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New York Home Warranty Companies

Are you a homeowner in New York? If yes, you must think of protecting your home appliances and systems with a sturdy home warranty plan. We, at, have listed the best warranty company in New York to help you choose an ideal company.

If you are planning to get a home warranty, first compare companies before purchasing your ideal plan. We have an extensive database of customer reviews, ratings, and deductibles that makes it convenient for you to compare companies listed.


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A Glimpse At Average Premium In new york

The average premium for a home warranty plan is $318.98, and the average deductible is $40.55. A graph has been created for easy comprehension of the average premium of New York home warranty companies. The x-axis shows the price of the premium, whereas the Y-axis indicates the number of homeowners.

Coverage in new york (NY) major towns:

Albany Buffalo Cheektowaga
Mount Vernon New York Rochester
Syracuse Yonkers

Population : 19,378,077

Don't Let Unexpected Appliance Failures Break You!

About Home Warranty Plans

Home Warranty of America
/ 5
Based on 2,189 Reviews
  • Home Warranty Of America offers 13-Month home warranty plans that are of great value
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Been in the industry since 1996
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
/ 5
Based on 2,156 Reviews
  • 2-10 Home Warranty average deductible for a contract is $85
  • The waiting period of the policy is 30 Days
  • Participates in our Complaint Resolution Program
Editors choice
HMS Home Warranty
/ 5
Based on 1,448 Reviews
  • HMS Home Warranty average deductible for a contract is $90.51
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Offers a coverage limit of $3K
American Residential Warranty
/ 5
Based on 486 Reviews
  • American Residential Warranty average deductible for a contract is $54.26
  • The waiting period of the policy is 30 Days
  • Network of N/A service contractors
Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty
/ 5
Based on 218 Reviews
  • Lowe's is the second largest hardware chain in the United States
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 1.9

New York Weather Conditions

The summer of New York is accompanied by sweltering heat and is the hottest in July. Such temperatures can affect the ductwork in your homes. Hot temperatures can damage the ductwork system if it hasn’t been insulated properly. This can cause a lot of discomfort to you as well as expensive repairs in a place like New York.

To get over the problem, it is best to shield your home with home warranty companies’ coverage plans during the summer by obtaining quick, professional repair work at low costs.

New York also experiences biting cold winters with snowfall. Such cold temperatures can be very damaging to your refrigerator when they are kept in cold locations like the garages or rooms with uninsulated walls.

When the outside external air is much colder than the air inside the refrigerator, it shuts down. Moreover, cold temperatures thicken the oil in the compressor, resulting in a lot of strain. To get your refrigerator fixed quickly and professionally, do contact your home warranty company immediately.

Top Home Warranty Plans In New York

Listed here are plans of some of the best home warranty companies in New York. Each company offers different kinds of plans for various categories of customers. Before making an investment decision, make sure to compare the top home warranty companies in terms of their price, coverage, add-ons, and limitations.

 American Home Shield  (AHS) has a contractor network of 15,000 licensed professionals. AHS was founded way back in 1971. Plans provided by AHS include Systems Plan, Appliance Plan, Combo Plan, and Build-Your-Own-Plan. The annual premium for a home warranty is somewhere between $299-$500+ with a deductible of $75-$125.

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is one of the few companies which offers coverage for roof repairs in New York. Most plans of CHW are designed to protect homeowners, buyers, and sellers with services at a very affordable rate. CHW provides coverage through two plans- Basic Plan and Total Plan, which offers comprehensive coverage to the customers. The annual premium is between $370-$450 with a deductible of $60.

2-10 home warranty is an old service provider in the industry, which started in the year 1980. The company provides home warranty plans to homeowners, real estate agents, builders, and sellers. For the homeowners, there are the Systems plan, Appliances plan, Structural plan, as well as additional options coverage. For the real estate agents, there is the Seller plan and the Buyer plan covering home systems and appliances.

Planning to buy the best home warranty plan? Before investing, make sure to get your free home warranty quote to find out what your ideal plan has to offer.

Important Tips On Buying A Home Warranty In New York

  1. Manhattan and Brooklyn are the most expensive places in New York City. The cost of living is too high, and so it would be difficult for homeowners to afford repairs and part replacements for malfunctioned home appliances and systems. Instead, rely on home warranty companies in New York that offer lower premiums and higher payouts so that you get professional, yet affordable repairs and replacements when residing in high-cost areas.
  1. Landlords in New York City are under no obligation to provide appliances to renters but are required to do so as the market is quite competitive. So, usually, the appliances age over the years and would have repeated failures, which would prove very costly. In such a scenario, it is best for the landlords to protect themselves with a home warranty plan, especially the ones with flexible and comprehensive coverage. This ensures that repairs and component replacements are done at minimal costs for a wide range of appliances.
  1. Some home warranty companies in New York have been in the industry for a long time, while others are pioneers in the field. So, it is best to avail the services of companies with such long-standing experiences as they would be better at providing quality customer service.

new york Home Warranty Companies Reviews

Reviews provide you with an overall idea about the quality of services offered by different home warranty companies in New York. They guide and help you make prudent decisions before you invest with your hard-earned money. Read reviews about different home warranty companies and find the one that suits you the best.


Sal dileo, Hastings On Hudson

On Nov 13, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

I’ve been a customer for almost 20 years. That speaks for itself. As long as I own a house I’ll be a customer


Laura, Lockport

On Jul 27, 2019

Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty

Despite all the negative reviews here, I had the exact opposite experience. I always buy a protection plan for my washers because I never fail to get my money back. My washer does double duty within its life span, and I am hard on them, bulky items, small loads, going off balance despite my best efforts to not. When my Whirlpool Duet washer started pulling up lame with a leak, loud racket when spinning out, electronic control board freaking out (but still running!) the tech came as scheduled, was knowledgeable, fixed what he could, said it was likely the cost was too much and Lowe's would reimburse full purchase price. That's exactly what happened, gift card is in the mail. The smallest negative I could say is the time to get that gift card in the mail and receive, but luckily the washer is still going. Wish they would send it by email. I would rebuy that washer again, it is a tough cookie. But Lowe's will see me buy another more expensive washer from them as soon as the card arrives and make some of that reimbursement back. Totally satisfied. Will buy another Plan.


Peter Castelli, Smithtown

On Jul 23, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

My heating system suddenly started leaking water from a pressure valve. I started the claim process on line and was pleasantly surprised at the quick response from AHS. The repair was assigned and a technician was assigned. Josh from Climate Brothers was professional and diagnosed the problem, estimated the return date and kept in communication with me. They returned and repaired the issue. I am very pleased with both AHS and Climate Brothers.


Sonia Mercado Marin, Bellerose

On Jul 03, 2019

Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty

I won’t even give them one star. Within one year my ice maker to my refrigerator broke. I had it service five times already and have been inconvenient by taking my food out every time they come to serve it. I have a five year warranty and was told if they can’t fix it by the forth time I can change it for another one. Today I learn the ice maker is not included unless it broke down three time within the month you bought it. They did not give me a warranty booklet. I suggest for everyone to make sure you know what your warranty covers. Don’t listen to the fast talking sales person.


Richard Bishop, Hannacroix

On Mar 11, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

Absolutely HORRIBLE!! My son who is currently in the military bought his first house, he purchased the AHS warranty, he has had issues with his heating/AC unit since December, as of today he STILL HAS NO HEAT!! 3 different contractors, and over 12 visits..over 800 out of pocket expenses, Electric bills are over 600 a month due to having to use electric heaters...As his power of attorney and him being in the military I have tried on numerous occasions to rectify things...EVERY time they "fix something" it is no more than a day or so when something else is wrong....FRUSTRATED Navy DAD!!!!


Christine Baltz, Shandaken

On Jan 02, 2019

Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty

My 3 year old Bosch oven died a few days before Christmas while trying to bake my holiday cookies. Usually we do not purchase extended warranties on appliances but considering the price of the stove, this time we did. I checked the warranty and to my dismay discovered the warranty was three days out of date. I called Lowes repair and was told they would return my call within the next few days and of course I did not believe them. SURPRISE...I was called by Lowes and was told that their warranty is honored 30 days after the expiration date. I expected Lowes would send a repair person, hopefully in time to complete my cookies but instead, being that our area has no qualified Bosch repair person available, (we live in a very rural area) Lowes will buy back the oven for full purchase price. Received a check a few days later for every penny I paid for the stove including tax. Christmas cookies were very good. Thank you Lowes


Kevin Harward, New York

On Dec 31, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

Absolutely Awesome Company!


Ray Spittler, selkirk

On Dec 19, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

I had a leaking 80 gallon water heater that I called AHS for. They told me that my water heater was not completely covered as per my contract because it was a larger model. I asked them to tell me where it said that in the contract and they said it didn\'t but that is all they were going to do. I talked to several people and they said that it didn't matter what my contract said, that they would only cover a 50 gallon cheaper version. In addition, the first contractor they called never called me. Nor did AHS to check on the work. I called back to get another contractor and got a second company and still had to reach out to them 48 hours later. No one from AHS ever called me to check on anything with the repair. Even the second company that they sent had a lot of issues and it took 6 days to get the problem fixed after the initial contact with the second company. I told AHS that i wanted to cancel my account and apparently that was never processed and they continued to rack up a balance saying I owed $175 to them. I am now waiting to for a email to let me know what the status of that is. If I am required to be held to their contract, so should they!!!!!!!!


Daryoosh Rahmanan, Great Neck

On Nov 09, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

I have my fridge. on repair since Sept/ 28 and the its not fixed. The amount of time on hold is not acceptable. technician has been to my house more than 5 times with no resolution.


Michael Crispino, Farmingdale

On Aug 02, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

Nothing but the Run Around, My Central Air was leaking causing 3 ceilings to drop. Called AHS, and the first A.C Contractor never called to make an appointment, I called him to make and appointment and I did, the day before I called to verify, he got Nasty and hung up on my wife. I also thought the ceiling\'s were covered as mentioned when I first signed up, only to find out they are not. The second company stated they would be here between 1 and 6, never gave me an estimated time, and I had to wait until they arrived at 9 at night, 3 hours after the scheduled window only to have to come back because they didn't have any parts to make the repairs I called earlier in the day (Today) for the second appointment and they guaranteed between 1 and 6 it is now 9:00, I'am still waiting I called them numerous times no answer to their phone and I called AHS and Waited for an operator for 20 minutes . after finally getting through she said she would try calling the company and after getting through wasn't able to leave a voicemail due to the Mailbox being full. she then told me she was going to leave an Email and I have to wait for the response I accidently called American Home service when I googled the number for American Home Shield and someone picked up right away, I think I may be changing Companies.


joe connelly, Buffalo

On May 24, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

Very easy to set this up on a house I was selling. 1 item came up while I was living in new state & HVAC guy was able to respond very quickly & make a quality repair that allowed me to sell the house the next day.


Zeshan Ahmed, Rockland County

On May 02, 2018

Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty

Absolutely disgusted! It has been over a month and still my ice dispenser has not been replaced. I call the Local contractor for Lowe’s they blame Lowe’s and say the part still hasn’t shipped! Even if that is the case no one As ever reached out to me to tell me that it even update me! I call Lowe’s multiple time and each time they ay there are no notes. They offer me a buyout but I just want fridge fixed! Honestly please save yourself from this non needed frustration and agitation, not worth it. All Lowe’s want is for you to purchase their product after that your on youyour own. One last thing their local contractors are rude, nasty, and, incompetent as is Lowe’s.


Joseph Ronca, PEEKSKILL

On Apr 17, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

My auto renew contract was not renewed without notice. When I called I was told 45 days had elapsed and I could renew at a significantly higher rate which amounted to and almost 50% increase to my previous year\'s premium along with a 30 day waiting period for any claims. After searching I found there were cheaper warranty companies with better customer service reputations that American Home Shield.


Jack Schwartz, commack

On Apr 16, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

This can\'t be any easier. I opened up a service ticket on-line. Someone called within the hour. The next day, a very polite service technician shows up. Asks to confirm the issues we had with our heating system. Explains everything he will do to remedy after he looked at the problem. Left and came back 2 hours later with whatever parts he needed to replace. Problem solved. What else do you need from a service agreement? Great. quick, quality service ...


Don Nir, Oceanside

On Apr 07, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

Very happy with the quality of its repair people and policy of free revisit if same problem persists within 30 days


Karina, Mamaroneck

On Apr 06, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

Pésima atención en mi última llamada . El personal no está capacitado Con información actualizada y persona mentirosa


Lori, Buffalo

On Mar 31, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

I have had to use this service at least twice poet test since I\'ve had it. I\'ve always received great quality repairs by licensed service companies. It ous well worth the premium because in each instance, the first repair would have cost more than my yearly premium. I\'ve had appliances replaced, plumbing repaired, faucets replaced and more.



On Mar 27, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

clean efficient and solved the problem


Marie Quaranta, new rochelle

On Feb 21, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

I would like to say that we were thrilled with the service we received yesterday. Your customer service representative Mona was great, very informative and made it all happen quickly. We had no heat in the house and it was 15 degrees. She set up appointment, called to confirm and gave us the informaiton. The gentleman you sent from Controlled Climates was also great. He called immediately to confirm the appointment and was at the house within an hour. He knew exactly what was wrong, had the part in his truck and fixed the problem. We are warm and cozy thanks to you. Thank you for this quality of service and care.


Joe Zeppetello, Saugerties

On Jan 04, 2018

Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty

Bought a Bosch dishwasher two years ago The door would not close becasue the rack would not close all the way. After 8 phone calls over several weeks, they finally offered to sell me a new center rack for over 100 dollars. I took the rack out and found that a plastic piece that worked with the upper rotating arm had been jamming up becasue of mineral deposits. Cleaned with CLR and it works fine. Worst case scenario would have been to spend 20 bucks on new arm and taken five minutes to replace it. These people are less than useless becasue they actually charged for the extended warranty, but refused to send a repairman out here to even look at the machine. Do not waste your money on this outfit.

Tell Us What You Think About Home Warranty Companies in New York

Reviews by actual customers are invaluable in helping you make informed decisions. If you have availed the service of a home warranty company and would like to voice out your positive or negative feedback, here is an online platform to write a review. Your experiences can serve as the basis for another individual’s home warranty investment decision.