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Best Home Warranty Companies in Rhode Island

If you are a homeowner in Rhode Island, then you have come to the right place for your warranty needs. has reviews from thousands of customers and offers complete information on choosing the best home warranty plans.  Take a look at our list of the top companies selling home warranties in Rhode Island. You can select by considering the premiums, deductibles, ratings, etc that this list is based on. The average premium for a home warranty is $318.98 and the average deductible is $40.55.


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A Glimpse At Average Premium In rhode island

Coverage in rhode island (RI) major towns:

Cranston Providence Warwick

Population : 1,052,581

Don't Let Unexpected Appliance Failures Break You!

How to Choose the Best Home Warranty Company in Rhode Island

HMS Home Warranty
/ 5
Based on 1,449 Reviews
  • HMS Home Warranty average deductible for a contract is $90.51
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Offers a coverage limit of $3K
Complete Appliance Protection
/ 5
Based on 180 Reviews
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 3.8
  • Been in the industry since 1998
American Residential Warranty
/ 5
Based on 487 Reviews
  • American Residential Warranty average deductible for a contract is $54.26
  • The waiting period of the policy is 30 Days
  • Network of N/A service contractors
Lowe's Appliance Extended Warranty
/ 5
Based on 219 Reviews
  • Lowe's is the second largest hardware chain in the United States
  • Policy has no waiting period
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 1.9
Home Depot Home Protection Plans
/ 5
Based on 132 Reviews
  • Has a Quality of Repair rating of 1.8
  • Been in the industry since 1978
  • Has a Customer Service rating of 1.6

rhode island Home Warranty Companies Reviews


William Whitehurst, Middletown

On Aug 28, 2015

American Home Shield (AHS)

The initial contact with the csr was smooth and easy to follow. Contractor contact was very quick and resulted in the serviceman being onsite within 2 hrs. The service to be performed was explained in detail and done with professionalism. The contractor cleaned up his work area after finishing, presented a receipt for the deductible, and left the job. His manners and politeness were above par.


Melinda Morse, Cranston

On Jul 18, 2015

American Home Shield (AHS)

During a very hot period early in the summer, my power started going off and on a few times a day. I had just heard on the local news that power in some areas would be cut off intermittently in order to conserve power. This started on a Monday and continued for the next couple of days. I was very surprised that there seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to which rooms would lose power or for how long. I thought it was being controlled by a computer at the power company, and it was becoming very annoying. I called the power company on Wednesday afternoon and was told that it was too late in the day to deal with it. By Thursday morning, the situation was getting much worse and difficult to tolerate, and the power company checked and told me that there were no more blackouts being done in my area! They said that I needed an electrician. I immediately called AHS. The electricians were very busy but one came out a few hours later, and was I happy to see him! He was pleasant, polite and inspired confidence. He spotted a problem in the electric box and fixed it. An hour later, the power went out again, and the electrician returned right away. A while later, he was surprised to report a major problem in the electric box. He determined that the part he needed was unusual and expensive and didn't have it on hand. It was Friday afternoon, and I envisioned a frustrating weekend without power. However, he managed to round up what he needed and that afternoon completed what appeared to be a difficult and dangerous problem. Obviously, he wasn't a "newby," and I was more than happy that he had made it his business to complete the job before the weekend, and there have been no more problems.


Richard Link, Coventry

On Jun 18, 2015

American Home Shield (AHS)

Once again I had the pleasure of an outstanding experience with AHS.The oven problem I had was looked at, checked into, investigated, and resolved in exceptional time. I had a wonderful experience from customer service to the contractors.No issue was to big. I am very, very happy with AHS.


Karen Wolf, West Warwick

On May 25, 2015

American Home Shield (AHS)

It hasn't been real recent, but the most recent dealings we had was when our oven went out, and it was Thanksgiving. The next day we called AHS and they sent someone out the following Monday. They installed a nice GE self-cleaning oven. It was a great experience and I still love the oven.


Teresa M, Westerly

On Sep 06, 2014

American Home Shield (AHS)

American Home Shield has never let me down. I just made a claim for an oven that was not working. I made the claim online, gave my number and my tenants. Usually I get a call to schedule service from the contractor. After 24hrs, I had not heard from the contractor so I called to see when they could come out to the house. The contractor said, we went out there yesterday and just waiting on a part. I was shocked!!!!! the contractor called the tenant, set up with their schedule, was actually available the same day the claim was filed and didnt have to get me involved at all. It is experiences like this that make it easy to refer my friends, family and neighbors.


Mary Munger, Woonsocket

On Jan 19, 2013

American Home Shield (AHS)

I own a three family and have had american homeshield for over TEN years with very little claims. It seems 2012 was not a good year. I had about three service calls for minor repair and i paid thee 95 service call. I had one heater that needed to be replaced for 2100 which after a big fight, they did. Then they cancelled me effective Jan 1 2013, go figure. For over ten years it was ok to take my money and then when they need to step up, they cancel you. Maybe they are foreseeing future claims, don't know. Forget it if you have an emergency at night and weekends. I actually had a technician say we do not work weekends, after american homeshield said it was an emergency (no heat in winter) Forget them, they do not want to pay claims I have them on my own residence and when my Maytag washer went they wanted to give me 200 towards a new one. they claim they will replace it or fix it, I told them i did not want the 200, fix it. It took a tech two days to fix and the whole machine had to be rebuilt. Their choice. Save your money, these people are difficult to work with and get replacements. I would not recommend them at all.

Reviews For Home Warranty Companies in Rhode Island

Read about the services and plans offered by the various home warranty companies on our site before you choose one. The customer reviews can give you insight into the worthiness of a company. If you have a home warranty experience to share, you are welcome to write a review.

How to Choose the Right Option

There are various aspects to keep in mind while choosing the best home warrantyplan. Check the home warranty’s plan coverage, the reputation of the company and the cost of the contract. The fine print is essential to know.