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city icon CITY: Lawton
country icon COUNTRY: Comanche County
state icon STATE: OK
zipcode icon ZIP CODES COVERED: 73501, 73502, 73505, 73506, 73507,
population icon POPULATION: 93591
area code icon AREA CODE: 580

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Top Rated

American Home Shield (AHS)

4.5 / 5
(13,295 Reviews )

They are the pioneers in the home warranty industry. The company has 15,000 licensed technicians nationwide. AHS plans come into effect 30 days after the date of purchase and lasts for 12 months.

Best in service

The Home Service Club

4.5 / 5
(1,621 Reviews )

The company was founded in 2008. They have a vast network of skilled contractors and dedicated customer support representatives who offer high-quality services. HSC plans come into effect within ten days following the payment. 

Select Home Warranty

4.1 / 5
(4,299 Reviews )

They are the only company in the home warranty industry to offer coverage for mobile homes. They offer a 30-day free trial and $100 Off on roof coverage. Select Home Warranty has a dedicated team that offers 24/7 customer support. 

Total Home Protection

4.6 / 5
(681 Reviews )

hey are the leading home warranty provider in the industry. They have skilled and licensed technicians who top-notch services. A standout feature of their services is they do not require a home inspection.

First American Home Warranty

3.3 / 5
(1,922 Reviews )

They have more than 35 years of experience in the industry. They offer several benefits to their customers, including flexible payment options, 30 days money-back guarantee, unlimited service calls, etc.

lawton Home Warranty Companies Reviews


William McMahon, Lawton

On Apr 10, 2020

American Home Shield (AHS)

Exceptional service and worth every penny. We were subscribed to American Home Shield (AHS) home warranty by the seller of our home and thought nothing of it during the sale. While on a business trip I got a call from my wife telling me the pluming in our new home was backed up. It was Sunday and before calling the plumber I remembered AHS. I asked my wife to give them a call not sure how it would work out. Minutes later she called back telling me she had been assigned a plumber and she had all the contact information. While she did that I took the time to make an online account with AHS. The process was fast and easier than I expected. Online I could see our claim, and the plumbers contact information. The plumber called us the next morning and was at the house early. He fixed the problem, explained what happened and gave tips on how to avoid future issues. Our problem was resolved in less than 24 hours, AHS made what could have been a stressful situation very easy. I appreciate their professionalism and speed in taking care of my family while I was away from home. I cant recommend the service enough, thank you AHS.


Marcellene O\'Malley, Lawton

On Jan 04, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS)

I FOUND THEM TO BE VERY Prompt and courteous. My questions were answered to my satisfaction.


Scott Lockwood, Lawton

On Aug 01, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

Horrible. Our ac went out in 100+ degree weather. Can never get a call back. Our contractor assigned to us is telling us completely conflicting things than ahs. They literally want to open a new trouble ticket for each step of trouble shooting. We have to open a new ticket and pay out of pocket for them to replace one part to see if thats what it is. If it isnt, new trouble ticket, new out of pocket cost. Rinse and repeat. Worse customer service ever. Oh, and be prepared for ahs people to put you on hold for 30 minutes at a time.


Ronald Estelle, Lawton

On Jul 31, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

I realize your service is a valuable asset and a good warranty to have in case of emergencies. I would recommend this service to my friends, but they would have to make the choice of whether to purchase this service. Some people do not believe they need your service and elect not to use it. I would tell them it is better to have the service than not and I think I will continue to keep the service.


Taiwana JENKINS, Lawton

On Jul 26, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

I love this service. Everyone has been awesome.


Tolbert Earl Wyatt, Lawton

On Jun 25, 2018

American Home Shield (AHS)

American Home Shield has been my home warranty company of choice for me the past 12 years. Whenever I needed repair service on one of my covered appliances, they came thru for me in great fashion. I\'m very satisfied with this company and I highly recommend them.


John Stone , Lawton

On Dec 03, 2017

American Home Shield (AHS)

We\'ve been customers since 2009. Called in several work orders. Always very quick responses. The contractors in our area are very easy to work with. AHS always follows up after the service. Anytime we\'ve had to call, we always get prompt responses and great support.


Deborah , Lawton

On Jul 31, 2017

American Home Shield (AHS)

I have used AHS twice and both times and was very impressed with the easy of submitting a claim and timeliness of the service being completed.


Crystal, Lawton

On Jun 21, 2017

American Home Shield (AHS)

New customer - I\'ve only had the service for a little over 3 months. So far it seems fine. I have had to use them for plumbing issues and so far the problems have been resolved each time. I am still waiting on repairs to be done following the most recent water leak - treatment to prevent mold/mildew, close up the holes in the Sheetrock, and replace the exterior bricks that had to be removed.


gomez jenniferr, Lawton

On Feb 05, 2016

American Home Shield (AHS)

I would say I would recommend to my friends that you all do a great job, getting qualified people to come out and fix whatever problem I might have. Usually, they can fix whatever problem it might be in the first time, once in awhile they have to order a part. All in all, I have had a great experience with the American Home Shield.


Chris S, Lawton

On Jul 18, 2014

American Home Shield (AHS)

I've had AHS for 14 years and every time I've needed them, it's been a speedy request process, excellent home service provided by licensed professionals and a great feedback system to ensure correct resolution and complete satisfaction. A recommended program for any homeowner or renter to have.


John C, Lawton

On Nov 27, 2013

American Home Shield (AHS)

Recently our washing machine quit working. I called AHS and your representative immediately, and with good knowledge of my needs, scheduled an appointment. Mr. Appliance came the next day and determined that the machine should be replaced due to the extensive cost to repair. I opted for your warehouse replacement, and the machine was ordered. It took about three days for the machine to arrive at A & N Appliance. The maching was delivered the nest day. All in all, it was a very good experience. Both the repairman and the individuals who delivered the new naching were very neatly dressed and were also very knowldegeable about the washers. Thanks for a job well done.


David Napier, Lawton

On Sep 07, 2012

American Home Shield (AHS)

Been with AHS and had positive interaction since 2006 with just a couple of exceptions. Got a call 2 days ago from AHS rep who wanted me to pay for my upcoming renewal. I told him no that I would send a check like I have for 6 years. I did purchase a discounted HVAC plan. I found in my mail that same evening a letter from AHS. I assumed it was my annual renewal but was surprised to discover it was a letter informing me I was not going to be allowed to renew for the next year. I called their customer service twice and have been told I am no longer qualified and on the second call that I had excessive claims. I asked her if there was a limit. She said no. So to recap, I am being booted because I use the home warranty service. The rep told me that was not the reason. I asked her to give me a specific reason and asked if they would send it in writing. She said the computer file said that I was no longer qualified due to excessive claims by their review. She also indicated that they would not send me any further details in writing. She also told me there was no one else I could appeal to for consideration. It appears AHS prefers customers who pay but don't call for service claims.. I was planning to renew and still would but it appears that I will not have that option after 6 years..