well?... and I had to hire An Outside person To do? 3. My plumbing bill to fix the scrunchie thing that your plumber felt voided the warrenty? I hope this was helpful to all who are considering a AHS warrenty or any home warrenty. I think all of us have an expectation that the $100 service fee and the annual bill will cover the items we’ve selected or are paying extra to cover. This is how the policy is sold but to later find out when using their vendors such things that their AC vendors don’t capture, or certainly don’t Credit for Freon, charge inflated prices based on the smallest unit possible and that AHS pays pennies on the dollar for the Freon, while the AC co. Is no doubt buying the Freon in bulk, well, it is very disappointing.... and for me in particular, living near Hattiesburg to find out that they don’t even have a local AC vendor, its just crazy.


Calvin Carpenter, Southaven

On May 24, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

Our outside AC unit would not shut off unless I would go outside and turn off the breaker. In addition to that, our coils would develop frost, as well. Michael, from Best Care Home Services quickly figured out what was wrong and fixed our problem in just a few minutes. He was very professional, polite, friendly and our dog loved him! She even cried when he left! Very, very satisfied customers!! ?


Amanda Terral, Jackson

On May 15, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

AHS was quick to respond to my request for central air repairs. Absolute worst scenario,, ac was dead! Within 4 days A/C was replaced with a brand new one and an excellent brand. The A/C company they use is awesome. Best decision I have ever made was to choose American Home Shield. I sleep easier at night knowing that if an expensive repair pops up, I have dependable company helping me.


Billy Cowart, Louisville

On May 03, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

The plumbing leak that I had was bad. AHS sent a plumber to investigate and repair. They found a long section of pipe needed replacing. This was done quickly and professionally. Good job by all involved!


Charlene Thames, Picayune

On Apr 28, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

The AC guy that came did not tell me what was wrong with my AC. Then I get a call and they say a board needs to be replaced. They said the Freon will cost me $400 with no explanation of why. He just left without giving me anything in writing.


Selena Dorr, Carriere

On Apr 17, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

American Home Shield offered me a tune up on my a/c before summer hit for 75 dollars. So we had them come out. They sent out their A/C company and they found our a/c needed a part before they could do the tune up. A week later they came out and replaced it and then the compressor wouldn’t come on and less than a week later they came back out and replaced it. They charged 320 for the cost of Freon my deductible was another 100 plus the 75 for the tune up so for a total of 495 dollars. Yes it sounds like a lot of money But compared to the price of a new unit inside and out they saved us thousands of dollars and our A/C has never run this good. Thank you American Home Shield!


SBox, Hickory Flat

On Apr 08, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

I contacted American Home Shield due to a blockage in the upstairs toilet and shower. I was contacted the next day by a local plumber and scheduled for a visit. On the first visit the technician did not have the necessary tools, however, on the second visit he brought help and proper tools and the job was completed in about an hour. This was about a week ago and so far everything seems to be fixed.


Barb Bugos, Carriere

On Apr 05, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

I took advantage of the AC "pre-season" checkup and with warm weather just around the corner, it\'s very comforting to know our unit is in great working order and ready for summer. There was great communication from the servicing company, the AC tech let me know he was on his way, he arrived on time, went straight to work and in just a short time he let me know our unit was in great working condition. I signed the paperwork and he left; for as easy and professional as this transaction was, I feel pretty positive that an AHS Home Warranty is something no homeowner should be without! If you haven't taken care of your AC pre-season checkup, summer will be here soon and you certainly don't want to be without your AC!


debra martin, Brandon

On Jan 11, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

everything went great part ordered and repaired in less than a week.


Lillian Ray , Jackson

On Dec 13, 2018

Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty

Warranty is only descent if the product can be fixed. If product proves to be a lemon that’s when Lowes will give you the runaround. The supervisors are liars & have no intention in doing all the nice things they said they were going to do to rectify the problems. I’ve been without a fully functioning refrigerator for 2 months while allowing different repair companies & techs in & out of my home, going to work late — leaving early to accommodate them when nothing is getting resolved. I’m reporting Lowes to the BBB


Ashleigh, Tupelo

On Nov 21, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

My furnace quit working and I was a little nervous using my AHS warranty bc it was my first claim. However, the process was very simple and automated. I paid my deductible and was called the following day to set up an appt. I received text messages when the tech was on his way and he also called to let me know he\'d be at my home in about 30 mins. It took the tech maybe 10 mins to diagnose my problem and had it resolved within a half hour. I will definitely remain a AHS customer.


Matt, Columbus

On Nov 16, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

Rental house. Heat went out yesterday company came out today but it will be a week and a half to replace blower motor. Unacceptable to be without heat in the winter for so long for a part I could have had replaced same day. Do I wait on covered repair or pay $500 out of pocket.


Charles Davis, Belzoni

On Aug 12, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

I rate you low because of an incident: the power to my backup battery was interrupted to the point my system went off line and no body from the monitoring branch contacted me. Not call or Tex. And as of yet called.

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