Complaint Resolution Program (CRP)

  • Step 1. An upset guy writes a bad review (three stars or below) about your company on our site.
  • Step 2. Our website asks if the reviewer would like his complaint to be addressed by the service provider. If the answer is Yes, the review does not become public and the company gets 30 days to resolve the issue. However, a reviewer cannot be forced to participate in CRP. Reviews by customers who opted out of CRP will be published immediately.
  • Step 3. Company representative will communicate with the customer using the CRP. Once the problem is resolved, customer will be able to close the complaint.

Benefits of CRP

  • It improves customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Helps you get more customers when you have lots of good reviews to show!
  • Good reviews along with resolved complaints go a long way and improve your brand presence online.